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  1. Hi folks Thankyou for your replies, lots of info there. I will check out those websites today. I agree Greenock is not the best looking place to live, but the reason, I am moving there is because thats where my girl lives, which kinda limits my options. There are a couple of houses in Gourock which I like. I will see how things go. Thanks Kev
  2. Hi folks, I will be moving to Scotland from Essex in about 3 months time. Over the last few months I have been looking at houses in the Greenock area. I am little unclear of a couple of things. I have found a couple of houses that I have been watching, that all say 'Offers in Excess of £110,000'. Can anyone tell me, what 'Offers in Excess of' actually means? and how it works. Is the a rule of thumb, like add 10% to that price or something? What would be a good starting offer to put in? Thanks Kev
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