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  1. I have capitulated and am utterly demoralized. I fear the masked pervert is correct.
  2. if gold does drop significantly the obvious inverse is that the dollar gains. Under that scenario will GBP strength continue? The pound is grinding higher and it looks solid based on the longer-term measures from the charts. If I lived in UK, I wouldn't bet a UK house on gold. One year ago the pound was weak why the strength now. I don't know but it is fact.
  3. you are on a hiding to nothing with this, why not post on bubbly bit coin thread.
  4. Can't see how ukraine and gold are remotely connected. Oil may be.
  5. The first few lines were hyperbole, it sounds that he is climaxing not gold. Reminds me of Jim Sinclair; the rip off merchant with tan range the gold royality company that only ever takes from the market but never gives a return.
  6. This thread is more and more mumbo jumbo by the day and even more so with bitcoin going tits up.
  7. Why is price quoted in HK$? What has HK got to do with it.
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-politics-26245684 WTF are these backed on.
  9. Not that I am chartist more an intuinionist, but over the last couple of days gold looks tired. I am pissed at sterling i sold earlier this week at 12.6 to hkd now about 12.9. This is a prime example of the principle of invariance. Invariably when I buy the price goes down and invariably when I sell the price goes up. Now a days I bait it.
  10. How can they be less on one exchange to another. Is the case give me 200 dollars and you might get a bit coin but no guarantees that gox holds it? Bizarre whatever is happening.
  11. I wonder if the bit coin fiasco is causing a flight to gold and the reason for the current strength in price. I would imagine a fleeing bit coin speculator may be more interested in gold than any fiat currency.
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