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  1. I'm not at that stage yet but the tour sounds excellent so can't wait In fact, i'll probably pay extra for such a brilliant customer service
  2. I reckon the guy on the other forum quoting 6% is talking balls. No way they've only dropped 6%. I'm a buyer and i'm expecting at least 25%-30% reduction on contracted price. Does he/ she say who they got the valuation from?
  3. Saw these myself the other day TTD. Am keeping a close eye on them and once I feel the market has leveled i'll investigate further (if they're still available). Some good sites to be had out there at the moment and i'm still not ruling out Archerfield. Time will tell.
  4. Hi Dunedin, i'm not that experienced in the market so feel free to ignore my comment but isn't it in your solicitors best interests to see you buy now as it will give him the business he's also looking forward in this downturn/ crash!!
  5. Yep. I've bought in Titanic Qtr but i'm not trying to get out of a legally binding contract. Just thought your comments were a bit harsh as you've obviously pigeon-holed everyone into the investor category. The truth is everyone has the right to their own opinion on this forum, good or bad, so I was just exercising my right to give an opinion on your comments. No harm.
  6. I don't know........What is a bog standard 2 bed in titanic worth now?
  7. Maybe not the area of Musselburgh i was looking for!!!!
  8. Yeah, nothing's been posted there in a while either.
  9. Bump Any updates as Phase 1 should have completed by now should they not?
  10. That wouldn't be too bad I suppose as my intention would be to build a 4-5 bedroom home anyway. £275K slightly out of my budget though and i'm not sure about the archerfield plots. Something has me looking at the whole thing suspiciously although cant quite put my finger on it!!!
  11. Alot TTD, thanks for the research you've done. I'll definitely start doing the same now as its quite interesting. Although not East Lothian, I found a plot of land in South Queensferry - £240000 for 750sqm = £320 per sqm. Ouch!!!! Also, Gullane, £295K for 700sqm = £421 per sqm Thanks again TTD. B
  12. Thanks TDD. I realise I posted a similar question back then but it was only similar. I'm trying to work out how to best validate the asking price for a plot of land. For example, if I was to find a 600sqm plot going for £250K that would be approx £417 sqm. I need to find out from somewhere whether or not that is an accurate/ reasonable value or whather or not it is taking the p*ss. Would it be best to get a few independent estate agents in to give their own estimates on the lands value or is there a surveyor of sorts who I could get out to assist before I commit to purchase? Still haven't decided where I want to live. I'll start my detailed search sometime in Nov/ Dec ( i'll have a car by then !!) and see what areas I like the most and try to get something sorted. Cheers.
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