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  1. They are in last ditch talks at the bank of New York offices. They are trying to strike a deal before the European markets open. If they do go in to bankruptcy protection the poor sods working for them will not even get a severence payout. Employees become creditors. It's happened to me in the past. It's a crap feeling you lose your severence you accrued holiday pay and sometime even the last 2 weels you worked.
  2. We could get bands that no one outside the UK has heard of like STEPS, BOYZONE and GIRLS ALLOUD to sing Bee Gee cover songs. That would be great, then just maybe as the encore Pepe from EastEnders could come and say 3 words with a several Somalian head streached refugee kids waving flags. Lets face it england is crap and an embarasment we never should have been awarded the olympics we simply can't afford it.
  3. There is nothing quite like having that brand new car parked on your driveway. The twitching of the curtains as the neighbours look in envy asking eachother I wonder how much he paid for that and making comments like "Oh it's alright for some' & "some people have got more money than sense". For me it has to be a brand new car every 3 years just to rub the noses of the neighbours in it. Far as I am concerned tough shit for all this you fail to prepare for you own future be prepared to fail..
  4. They firstly apply to be on the show and go for an interview, secondly no one forces them to part with their beer tokens. So bottom line tuff shit I hope they come on here crying that immigrant doctors have brought the average wage for doctors down to 3rd world levels. $750K in their early 30's that's not right/fair I suppose it's the free market that affords them their slaries it's the same free market that will result in trhem losing 250 grand.
  5. Can't blame the council we were the ones who 5hite ourseleves to speakout against this kind of thing over the last years. The other lot even got a building Society to drop the pig logo, whilst we are too busy beliving the crap that multiculturism enriches society and brings benefits to us all.
  6. No doubt some smug annoying wide boy property developers have lost the shirt of their backs which is a good thing, but on the other hand some hard working honest families have had the rug pulled out from under their feet which is not what most had wanted from the downturn/crash. Even BTL were mainly hard working tax paying famalies who saw the price rise as an oppotunity to maybe bring their own retirements forward a few years. A bit of greed maybe but more likely they were thinking they don't want to be left behind miss out.
  7. A complete ban on Uk Citizens leaving the UK unless they are trusted Patriots. In agreement on that Anglo Saxon Heritage should be a prerequisite for a full UK passport all others should only be given stamp of the union jack on their hand like at a fairground and they can't reenter the country unless it has been perfectly preserved. God Save the Queen
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