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  1. trul y an a()e , im quite drunk but i occasionally come on this site and i wish you would be more constructive/positive
  2. I must admit the internet and sites like this have made me think in a different way from the days when I was sat in front of a financial advisor, hanging off his every word. At school I did reasonably well, O's and A level etc but nothing prepared me regarding money management, bursting bubbles etc I think the above post by The Spaniard is very preceptive we are to some degree "controlled". But im learning, i think as ive previously said that inflation is about to arrive so in that regard ive got very little savings. And my children will certainly be more "switched on" than myself. But, and im going to work now so I cant reply anymore, that simply saying 1 frustrates the hell out of me!!! edit: sorry dont know why its in bold!
  3. 1 From The Spaniard: There are several HPC posters who do not simply say "I told you so" but who repeatedly try to point out the root causes of our systemic debt enslavement. We licence a small profit-motivated minority to provide us with our universal means of exchange by issuing it and lending it to us at interest, when we, collectively as a people, could perfectly well provide this utility for ourselves, debt-free and at negligible cost. Human nature being what it is, inevitably this minority will find ways to sidestep regulations and to consolidate and expand its grip on power. We need fundamental monetary reform. Unless and until this happens we will continue to be debt slaves to a parasitic banking system. Ask yourself why bankers are so powerful and so obcenely well paid. Why are their services perceived as so essential that the rest of us are coerced into bailing them out? Much of what they do is merely to move electronic numbers about within their computers. We could do that for ourselves, very cheaply. Could their power and perceived value be rooted in their almost exclusive power to expand and contract the money supply? Or do you believe that they are so skilful at the allocation and deployment of capital and at risk management that they "earn" their vast payments by making the economy that much more efficient? http://www.moneyreformparty.org.uk/ [/b] 1 The 2 posts above explain why im so frustrated with the people on this site the 1st one has actual information in it and I think ... thats interesting i'll look into that, the 2nd one , well what does it say .........
  4. Well, I listened to my parents, an auntie who'd made a killing on the stock exchange, and even took financial advice and there was very little advice saying you must rent dont buy, by 2009 the whole economy will be down the pan. Ive/weve been niave, definately but ive also nearly paid the mortgage and am almost debt free so i must be doing something right and maybe I have been "thinking for myself". But I find it hard to believe that it was just so fooking obvious that we were going to be in the situation we find ourselves in today .
  5. Ive got to agree with Bingo, there are a lot of people on here, "very clever people who may have seen all this coming or may have been priced out, but Im exactly like the above child, told prices only go up, houses are a good "investment" etc, etc , there was very little to disuade me from buying a property, none or not many "what if" senario's were given to me and the wife to weigh up the situation. Im lucky the mortage will soon be gone. Now, ive been on HPC for a while and read it most days, it's made me ask question's and probably think in a "outside the box" way and i'll always be thankful i found this site. But I cant see what help the apocalyptic nutters and doom mongers are doing, day after day after day saying "I told you so". But inflation is coming and those with saving's who are waiting will be goosed, and maybe just maybe I'll look back and say I was right to buy, but it will be certainly more luck than judgement!
  6. So very true, its usually through frustation anyway, hitting your child is wrong
  7. Fair point i dont think there will be an actual rise in house prices but I think when "quantative easing" filters through prices on everything will rise, yes salaries may go up but wont match inflation so house prices wont actually rise in price but they may not be the 60% falls people are predicting
  8. House prices will be at 2007 prices in the future because moderately high inflation ( 10-15% imo) will make everything more expensive, except saleries which will stay roughly the same IMHO.
  9. "really, you shouldn't have to spend months on a website full of apocalyptic nutters to help decide whether you want to buy a house or not." Brilliant!!
  10. Love radio 2, Kate Bush was quality! Vine's usually bearish.
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