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  1. Came across the house price graph on this website in 03 and decided not to buy some UK investment properties that I was looking at. Not surprised by the UK housing market as it is performing as predicted. Bought in the US instead Got out with the shirt on my back in 05/06. Late 07 I was convinced that inflation and IR's would rise and fixed all my investment loans . Mid 08 I knew things were bad in the US as I was at a wedding in NYC I was on 1 for 1 with the aussie to the US living it up in the Waldorf Astoria. We had a big night following the wedding and a few of the guys had to go into work in Lehman’s and this was on a Sunday morning, they would definitely not have been making good decisions that day. 3Q 08 put a lot of bonus money in my share portfolio Biggest impact for me is probably share portfolio down 10-20% ish. The next impact will be my bonus discussion this Thursday as I am anticipating they expect to give me nothing. Although I have a different view to them. Rents have risen faster than expected on my properties and portfolio value has not went backwards.
  2. Was it him though, I thought he looked to young to be him, I didn't stay to watch the credits.
  3. Here is another perspective, click the link to see the charts.
  4. Panda, Brisbane prices are actually rising sure the top end has come back but they are rising. Not that I am suggetsing that we are in for galloping growth that will come back on later. As I keep saying I dont see a house price crash and I dont think it is delusional to think so. You could say that those that are arguing for a crash since 04 are the ones that are delusional. Right now the economic news seems to be getting better out here. Yes unemployment is increasing and will get worse no doubt about it. But again the recent job numbers are a lot better than expected and we have just had the largest jump in consumer confidence levels in 22 years which is now back on the long term average. There is no reason to be complacent in the current economic environment but a house price crash I dont think so.
  5. It's rather ironic to expect anyhing else than a reduction in green jobs as green is about less jobs, much less. The reality is that black energy jobs will be the ones that grow.
  6. Yes I do stand by my assessment of Terry Ryder not forgetting this report is only released on the uber bear Jenmans website even old Jenamn thinks Terry is on the money. No I just dont get the Australian Property in freefall bit unfortuantely.
  7. You cant post a link to this one its is subscrpition only. Its not so much me giving up its more the market doing what it does I am merely an observer.
  8. Terry Ryder a time proven non spruiking property commentator has just released his quarterly report. A must read for anyone who want to understand what is happening in the various property markets. Terry yet again hits many nails on the head in this report, what is really going on. what impact new jobs and infrastructure has, how the economists have got it wrong again. Like it or not Terry has a view that is both comprehensive and well considered.
  9. Without running the very real risk of being seen as a one eyed Mallee bull and also been seen as countering any absolutely real and normal non bull update in the middle of the A"GFC", I would like to add this. I was down at our mining office in Wallsend last week near Newcastle. The good news is that they are bidding for over $49m worth off work., What was really interesting for me was that the managers that the guys were from old Newcastle and the town that we met in was called Wallsend and this was significant to most off us me at least. I kept mentioning that they got relegated. My spin on all is that by the time I have figured it all out we will be on another major boom and I might even miss the slump.
  10. More Bad News for the Koala Bears an Endagered Species
  11. Yes thats is very true but she is also a very good surfer and looks that good in lingerie that I actually looked twice when I seen her in it. Her sister though thats a different she is a drunk and to promiscous for my liking.
  12. Heres me thinking you were talking about "the body" being gorgeous but inside no good aAnd I was going to make a suggestive comment but now I dont need to. I have Mel down for being a candidate for the Antichrist, dont know much about his house though.
  13. Just got back form Perth and I didn't see any of those signs but I guess I was looking in the wrong places. Dont know if there is a correlation between the Demographia least affordable cities and the most Liveable Cities as oz cities top both. I wonder what it all means.
  14. Brrr I am travelling around at the moment and its realy cold. I know that that it being cold has nothing to do with the climate but it is really cold. I am in Sydney right now and we had to move our table in the restaurant because we could feel a cold draft, thats the first time that has ever happened. I dont know if it means anything but it is very cold. Some others are also feelling the cold in other parts of the world by the sound of things.
  15. Thats what that Us Federal employee Jim Hansen says, one minute he is a scientist the next he is a political activist urging civil disobedience I can never figure out which one he really is.
  16. Most voters didn't vote for any party at all.
  17. The best bit on the live BBC coverage for me was when the old lady columnist from the Guardian called the BNP 'Climate Change Deniers" the scourge of the earth eh..
  18. That was some time ago that they made that choice.
  19. Yes this is true but it is a lot more effective if there is no paper like the US system. Just trust the computer result thats all you need to do.
  20. But on line voting is nice and dishonest, computer results rule.
  21. The sooner they switch over to on line voting the easier to manipulate.
  22. Local fascist declares that he wants to get out of the wider euro fascist club. This is interesting.
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