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  1. Viewed a house in June, had an offer at 5% off accepted and very close to exchange. That's in Bexley and for semis or detached it does not look to be going any down. This area had 5 houses on the same road completed in the last 6 months. Brexit and the whole Boris disaster scaries the hell out of me but have two kids now and fed up renting. Basically buying almost identical house which I rent atm. Putting hefty deposit down but the 5year mortgage monthly payments will be less than rent. Aware of buyers remorse so fully expect it to kick in after the exchange. Tell me I am mad.
  2. Yes RM stopped updating the marketed property graph around 3 months ago. Well that graph kind of shows a drop in their revenue? I assume the bulk of RM's money comes from the listings and that graph shows exactly that.
  3. Sidcup in south east London DA15: September 2016: 141/49=3 month's supply. It is going to grow like hell.
  4. I am actually making this happen. The difference this time is that the suppliers don't need that amount of people anymore because a lot more things are either already automated or being automated as we speak. The type of people which are still required is also very different so all your traditional sysadmins go and are replaced with a script and people who know how to write that script.
  5. No way. In 98 it is the government who was broke but know they've got massive reserves and not spending them to help ruble. This time it is a liquidity problem where all the corporations can no longer restructure their dollar debts with western banks so they have to buy dollars in Russia hence the massive demand. I am not a Putin fan but it does look very much like a first massive strike of an economic cold war. I guess at some point Putin will not have much to lose so taking over the whole of Ukraine and possibly even the baltic states is not out of question.
  6. Interestingly Kazakhstan which is in a customs union with Russia do not have the same currency devaluation and Kazakhs are buying property in Russia like crazy while rouble is that cheap.
  7. The markets went into a panic mode so hence the the hike. Tomorrow is going to be fun.
  8. quick search, it had been sold in 2008 for 2,250,000 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/house-prices/detailMatching.html?prop=32149002&sale=34383593&country=england
  9. Looking to buy a house in SE London and it looks like the market is red hot with anything more or less decent closer to a goodish school goes in a week. Had a couple of viewings and both properties were gone in two days but will they complete who knows. Would not even look to buy but the missus insists. Had an anecdotal thing on one of the houses: rang up the EA, was told the property could only be viewed on Saturday and all of the viewing slots have already been booked. He did not even offer to have a viewing on the Saturday next week because the house will be gone by then. I am first time buyer on a big salary with 100k deposit but refuse to borrow more than 250k (2.5x the salary) Another anecdote, had an internal conf call and after all the introductions a project manager (lives in N London) mentioned that he was going to move to the town I live in to "capitalize on the crazy London prices".
  10. Not really. Dagestan was never interested in independence from Russia while Chechnya now has so much money from Moscow so nobody is foolish enough to give that away.
  11. Another, more interesting example. Bought a year ago for 330K: http://www.zoopla.co.uk/property/16-chequers/bishop-s-stortford/cm23-4bx/4995555 Now, after renovation? is for 325K http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-35463991.html WTF?
  12. Was made redundant in May along with other 4 guys, all pretty senior in IT, all four found another job with a similar package within two month. I got 10% increase and a way better company. In my area thing are quite buoyant at the moment.
  13. Hi All, I am living in a house which is been managed by a letting agency. My current 6 month AST agreement comes to its end in two months so the agency sent me a letter with several options. I want to continue living in with a periodic tenancy but the agency wants to charge 61 quid +VAT to get this arranged. It sounds like a complete b*llshit because if I do nothing I will get this periodic tenancy anyway? Obviously 60 quid is not a huge amount but I don't want to pay for nothing in principle. Any advice welcome.
  14. Just moved into a new house and from the first day there was a black cat in the garden. Asking for food in the mornings and evenings and trying to get in each time we open the door. We've been doing some tidy up in the garden and put a big pile of leaves together waiting for a brown bin to be collected. Today we found the cat is sleeping in that pile! I believe it must be the previous tenants who left it. What am I supposed to do? I have my our two cats living inside and never going out so I can't take another one.
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