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  1. Matt Hancock next? why isn’t there any accountability for government contracts?
  2. Why are they trying to sell??🤔 Is it so that all this misery suddenly is someone else’s problem? It really annoys me that house owners in this country try to sell off the house as soon as problems surface so they do not have to fix them. I am in my second home and both times I have found issues that should ideally have been fixed.
  3. The reason that Bitcoin and the stock markets have gone parabolic is simply because of the dollar losing its. Alur and fears that it might lose more value. Investors are piling into assets and bracing for a dollar crash. I read somewhere that US printed (digitally ) 35% of all dollars in existence in 2020 itself. That shows why stock markets have zoomed so much all over the world.
  4. That is shocking (pun not intended, really) to be honest. Who in their right mind would buy this? The value is zero. The best option is to bulldoze the whole place. I a, fuming at the very audacity to price it at that amount, the bloody cheek. Is the country filled with boomer chancers?
  5. Does this not prove what everyone said before that HTB is only enriching the pockets of builders?
  6. The price is only outrageous if a customer is going out there and buying the car with cash! That rarely happens. This car will be sold on a PCP deal with 199£ per month and make it sound like even minimum wage earners can afford it. Ask any of the Fiesta driving kids how much they have in their bank account, it would be less than 500 quid.
  7. TSLA is nothing but a meme stock, pumped by Musk loving fan Bois. There is no decent explanation on why it is valued at 700 billion. Even if it’s the only car company in the entire world, it cannot be worth that. There will be a trigger, soon, when this stock will crash and burn.
  8. Sometimes I feel like the entire country runs on just buying and selling houses. People who cannot get a decent job or save 2 pennies are buying houses at all costs so they can get on this ‘ladder’ that only goes up.
  9. With the kind of amazing market plays you have made, you should be in a mansion somewhere, sipping Crystal beside an indoor swimming pool filled with bikini clad beauties, yet, here you are, on a house price crash forum.
  10. Grantham cited shares in the electric car maker as an example of the market bubble. “As a model 3 owner, my personal favourite Tesla tidbit is that its market capitalisation, now over $600bn, amounts to over $1.25m per car sold each year versus $9,000 per car for General Motors. What has 1929 got to equal that?"
  11. I have to admit, TESLA stock has completely puzzled me. I have been trading for 20 odd years and in all that time I have never seen a stock pumped like this. Even proper tech companies making huge profits like AAPL and GOOG have made gains but that has taken years. We are talking about a car company with very low profit margins and which struggles to make a profit and has seen its stock up 700% in a matter of months! I would really like to know how this was accomplished, by whom and why.
  12. Jesus, the photo number one is so depressing and then that kitchen. How on earth can anybody with any sense in their heads even consider parting with half a million quid of their hard earnings to that monstrosity ? She has some nerve to suggest its a nice flat in a nice location. That flat is worth 200K max and I really hope prices come down to that level pretty soonish.
  13. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4065030-Can-anyone-give-us-ideas-about-why-our-house-isn-t-selling House isnt selling, somewhere in Wales, last sold 2001 for 73k, asking 219k, so not massively over priced but indication of this market. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4064793-mortgage-valuation-massively-lower-than-agreed-purchase-price House up for 320k and valuation at 270k, demonstrates the stamp duty bubble that sellers are living in. https://www.mumsnet.com/Talk/property/4064302-Can-anyone-help-why-my-house-isnt-selling More greedy sellers asking why no
  14. BBC also covering this, making it look like prices are heading into stratosphere with houses selling like hot cakes and sellers minting thousands extra every day!
  15. Cant Mr Sunak just announce that he has abolished Stamp Duty forever ? Maybe set a limit of a million quid and any house under that pays no stamp duty. I bet they can easily find the cash from other sources easily just like how they have found extra cash for PPE contracts, furlough forever and bounce back loans.
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