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  1. Apologies for dredging up an old topic. But it looks like Ward and Partners are massively encouraging Sale by Tender. Example property I went to check out http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-48733273.html?premiumA=true It sees the veno=dor pays a fixed fee of £150, there is an open house arranged, you are handed a bid form and you submit a bid. If your bid is chosen and you exchange contracts, the BUYER pays the agent the fees. I have refused to look at any property with this kind of marketing. Why should I pay the fees of the estate agent that the vendor has chosen ? In the area I am looking I am seeing that boomers are using this method more. Greedy!
  2. I have lived in my 2 bedroom terrace for about 8 years. Since my child is now about school age we decided to move close to a school. Put my house on the market, which we improved over the years, and it sold in 2 days. I am quite amazed since its not modern nor perfect and has its niggles and quirks. Anyway, I was looking for a Semi and all the properties I had noted in the past month had all sold. One semi was still left and I took a look and calling it a shoebox would be insulting to a shoebox. My 2 bed 1890s terrace was bigger than this 1990s semi. Unreal. You cannot even sling a cat around. And it was on for 250K. I am seriously thinking of STR because I cannot see how this can sustain. Any ideas ? Am I being foolish ? This is in Kent by the way.
  3. Hmm, anybody else want around 50K PA for working 2 days a week ? http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4380407
  4. Those houses will still be standing firm long after all the current new build have collapsed and died. Also, what does he mean there is no demand for 2 up and 2 down. They are much better than some card box flat with one bedroom.
  5. More folks at MSE are now wondering the same. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4372063 They are all discovering and wondering why the heck didnt they know they can gain around 70K PA salary living as single mum and working 16 hours a week.
  6. Over on MSE they are wondering how the heck can their 15K salary be trebled via the generous UK govt. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=4368539 When mums start discovering this treasure trove no wonder they want to kick their husbands out and go and splash out on a new shoe every week.
  7. But the figures add up. I have just used that calculator and it does give me those figures. 400 per week housing beneift was derived from what I input in as my rent. It could be lower or higher. But the figures add up and I am amazed at the numbers. Is it any surprise that there are so many single mums spending all day shopping at malls ?
  8. I tend to stay away from benefit bashing. Never saw such figures before. I am utterly gobsmacked. People can sit at home and earn 4K per month is hard to comprehend. Thats more than 60K in a proper job and to earn that much money in private sector you have to be at executive level. WTF is going on in this country.
  9. That is roughly about 4K per month after tax ! Is this for real ? People are getting 4K per month just by being on benefits ? Wow ! Just wow ! No wonder single mums are really loving it. I am an IT consultant and I get just a bit more than 3K per month after tax. I am livid !
  10. It is the MEW money completely disappearing that is causing distress to Thomas Cook. When MEW was handing over thousands of pounds of cash to home owners who suddenly felt like they had won a lottery they went on exotic holidays spending 3K - 4K at a time. What we are seeing is the much needed correction in the economy where the money is generated properly rather than bankers lending money mercilessly.
  11. NHS is a big employer. I think even DVLA is based there.
  12. And I can see why you are called nutcase. They are not a small amount of highly paid jobs. They are literally millions. Labour won majority of their seats in public sector dominated areas like Wales, North west etc. Labour knew where to sink the billions in and how to win seats.
  13. Which is exactly why Labour kept winning elections. All the billions borrowed and sunk into public sector non jobs paying 50 grand each. These gravy train clingers kept voting their masters back to power.
  14. I live near Maidstone and I agree that the market is dead. My neighbour is selling his terraced house. Bought it in 2007 for 150K and is on market for 135K but no takers. He said he might have to reduce price further.
  15. First-time house buyers in Hastings are being offered help with purchasing a home under a scheme operated by Lloyds TSB and the borough council. Under the "Lend A Hand" scheme, house buyers put down a deposit of 5% and the council guarantees a further 20% of the mortgage amount. Other Lend A Hand initiatives already operate across the UK. Council leader Jeremy Birch said it would help people who would not normally be able to own their own home. He said the council would make interest on money that went to the bank as security, and the scheme would not affect the council's day-to-day budget. The local authority hopes to help up to 50 residents buy their own properties under the plan. House buyers will be able to choose a property in the local area up to a maximum loan of £150,000. The council said the buyers would own their properties and have access to a range of financial products at a lower rate of interest than is normally available for a 5% deposit. In the event of repossession, the bank will use council funds to make up the shortfall, it added. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-sussex-16493995
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