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  1. I understand where you're coming from 100%. My landlord entered my property whilst I was at work without my knowing or permission and I was livid for about a week. It was for a genuine (although not urgent) issue and he thought he was doing me a favour but I was very angry. I changed the locks 2 days later and plan to change locks on any future rental property as soon as I move in. Not all landlords and agents seem to realise that such visits are trespass. Matt - we came to an agreement about the locks which is too long to go into but my experience as a whole with this let has turned me into a very cynical tenant....
  2. I'd be pretty annoyed about this too if it had happened to me. Fair enough, the OP has a newly painted bathroom but it's the invasion of privacy that counts for a lot. The fact that complete strangers have been into your home whilst you're not there seeing your personal effects etc. Some people are ok with this and others see it more as a violation. The OP has my sympathy.
  3. I have to say I'm pretty surprised by the unsympathetic posts on this thread. To some people moving from a 6 bedroom house with 8 kids and 10 pets might be a walk in the park but to others it's a nightmare. Everybody has different levels of resilience and ability to cope. I would say anyone who sprinkles their original post with the words "hell", "fear", "exhausted" and "desperate" sounds to me like they're in need of constructive advice. Yes the OP may have made a mistake renewing the lease but who doesn't make mistakes when their back is up against a wall? Who doesn't think that maybe, just maybe, things might get better tomorrow or in a week?? Moving house is never easy - it's stressful, tiring and expensive if you have lots of belongings. Plus, I've had friends who've lived with noisy neighbours from hell and after living with it day and night for month after month, it destroyed their health and sanity. I don't think anyone could think straight with that kind of stress. Rented Hell - the previous advice about giving Shelter a call is good. I found them to be excellent. If you can spare £100, go and see a solicitor who will confirm if you have a leg to stand on. Oh and put everything in writing where possible and send recorded delivery and fax and e-mail. Log EVERYTHING, every conversation with name, dates and times, take photos etc. Good luck.
  4. I'm with JohnnyB and Crashbang on this - interesting note about the fact that if the Police want to gain access to your property they need a warrant - what makes a LA/LL above the Police?? LA's are not screened so how does any tenant know their belongings will be safe?? I don't object to an initial 3 month check EXCEPT the landlord went inside the property a month ago anyway which should override the 3 month check. I think the LA is unreasonable to expect me to take time off work. It takes me 90 minutes to get to work so I would have to take a whole morning off so technically my LA is expecting me to take 2 days out of my annual holiday entitlement just so they can view the property over a 12 month period! The whole situation is completely imbalanced imo - the LL/LA knows so much about the tenant - salary, work place, previous addresses, next of kin etc and runs a full credit check and we tenants are just supposed to roll over and let a stranger come into our house whilst we are not there. And if we say no, we get called "difficult". Crazy!
  5. Thanks everyone. I agree with you Tigs that it's intrusive and totally unnecessary. Given the LL visit or should I say trespass last month and the fact that the garden, which can be seen, is immaculate, it's pretty clear I'm a good tenant. Thanks to Flopsy too for your comments. It was interesting to read about your experience at the small claims court. Tbh I'm finding my experiences of renting now to be completely different to those when I last rented in the 90's and wonder whether this is largely down to the BTL boom. Now a significant number of allegedly highly-leveraged, amateur landlords vs then probably professional landlords likely to own property outright....
  6. I've just been told I've got to have my first 3 monthly inspection (despite the fact that I've told the LA that I'm leaving as soon as they find a replacement tenant). There's no mention of inspections in my lease and the LA refuses to do it at evenings/weekends meaning I either have to take a half day off work or ask a member of my family to be there. When I mentioned that every 3 months seemed a bit frequent they said that they do the first one at 3 months and then if the house is "immaculate" they won't come back for 5 months or so. Would be grateful if anyone could advise what the rules are on inspections. Annoying thing is that the landlord (who lives seconds up the road) actually saw the inside of the house anyway at the end of July when he let himself in to the property without telling me to show the leccie board in. Roll on hpc is all I can say. I'm fed up already of renting and being made to feel like a second class citizen who is 'borrowing' somebody's house with little or no rights.
  7. I'm going to try but as it's fairly new legislation, not sure if I will get it. The DP scheme in my opinion still seems to be largely in favour of the LA/LL once you start reading in full about it.
  8. Thanks Renterbob - Peridot may just take a wee holiday instead . Thought you might like to know, I e-mailed agent yesterday lunchtime to ask which scheme my deposit has been placed in. At 4.30 pm I decided to call the schemes direct and check myself only to find out that the agent had paid into the scheme yesterday afternoon not long after he had received my e-mail (so 1 month after receiving deposit). Cheque hasn't even cleared Protection Scheme yet! Naughty....
  9. Your quote above from me about losing the paranoia is from a different thread - it's from a thread about unannounced visits - not locks. Completely different posting and problem hence why I wrote that I had not used the word paranoid in the locks thread. On the occasions when I disagreed it was for a valid reason ie when someone wrote that the Met Police advice was only relevant for inner cities hence why I posted the Northumbria Police advice. Do you expect me to shut up when I can prove somebody wrong?? It seems to me that you can't have a debate with someone if they don't budge on an issue but that is what a debate is all about and sometimes you just have to agree to disagree. You seem to lose your patience with people very easily in my opinion which turns into bullying. Not nice.
  10. I did not use the word "paranoid" about myself on the locks thread. Furthermore I do not consider someone to be paranoid who expects locks to adhere to Police recommendations. I know exactly what my rights are as I have seen a solicitor. I have only ever posted on this board about my own problems, never been rude, impolite or insulted anyone which cannot be said for you. You were out of order posting what you did. I will not be posting on this renters board again due to the insults, negativity and bullying received just because I disagreed (you didn't have to reply). So childish. So, you have got your wish Matt however moderators, please take note that a regular poster has caused this to happen. I'm sure I won't be the last to quit posting.
  11. So do you think it's acceptable to answer a posting with: "You are paranoid... get a life and get off this board" in reply to my postings about the locks in my rented place??? All my posts have been polite and professional despite having the word "paranoid" thrown at me many times. It seems that just because I disagreed with you and welcomed Renterbob's posts, you have insulted me. Very unprofessional in my opinion and totally uncalled for.
  12. Logically this statement means that I have inadequate security at the moment.
  13. Nobody knows if it's a few pounds to replace the lock or a few hundred pounds as the LL hasn't looked into it. He just suggested I should buy sash jammers for when I'm inside the property or buy an alarm. An alarm which he can then use as a selling point for the next tenant that I've payed for - great! He said I was paranoid - nice way to talk to your tenant!
  14. I've lived in 7 houses since I was a kid and all had 2 locks or could be fitted with 2 locks after moving in (so wooden doors). I assumed that all houses nowadays offered a reasonable level of security which was why I didn't check (will now though). I will not be looking for MORE security next time - just adequate security. Why everyone seems to think I'm asking for ADDITIONAL locks is beyond me. I'm asking for the minimum recommended by pretty much any security expert (ie Police/locksmith). If the landlord had wooden doors and windows he would have spent about 2-3K in upkeep by sanding and painting every 5 years in the space of 17 years. The landlord has saved this by having UPVC which should be spent on updating the locks. If he cannot afford to do this then I would question whether he has enough liquidity to be a landlord. It is a business and businesses need money spending on them from time-to-time that you will not necessarily get back.
  15. OK, how about Northumbria. I don't think you can get much more rural than that. Check this: http://ww1.northumbria.police.uk/ePolicing...tDocs/CRD000332 2 locks at different heights - same as Met. 2 locks is a pretty standard recommendation nationwide. The locksmith knew the house was rented and that I didn't want to spend any more money on it that was necessary. I made that clear. It's pretty obvious that a 17 year old door is likely to have inadequate security and, unlike wooden doors, cannot easily be retro-fitted with up-to-date locks.
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