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  1. Does this account even still work?
  2. 2010 election using AV http://www.theborgmatrix.com/****/out.txt Summary number of seats at the end. Just so you know exactly why the Conservatives invested so heavily in getting a no vote. This is why FPTP is undemocratic.
  3. who cares I used to post about 4 or 5 times a day since 2006 I've made (now 6) posts since July 2008 And presumably all because I noticed that this housing crash isn't constrained to the UK.
  4. I did previously. Then some gay admin changed it to guest_msparks* for no reason. so I left.
  5. about the same as your average sports car. seating for two people, and room for a rucksack.
  6. 4 miles per hour faster top speed, but a whole second slower in 0-60 than my bike, which is a whole 50K cheaper.
  7. I'd love to e-mail you but don't know your addy.

    Can't PM you either!

  8. please email me

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