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  1. I don't know v much about the market etc but I have started to notice a real change in people's attitudes... People don't laugh at me when i say i'm renting for now, in fact they have started to immediatly volunteer, "oh, you worried the prices are going to crash?" before I even say it... I wonder how much of this is psychology, not economics at all. ...
  2. A LITTLE?! that would make the dif between not ebing able to buy ANYTHING and getting somewhere we could stay in and start a family in.
  3. everyone is having to drop their prices! And this was filmed several months ago. One couple had to drop their price by 15K and another took an offer 20K lower than their original offer. Kirstie still manges to seem ever so cheerfull though, all the time, which is a bit weird... is she on speed?
  4. I've been watching it too, has cheered me up considerably, what a change of tone for our Kirstie!
  5. Thanks Ah-so, that's exactly what we ended up doing. Sometimes it is just a bit scarry though and it's reassuring that other people think we did the right thing instead of mortgageing ourselves up to the eye balls. Trying hard to pay off those student debts... Lots of friends bought though, either they went out to places like Forest Hill or Streatham or they got big deposits (from parents!) or they got these key-worker loans. (BTW what do people think about these, seems to me you take the risk (if prices drop) but don't get so much of the benefit if they increase. State subsidy of overpriced
  6. No I'm saying the part of south london where I work is crap (Camberwell, no room for debate about that I'm afraid). I like the bit where I live very much. Of course this whole thing DID set off "alarm bells" that is why I haven't bought and am renting.
  7. Hi, i guess i enjoy complaining anout everything really. but mainly cost of buying. when i first moved to London (about 18 months ago) i nearly bought, I even put an offer on a flat, my bank would give me a mortgage too (doctor so will lend me =5 X my earnings no questions asked ) BUT then I added up how much I'd be spending on the mortgage evrymonth and, even thought they seemed happy to lend me the money, i knew I couldn't afford the payments and have any flexibility eg in case interest rates went up. When I got engaged my INSTINCT was to buy, it's almost as if "settling down" = buying i m
  8. Don't forget my huge central london "bonus" from the NHS of almost £1,800 a year (before tax) which is in recognition of the more expensive cost of living here, and goes a long way to making up the difference... or did in 1970.
  9. Thanks very much. I have to say I'm sad I couldn't go to the pub tonight I've been v curious about who all these HPC people are who Rich seems to spend so much time talking to. Good thing his work is not paid per hour is all I can say. anyway I've been a bit scarred to do more than read over his shoulder before as don't really know much of what everyone's going on about, but have decided if he can work it out it can't be that complex... BTW why is this site so male-dominated?
  10. Hello, I'm new to all this and this is my first time on the site so please be gentle with me. I moved to London 2 years ago (husband's fault), it is the best place for both of our careers but I have to admit I've been shocked by the cost of living. I'm a junior doctor and I think I earn a reasonable amount (although paying student debt off...) and my friends living in other parts of the country have all bought flats or houses. there is no way I could afford to buy a one bed flat here even in south london... I don't know v much about the economics of all this but I do wonder WHO can afford to
  11. Just thought people should be aware that I am not as dim as Rich seems to think I am and even though I am meant to be revising I have seen his comments (see above) and will be "discussing" them with him in due course...
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