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  1. If they are paying around the 'average' £109,000, then they are quids in. Of course, a lot are paying substantially less than this, after the last few years of paying down the principal.
  2. Total insanity. 20 years ago you could get a better place than those for less than £50k.
  3. Ridiculous prices for a smorgasbord of crapholes ! With the impending closure of 3 MOD sites in the city the prices can't be being driven by the locals. As with Brighton, it must be the toxic effect of Londoners fleeing to more 'civilised' environs. Time for some ronto rate rises to depress the London/SE market methinks, to put an end to this nonsense. Either that or tripple the London rail tickets.
  4. You guys need to get out to work and do something useful with your lives instead of wasting it posting this tripe !
  5. Not only boomers. Your own costs too, in due course.
  6. A bit too close to the rail tracks for me ! Agree though that it looks a bit more affordable than the crap in London. Also handy for the posing palaces on Queen St West...
  7. That sounds high - and I notice that the site referenced there has 'vested interests'. To quote CBC from 2006: "The latest census data suggests the average family in the Toronto region has a little less in its wallets than it did the last time Statistics Canada asked people about how much money they make. New information from the 2006 census released Thursday indicates the median income for families in and around Toronto was $75,829 — a decrease from the 2001 census, when it was $77,693 when adjusted for inflation. The 2.4 per cent decrease compares to a national increase in income of 3.7 per cent and a provincial increase of 1.4 per cent. Individuals in the metropolitan Toronto area had a median income of $26,754. Five years earlier, the median income was $28,700." I guess they must have had an economic miracle in Toronto over the past 5 years? Not only that - the rate of condo building in TO has been stratospheric. Always a bad sign (echos of 1991-92).
  8. Yes, and with price to earnings of at least 8 in Toronto and 11+ in Vancouver it makes UK property look a bargain. Stand by for the mother of bubble implosions in Vancouver, in particular - when rates 'normalise'.
  9. Too damn right. The posters on this thread making out that Canada is a veritable 'financial nirvana' also don't seem to be aware of he effects of provincial level debt. Not to mention the tripple whammy of municipal debt in the case of places like Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver.
  10. Horsesh*t - If you don't pay for a parking permit it won't cost you anything. Next....
  11. Agreed - especially if you are in the higher tax bands. 'Every little helps'.
  12. Hmm - not me .. 4 more years at 4% then BOE + 1.9% for life, although by then I should have paid it off anyway. Joy !
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