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  1. I think the latest RICS housing market survey sums it up best with a comment at the end from a local Newbury EA "No confidence, limited mortgage, cautious buyers, bad outlook"
  2. Various departments are shifting to London (Global Marketing I believe was one of the departments) - No idea why, but was told this by an ex Voda employee who worked for Global Marketing
  3. we will have to wait and see what happens when Vodafone start moving to London in the new year. However, looking at home.co.uk http://www.home.co.uk/guides/house_prices_...&lastyear=1 and looking at how few transactions are actually occurring, I am guessing that local estate agents will start refusing to market overpriced property in the new year (I have friends who are trying to sell in Newbury and who have been refused to be marketed by a local estate agent because they refused to drop the price of their property!)
  4. well, I work with someone who lives in Newbury (I live in one of the nearby villages), and according to him, there were 5 hot burglaries last night (he only found out about this when he woke up this morning and found his front room done over, his wife's car nicked, and his car keys nicked), there are a lot of nicer villages in the area - you might want to have a look at those instead!
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