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  1. Speaking locally, two Sheffield city centre stores are going but it looks as if the one at Meadowhall will survive, along with the one at Parkgate Rotherham.
  2. These days the price goes up by 10p every so often. Considering that the 70s/early 80s was a period of high inflation, it was quite a feat. It was popular with a lot of people but ideologically it was a battleground between Mrs. T. and the "Socialist Republic of South Yorkshire".
  3. We had something like that in South Yorkshire between 1974 and 1986. All child fares anywhere in the county were 2p during that period. Adult fares were 9p (rising to 10p towards the end of the scheme). As soon as this was done away with, adult fares rose to 35p (the equivalent journey today is £2.10). The service was pretty reliable. Timetables barely changed from year to year (unlike today). The subsidy came from the now defunct South Yorkshire County Council, which I believe took up most of its budget.
  4. I called myself Bart of Darkness cos I'm a bit dim.
  5. Es ist schade (yes, I played Wolfenstein 3D far too much). You've not lived until you've battled Hitler in a robot suit. (Or do I mean the opposite? )
  6. The Telegraph is anti-coalition IMO. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g7mLBMNKQF8
  7. Household rubbish collection could become fortnightly Council considers street light switch-off Anger over cuts to street sweeping Potholes increase by 60% in a year Library cuts: The battle of the bookshelves and yet.... Families' £400 council tax bill to help pay town hall staff's gold-plated pension Now I'm kind of old fashioned. I prefer local councils to stick to the basics. Street cleaning, refuse collection, keeping the street lights on, that sort of thing.
  8. From my experience, if you were logged in, you got that message. If you weren't, you could see the forum and read the posts, but as soon as you logged in....
  9. I seem to have a mental "blank spot" when it comes to BHS. I know it exists, but I just can't seem to remember that fact most of the time. Very strange. What are BHS clothes like? I'd don't think I've been in one of their shops for a good 30 years.
  10. Band A in Sheffield is currently £988.55.
  11. If you live alone in a 5 bed house you get s 25% discount.
  12. Surely the debt has to stop growing faster than inflation is eroding it. U.S. national debt has gone from $5.7 trillion at the start of the Bush 43 era to being almost inevitably destined to hit $20 trillion sometime around 2018.
  13. You are James Howard Kunstler and I claim my five silver quarters (World Made by Hand in-joke).
  14. In such a situation, wouldn't everyone have to sell their asset (houses) to pay the debt? And which debt would they be paying, their own private debt or the public debt? Very selfless of them if it was the public debt. Where would they all then live? And who would they sell their property to? Russian oligarchs? Martians?
  15. With Peak Oil, your next box on wheels may look like this. You are James Bond and I claim my £50 (OK, it would have been a fiver but on what MI6 pay you, I figure you can afford it). Blimey, you were right about that "roll over" sun roof!
  16. Almost as if this was acceptable. Yes, the US economy did very well out of the last housing bubble didn't it love? She was really floundering at that point. It's not dreams but nightmares that worry me. There are things far worse than a housing bubble and its after effects. Is it? And this differs from other bubbles.... how?
  17. That (if it materializes) just means that prices are rising less quickly, not that they're falling. Now, about wages....
  18. He should be advertising those mobility scooters.
  19. Never knew that. And yes, she was hot. It gets worse!
  20. Ah, the Honourable Sarah Ward. I likes 'em posh.
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