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  1. Video can be found here. http://www.goldmoney.com/video/martenson-presentation.html Keywords: Population growth, exponential growth, peak oil.
  2. You might as well say that people who like the colour blue aren't selfish, just self-centered. I like being single. Oh I could shack up with a lady and perhaps, by dint of my not being suited to being part of a couple, go on to make her life a misery for years. And that's not being selfish? It's not something you can try out and see if you like it or not. No M&S style returns policy here I'm afraid. I don't want children. Never have done. So I don't have any. Hardly rocket science is it? And in a world of 7 billion people, my "selfishness" is hardly a threat to the continuation of the human race. I find it very interesting how threatened some of the "breeders" seem to be by people who are happy and well-adjusted without children. Very interesting.
  3. I haven't been away on holiday for 32 years. I think I'm a bit out of the habit by now. I wouldn't fancy going on my own though. There's the prospect of a holiday in France next year though (with friends). More than a couple of days without working? That's going to take some getting used to. I may end up going home early!
  4. Eh? Indeed. In the past (not sure about these days), when council houses were sold off, the valuations were much less than what might be expected for private properties. That £75,000 discount figure would cover my place about 3 times over.
  5. But at the same time, justified. The average voter's understanding of current affairs is pitiful, not helped by the depthless coverage on the likes of the BBC. (HINT to the BBC: John Terry putting his tackle where he shouldn't is not headline news. Nor is who manages the England team.) Add to that the average voter seems to have the memory capacity of a stunned goldfish and it's no surprise that the likes of The Boy David and Ed, Edd and Eddy are running rings around them. (BTW, if anyone from the power elites is looking for a new trainee, I am available at reasonable rates and I do make a good cup of tea.) Robots.
  6. Ultimately it's down to the individual. A friend of mine has been married pretty much his entire adult life. I don't think he'd take well to being single. I certainly don't think he could live my life, it would depress him. Likewise, I don't think I could lead his life. So we're both living the life that's right for us.
  7. Parts of that episode with Ian Hislop were good (the bits with Ian Hislop basically). Must have been 2008-ish.
  8. You can be most alone in a crowded room. Being alone simply means you are by yourself. Being lonely is a state of mind. I wish I had the time to be lonely.
  9. Good for him. Marriage for men is a disaster waiting to happen. You get your own place and little bit of money, then a wife. After the divorce, you end up with none of these. (Not a divorcee BTW, I just know too many who been through this.)
  10. It's Question Time. Answers are only available on pay per view.
  11. Don't the unemployed get off-peak travel any more (I used to). Traveling by bus is expensive if you're employed. Another fare increase is due in Sheffield. Two friends of mine must spend £160+ on monthly passes between them (1 x Sheffield First Month @ £74.70, 1 x Monthly TravelMaster @ £89.50). Thank god I work from home.
  12. Is JP Morgan meant to be a philanthropic company? They only people they bring value to is themselves. Or, just maybe (deep breath here), the goldbugs were right?
  13. How? By doing what? Profits from where? Sorry to be such an ornery cuss but politicians and union leaders are forever saying "we must create jobs", "we must stimulate growth", "we must invest", but they never seem to go into specifics. Jobs doing what? Growth.... where? Invest.... in what?
  14. Is that possible on HPC? Invest in what? Doing what? Genuine question.
  15. How long will that take? To the nearest year. They must be hiding it in secret inventories then. Since the mid-1980s, the world has used more oil than it has found. The world now discovers 10 - 15 billion barrels of new oil a year, but consumes 31 billion barrels.
  16. When the council refurbished my place they put in a kitchen and bathroom that were functional but not stunningly high quality. Stripping everything down to a bare shell? Some friends of mine had a B&Q bathroom fitted a couple of years ago. £2,800 inc. labour and it was a damn sight better quality than the one I got. Try again.
  17. In theory this should be a bumper year for UK tourism, with the Olympics as well. Poor Merv, reduced to clutching at such thin straws.
  18. I'm growing new hair every day. Unfortunately not at a fast enough rate to cover my balding bonce. Since the mid-1980s, the world has used more oil than it has found. The world now discovers 10 - 15 billion barrels of new oil a year, but consumes 31 billion barrels.
  19. Even as a pedestrian I can understand that. If I was safe to drive a car (bad eyes = ) I'd have a car.The sheer convenience is seductive (unlike some buses, which just smell like a convenience) plus you get your own private space, away from the unwashed masses.
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