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  1. One of the country's biggest companies, the car firm Arnold Clark, has described many young Scots as "unsuitable" for work.

    MP Frank Field was saying much the same years ago.

    But he said many working class men were unemployable and unskilled, with the position of breadwinner "taken over by the taxpayer".
    Some young people I speak to In Birkenhead (his constituency) quite openly say they have no intention of working unless a job offers up something like three times their benefit level, and I am talking about people who can barely read or write after 13 years of state investment in their education.
  2. Just seen Osborne on the news

    "As the storms of the eurozone crisis gather again, there is a risk that some of the good work in building a stable financial sector and creating jobs and prosperity might unwind".


    If it's so stable....

    Reminds me of

    Britain is well placed to weather the "first financial crisis of the new global age" thanks to Labour's handling of the economy, Gordon Brown has said

  3. I remember watching a TV programme about "dressing" a showhome where they admitted to buying extra small beds and wardrobes to make the rooms look bigger. And that was around 2002-2003!

    A friend of mine has a flat built in the mid-90s that inspires mild claustrophobia. Cramped, not much in the way of windows.

    At least I can walk away, what must it be like to live their all the time?

  4. What Puts You Off A Property On Rightmove?

    Walls curving/sloping due to excessive wide-angle lens usage. Suggests that the rooms are tiny.

    Shots of the bathroom where the sink in the foreground looks massive compared to the toilet. Same thing again.

    A "dining room" designed for anorexics (not much room to get out of your chair). Suggests that this "room" was not intended for that purpose.

    Oh, and pricing it as if it were still 2007.

  5. Blitzkrieg - the German solution

    British theorists J.F.C. Fuller and Captain B. H. Liddell Hart have often been associated with the development of blitzkrieg, though this is a matter of controversy. During World War I, Fuller had been a staff officer attached to the newly developed tank force. He later developed plans for massive, independent tank operations and was subsequently studied by the German military.
    Concentration, surprise, and speed were key elements in the blitzkrieg warfare, planned by [General] Allenby during the Battle of Sharon (1918) part of the Battle of Megiddo. The Ottoman front line was breached quickly by massed infantry of the XXI Corps in overwhelming strength, supported by the greatest possible weight of artillery at the point in the line where the gap was made, while other sections of the front line were lightly held.

    Classic blitzkrieg tactics.

    Academics since the 1970s have questioned the existence of blitzkrieg as a coherent military doctrine or strategy. Many academic historians hold the idea that the German armed forces adopted "blitzkrieg" as an offensive doctrine to be a myth. Others continue to use the word to describe the style of breakthrough warfare practised by the Axis powers of this period, even if it were not a formal doctrine.
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