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  1. I've not looked for a long, long while but have recently started to look a bit more actively on Rightmove. At 46 I have to think about what sort of mortgage I could get. 15 years would be OK.
  2. BoE base rates were 17% in 1979, and 16% in 1981. For most of the 1980s, IRs were between 9 and 15%. IRs from 1975-1980 seem to have averaged about 12%. http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/boeapps/iadb/Repo.asp
  3. Not unless you consider short selling to be fraud (as far as I know he wasn't "naked").
  4. It started in America Greece Spain the Forest Moon of Endor. "Now pass the blame and don't blame me". I'm still tipping September/October for the big http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SYxvVe9y5NQ
  5. A drag race to the bottom? Nail bars and tanning salons.
  6. Very slightly OT but Sheffield City Hall's online booking used to have a system whereby you asked for e.g. 4 stalls tickets and you got a random allocation of 4 adjacent seats, invariably nowhere near where you wanted to sit. Now it just lists the seats that are still available and you pick the exact seats you want and buy them. They will get more business from me in the future because of this.
  7. The BBC series Bank of Mum and Dad was a fascinating glimpse into pre-2008 attitudes to debt and "wealth", much like Spendaholics. Neither series really works in this era of "austerity" though and neither survived past 2007.
  8. STAFF: "The man from Del Monte"? YOU: "Yes".
  9. I don't go down that way often. Last time I was in that area I got lost(!) There does seem to be a lot of "old Sheffield" there. Old shops, pubs, factories. It's a bit like cheap time travel back to the early 70s.
  10. Just tell the naysayers "I'll take my 5 a day in my own way".
  11. Working from home it takes about 15 seconds to reach my desk but I used to have a 2 bus trip to work that could take anywhere from 45 minutes to 90 minutes depending on how shambolic the First service was that day. That was more than enough.
  12. I've been wondering that myself. Looking at the Park Hill flats on Rightmove, the interiors do look very nice But in the end, it's still Park Hill. Isn't it? Anyway, having lived in a flat for 23 years, I feel I've "done" flat living. And I want to live further out from the city centre, not closer to it.
  13. Since 1997? WORSE: My Hairline BETTER: My bank balance (1997 was the year I came off the dole).
  14. Oh aye? How much tax is paid on beer and cigarettes? How much on coffee? There's a Vice-ometer calculator here. I think the tax on cigarettes amounts to 70% of the final price (or thereabouts).
  15. I think I've said it before but if we make it to the end of 2012 without a major financial crisis I'll be amazed. It's all shaping up for the Perfect Storm. September/October is my bet. And all I wanted was an affordable home of my own.
  16. Is it that bad? I always thought of Starbucks as being a bit upmarket, but then I've never been in one.
  17. The daily grind was too much for them. They're in their cups now though. That's what happens when the UK economy overheats a bit and gets frothy. I can't really say. I drink instant but have never been to a place like Starbucks.
  18. They will blame this month's falls on the warm weather, trust me. Can't we have some kind of Highlander II style planetary shield to protect our fragile green shoots from this pesky, unpredictable weather. April showers. Where (outside of a Disney film) has that ever happened before? Warm weather in summer. No wonder we've been caught flat-footed.
  19. No, but he knew someone who had one of these.
  20. Yep, Nether Edge has some nice old houses on tree lined streets. I used to work in that area years ago (god god, nearly 10 years, has it really been that long?)
  21. If he'd stuck to that promise, this site wouldn't exist. But according to Mervyn King, he did. “This was a bust without a boom”. A classic. Worse than that, they had a convincing George Bush lookalike and many of these made-up gaffes are then videoed to make them seem more plausible.
  22. A million is required to buy in the posh areas of Sheffield these days. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-22318617.html You do get a bit more for your money though. I think the roof doesn't collapse like a soufflé if the weather gets a couple of degrees above tepid either, which is handy.
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