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  1. I'd be praying for an iceberg.
  2. I'm sure they do have more. I'm sure GF or cgnao hinted that you needed at least £100k worth to be counted among the "big boys".
  3. I'd like to see Labour win, it would take the pressure off Brown a bit. (I don't want him leaving the job just as things start getting nasty.)
  4. At least they're not trying to sweep it under the carpet.
  5. Reminds me of a line from "Yes Minister" where Sir Humphrey says that the Official Secrets Acts isn't there to protect secrets, but to protect officials.
  6. He's been known to post here at times.
  7. Be fair. David's probably still upset about his wife running off with another women. Never gets old.
  8. It's produced some great replies though. Just shows how far we've come from a stable market.
  9. I've got a mate like that, especially when it's time for his round.
  10. I asked them to do my smalls in with a bit of dodgy cash but they never got back to me. What kind of service is that? I'm thinking of setting up a Yorkshire rival service, Eeeeee-gold. Easy to put money in, fiendishly difficult to get it out again, just right for the tightwads amongst us.
  11. Will the stratosphere be high enough for Phil 'n Krustie?
  12. I knew she'd get her revenge some day for that "bearded Rosie" shot".
  13. The Children's Investment Fund loses $1bn 1 billion? Kid's stuff.
  14. Car valeting service Pubs (loads) A letting agency Mortgage broker/financial services Flooring & Carpet Retail Business (that rings a bell) Post Offices/convenience stores Fast food/snack/sandwich places Specialist Kitchen Canopy & Duct Cleaning Service ( ) Maybe this is a normal cross-section of the type of businesses that are up for sale at any one time, but many do seem to fit the profile of being vulnerable to an economic downturn.
  15. it's all quite simple -- I am he and he is me (and we are all together). Coo coo, kachoo. Speaking of bodies, "S" sounds like a pretty fine example. (Yes, I really need to get out more.) Now where have I heard that before....?
  16. Does the UK government have any powers to request materials from Swiss vaults? (I'm guessing not.)
  17. Secret Agent doesn't seem too fond of his colleges and rival EAs though. Except for "S" of course.
  18. Carpet bombed? Was Floors-2-go a business name or a prediction of future doom?
  19. I hate it. The quicker it's over and done with the better. I can get my head around the idea of it being enjoyable, I can see how that might be so, it just doesn't do it for me.
  20. Could explain a lot. We've had the cowboys in charge and look what a mess they've made.
  21. Well she's not my cup of tea but I guess it takes all sorts. Oh that kind of come on.
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