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  1. Debbie Harry fails to see it coming. Now that's my kind of thread.
  2. That's pretty much how I feel as well. I work from home so my commute from work to home is precisely 0 seconds. We have the caf├ęs, we don't have the culture. Unless you count the increasingly prevalent chavvified mold on the festering leg of modern day scumbag Britain.
  3. I prefer my PMs to be a bit more boyishly good-looking.
  4. Not with the likes of Harriet Harperson around.
  5. Come where the hands are clapping Come where the toes are tapping Come where the Jocks are strapping.....
  6. To be fair he was left dealing with the mess left to him by Ethelred the Unready.
  7. Excellent. The Daleks do sound vastly scarier in German. In a related vein:
  8. I would like to say more on this but I'm currently feeling a little horse.
  9. Too late to cancel? We say what we like and we like what we bloody well say!
  10. What a towering intellect. However, I'm smarter by far. Does he not know that house prices are still considerably higher than they were a hundred years ago. It's all about timing.
  11. A friend of mine recently came back from a camping holiday in North Yorks. He's got one of those trailer tent things, so it's not too disastrous if it rains. Not really my cup of tea mind, but then I've never mastered the knack of taking holidays anyway. <EDIT: Spelling>
  12. Is that like adjusting the boundaries to make them more angular or something? Or is it rounding off the sharp corners of buildings?
  13. Given how safe (or should that be "safe"?) the seat supposedly was, it's certainly pretty noteworthy. I doubt if Gordon will "do the right thing" and leave, he's spent too long dreaming of being PM to give it up meekly and without a fight.
  14. Wait and see what RealistBear says. If he says sell gold, then buy buy buy!!!!!!
  15. 'Bart'


    I wonder if those younger and/or American fans of "House" would recognize Hugh Laurie as depicted here.
  16. A somewhat extreme solution to the town's problems methinks. Look on the bright side, it also means that you can get back out of London so much quicker.
  17. 5 a day coordinators to be retrained as 3 a day coordinators to cut down on household waste.
  18. Airships always seem to belong in parallel universes, Michael Moorcock, Doctor Who, The Golden Compass. Shame really.
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