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  1. Yeah. I did briefly step over their threshold once, only to be assailed by the overpowering, unpleasant stench of coffee (and I love the smell of coffee). OK, you'd expect the place to smell of coffee but blehhhh, it was 'orible.
  2. Wash your mouth out sir! I'd only read one of those if I was stuck on a 10 hour flight and I'd already read the emergency instructions a dozen times. Well, she did want to live like common people, so now she can. Sing along with the common people, sing along and it might just get you through, laugh along with the common people, laugh along even though they're laughing at you, and the stupid things that you do.
  3. Eh? I though that we'd be seeing a bit less of this hedonistic behavior in future.
  4. Panic on the streets of London Panic on the streets of Birmingham I wonder to myself Could gas ever be cheap again ? Burn down the Ofgem Hang their blessed MD Because the spin that they constantly spew IT SAYS NOTHING TO ME ABOUT MY LIFE Hang their blessed MD Because the spin they constantly spew
  5. In public? What development is this BTW? Well it is for students, personally I'd put them in stacked rectangular wire cages and feed them bread and water.
  6. Possibly, I've no idea how it stacks up against doing the shop by car as I've never owned one, nor will I ever be able to do so (unless they perfect those cars that can drive themselves). Anyhoo, speaking as a pedestrian, it still stacks up financially, unless I'm happy to walk to the local mini-mart place and accept their limited range. A bus into town would cost me £3.50 there and back, unless I shoped in the evenings, when it would cost me £2. As I work from home, it's more cost efficient since in order to carry the same amount as a fortnights worth from Tesco's, I would have to make several trips, taking hours by Last First bus.
  7. If, collectively, we all ceased to believe in him, would he vanish? Seems so.
  8. Until the split, divorce and alimony settlement. I could probably manage a couple of hours one afternoon a week. All I can say is that it would require an extraordinary woman to make me consider marriage. (One who definitely didn't want kids BTW.)
  9. Couldn't find a £1 coin to put in the meter?
  10. + Walk to LIFE, right on your doorstep What do you do if that "LIFE" is having a drunken fight on your doorstep and you want to get some sleep? + No grass to mow No garden to sit in on a sunny day. + No worries when petrol moves up 20%, 50%, 100% ... No, because food, heating, anything made of plastic, will just stay at the same price for the city centre dweller, it's only everyone else whom it will affect. + You are IN THE DRAMA, not just watching it on a small box Just so long as you don't get "written out" by a knife-wielding crackhead. + Something other than fast food when you are about and hungry Take sandwiches, it's cheaper.
  11. It was probably a special "millennium" kebab, made from a thousand different meats.
  12. Depends where people are buying them. Maybe the idea of spending an evening down the local pub is something for the 40s and over generation? Most younger people tend to prefer city centre bars and clubs surely? Plus they may often get tanked up on cheap supermarket booze before going out, hit a few bars, then finish up at a nightclub. No money for old school pub landlords in any of that scenario.
  13. Possibly. I myself have never drunk a pint of beer. Larger? I find that too gassy. I drink most other stuff though, although let me tell you, there's not much street cred to be had from drinking a Woo Woo, a Blue Lagoon or a Russian Bride. Women in general are not big pints drinkers (except in Barnsley where they look like Biffa Bacon's mum more often than not). Kids: Don't they drink cider and canned larger? (Allegedly)
  14. Don't you just hate people who start eating stuff before they get to the checkout. Those pensioners really ought to know better. Still, all that salmon these pensioners eat will be good for their Omega-3 levels.
  15. I think he's saving that for the last episode.
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