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    Haaaaang on....... This is just to put RFD off the scent isn't it?
  2. At least trained killers would save us some money in the long run. They'd only need to pump 2-3 bullets into innocent tube travelers, not a wasteful 8.
  3. I offered a woman a "liquidity injection" the other day as I thought she looked hard up. She had a good left hook on her, I'll give her that.
  4. I've attended lectures by this guy at Focus on Imaging (at the NEC). He'll be there again at the 2009 event. He does a lot of reportage weddings and charges around (from a figure I seem to recall) £2500 a wedding. I think he's pretty damn good though. The intention of the reportage style IIRC is to create a sense of the atmosphere of the day and what it was like to be there (as opposed to formal, posed shots). Not sure where the tilted stuff fits in exactly. Maybe that would be better used for shots of the reception, say about 2 hours in.
  5. No wonder thet guy's smiling so much. "The shoebox of Dr. Caligari"? He needs to see a shrink.
  6. I never see those ads. Firefox + Ad Blocker. If you can use this on your particular computer set-up, I heartily recommend it.
  7. Unless you're a BTL investor buying flats in a city you've never visited.
  8. Indeed. I hear that the cucumber sandwiches will have to be on white, not wholemeal bread this time, and the coffee will be instant, not ground. Their normal supplier has gone bust you see. As for the actual decision, that's easy. They just allow their consciences (and their wallets) to dicate their actions.
  9. If you accept the principle that booms and busts can be timed and manipulated for the benefit of the very wealthy, then he and his successor have both done their jobs very well. (Sorry, I just miss injin.)
  10. Now that would have been cool. Maybe I should request a name change.
  11. They should start using 360 degree photography Link (Flash required)
  12. I have a feeling that this is a happy coincidence for the EAs. As others have pointed out, you do need a wide angle lens to fit in a decent proportion of a room (I'd say between 21 and 24 mm for film or full-frame digital) especially the smaller rooms found in luxury shoeboxes (sorry flats). Luckily for them this has the advantage of converting a modest room into something that looks as if it ought to come with free semaphore lessons.
  13. Judging by that picture, the owner is definitely "stretched".
  14. I see the "reportage" style of photography is now creeping in to EA photography. Either that or they're drinking to forget.
  15. Same old same old. During the last crash the papers were full of stuff like this. Link.
  16. My head was so full of things to say, But as I open my lips all my words slip away
  17. I'm not fighting those bloomin' pensioners for the last tin of beans. Have you seen those old biddies at a bring & buy? Bang goes the doddery old dear veneer and they act like a pack of hungry sharks at a Jaws cast reunion. Shame you can't loot via Tesco home deliveries. I mean I've tried but afterwords all you get is "can you sign here Mr. XXX?" Where's the fun in that?
  18. Just the opposite in fact, he abolished it! Link Mussolini. Except that the trains didn't run on time.
  19. Can you tell me when that will be so I can put it in my diary.
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