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  1. Pfftt! A piffling few £100k? I keep such loose change in the caviar pot to pay the domestics (cash in hand, know what I mean?) Seriously though, I generally have at least a few hundred in my current account. My bad habit tends to be only withdrawing (just about) what I need in folding cash from the ATM.
  2. Throw a bucket of water over that witch, stat! Oh, what a world!
  3. That must be a nightmare for you. I had some problems yesterday, for the first time. Seemed to take ages with "pubads.g.doubleclick.net".
  4. Black Greekend? Must be one of the best thread titles in ages.
  5. Was talking to my dentist about this just the other day. Some friends of hers are going abroad to escape the Olympics.
  6. Never heard of Vertu. I must be too poor!
  7. Thanks to all those who've chipped in with (unpaid) technical assistance. I hope FUBRA appreciate it (the mods certainly do).
  8. Cheers trekking. I'm currently accessing the site without problems using IE and with adverts visible, so bang goes that theory. Hopefully the technical boffins at FUBRA can come up with a solution.
  9. Why is it the local council's job to spend money in this way. Stick to bin collection and street lighting.
  10. Anybody having this problem today? (Posted using Internet Explorer).
  11. Anybody using Ad Blocker on Firefox or Chrome and still having problems? I'm going to have to try accessing the site using IE and see if I start getting problems. Firefox Virgin Media Ad Blocker
  12. Your theme preferences are probably different (go right to the bottom of the page, on the left). Logged in I'm "Housepricecrash Classic Blue". Logged out I'm the default "Housepricecrash". Me too. I think you might be onto something there.
  13. Bravo. Opinion seems to be polarized. Will someone mount a rescue? Or will that go against the grain? Ahhh, screw this thread.
  14. What would happen to the driver if it got hit by a juggernaut? I drove a C5 briefly (charity fete, pay so much for a few laps). Fun but no use in Sheffield or anywhere else really hilly. And you'd have to bail it out in the recent rains we've been having.
  15. Had a look on Rightmove for houses in my target areas and price range. Jesus but there's some small rooms out there. Bathroom or corridor?
  16. That's been my experience too. Usually when the site has problems, no one can access it.
  17. The trend towards having "celebrities" on is bizarre. Are they more informed simply because they're famous? Why not have a road sweeper or a security guard on. Surely the BBC's flagship Question Time isn't pandering to the lowest common denominator? (Well, maybe when they have Jordan on the panel.)
  18. You wouldn't be the first. Don't lose the dry cleaning ticket.
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