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  1. LINK Those sales were of course spread over a much longer period of time.
  2. The problem with public debt is that it's still increasing, despite "austerity". UK debt hits 1 trillion pounds And that's the official figure, other estimates put it at least 4 or 5 times higher.
  3. Gold keeps up rally after best January in 32 years
  4. Nooooo!!!! Never ask Injin a question like that. We'll be here all week.
  5. All the companies mentioned by chris c-t value their trading reputations far more than any money they could scam off of you in the short term.
  6. Let's hope the urbanites and suburbanites stay where they are and die, rather than raiding farms for food. I'm sure that wouldn't occur to them. Given the time required to make the two Avatar sequels, moving to NZ and taking his family with him makes sense. However, $16.6M for 2,470 acres seems a bit excessive for the time it takes to make 2 sequels. Why not a house in/near Wellington, close to schools for the younger children and to WETA. Unless he wants privacy (surely not that much of a problem in NZ?) Is he lying when he says he “intends to reside indefinitely" in NZ? 180 mile round trip. Perhaps he'll be helicoptered in?
  7. Blast, beat me to it. How about: The shareholders will just have to take their medicine.
  8. I'm currently reading When Money Dies. I think one or two people on this thread should as well.
  9. LINK They were illegally digging for gold, but the areas also have large concentrations of lead.
  10. For some reason I have an unaccountable desire for ham during those scenes, especially any with Tim Curry in them.
  11. I managed to pick up a cheap Touchpad during the "fire sale". Had to manually install the U.S. Kindle app on it as there is no UK version for the Touchpad. Soon though, Ice Cream Sandwich! (link) I wouldn't want to carry the Touchpad around for long periods though, it's heavier than the iPad 1.
  12. It seems that the choice is between some kind of access to my emails via Kindle on the one hand, and smashing the *!#@& thing onto the floor, jumping up and down on it and then setting the @##%!! thing on fire! On reflection I have decided that I can live without Kindle based email access on the occasional instances when I leave my home.
  13. I can be more precise. Gold will go up and down this year. Although my $2000 gold prediction for 2011 fell short (well short by year's end) I think we'll see gold $2000 this year, probably by the end of June.
  14. How do you navigate it? I tried the experimental browser and it drove me mad.
  15. I guess if they predict all possible outcomes, they can then quote the bits that proved to be correct later and say "see, we got it right". Actually, that sounds like a sure thing. I'd try it myself only those pesky HPCer's would remember the other predictions.
  16. I'm floored by this news. I thought they were on a roll. Their CEO should be on the carpet for this. He needs to get a grip. I bet their debt is piling up. By the time the private equity boys arrive, there'll only be the remnants left.
  17. Shame the indebted tenants can't afford to eat there. I think it translates as "buying off-plan at The Cube makes you more worldly wise about poor financial decisions".
  18. The original Three Day Week was related to energy shortages. The miners were after a pay rise due to the high inflation of the time and were working to rule, causing coal stocks to dwindle. The 1973 oil shock drove up the price of imported coal. From December 1973, commercial consumption of electricity would be limited to three consecutive days each week. Unless Peak Oil kicks in pretty sharpish, I don't see how the Three Day Week will return. Not on a national scale.
  19. If it's a small flat, I'm not surprised. Even die-hard Trekkies aren't that daft with their money. If it cost £100,000 to "Trek" it up, buy a flat for a fraction of that and do it up yourself. A bigger flat preferably. Although perhaps the thought of spending years trapped in a replica of U.S.S. Voyager was a bit too close to the actual series for some people. That looks like they filmed the rehearsal by mistake.
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