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  1. The companies finances have gone Nova. The workers are putting a brave Frontera on it but they really want to tell the management where to Chevette. To the Victor the spoils!
  2. Not voluntarily. You couldn't pay me £95k to live there.
  3. I would agree that for gold to keep going up, someone (or some government) must come along and be prepared to pay a higher price for it. Much like houses in fact. Somewhere along the way, I was one of those "someones". If you are a hard headed investor you can profit from such bull runs. Many people made a lot of money out of housing. (And, of course, a lot of people are now stuck in NE with houses they can't shift.) If I sold my gold now, I would easily make a paper profit. Am I the hard headed investor? To be honest, I think I may have (partly) Injin's "head full of broken biscuits". I like owning gold. I've always liked having savings and I like having some of my savings in gold and silver. Sad as it sounds, I like to hold the shiny, shiny in my hands. (I may end up one of those guys you read about who lived on beans on toast, only for people to find out that he was loaded and never spent a dime he didn't have to.) At the moment, believing what I do about the way the global economy is going, owning at least some gold is a must for me. I've got cash savings as well, just in case cash turns out to be the place to be. To be 100% in cash would be as bad as being 100% in gold (unless you knew in advance which was the best option). That is my gold strategy, to be about 30% in PMs (some silver in there as well). I'm hedging against unknown unknowns. I'm no investor, I'm just trying to save some of what I've earned from a crisis I believe is coming. If I'm wrong about the crisis, if I'm wrong about high inflation (not hyperinflation), if things really are headed for a recovery, that to me is a better result that getting rich from gold.
  4. It's certainly heading in the right direction. A 15% reduction (as mentioned early) would put it within my price range. I really want one of these: This is the Dalek I really want (link). Prices have gone up £500 of late. And the deflationists wonder why I doubt them.
  5. Point two certainly seems to be reasonably on topic so far. I moved the other posts because the debate had become purely about the nature of value (and reality) itself.
  6. The Wall Street Crash of 1929 and the Great Depression soon followed. If you think the Western economies can continue to limp on as they have been doing these past few years, creating money out of thin air to pay their bills, getting ever deeper into debt, borrowing money against non-existent future growth, supporting ever increasing numbers of economically inactive citizens, bailing out ever more indebted banks and other financial institutions, not to mention insolvent nations like Greece I say fine. Buy a house.
  7. I'm no fan of reading text off a computer screen however.... With an ereader you can lie back in your favourite chair/sofa and read in a traditional book reading posture. The eink screen is easy to read for hours at a time.
  8. I'd be a great neighbour me, no loud music, no rusty car jacked up on bricks in the front garden. And if you should see a man staring at you with a pair of binoculars, just ignore him. I'm working on a target of a 75% deposit. I would need to get a mate of mine in to do the negotiations. Not only is he in the building trade and a proficient DIY-er, but his negotiating skills border on the supernatural. Something like this looks to be in my price range.
  9. If you're reading outdoors (or even indoors in bright sunshine) the e-ink display is the one to have. Likewise, if you're reading for hours on end, the e-ink display is way, way better for your eyes. The Kindle and Sony are much better for carrying around as well. My Kindle 3, even in its leather flip case, easily fits in one of my front coat pockets. The Touchpad is just way too heavy to take with you on the daily commute. However, I do like the colour display of the Touchpad, so I'm apt to switch between devices.
  10. The "store of value" discussion is now in its own thread here. This is the "Gold strategy in the current economy" thread.
  11. In good light, hence the market for ancillary clip-on lights. The pale grey background goes a bit greenish as the amount of light reduces. In my flat I can't really read the Kindle in bed as the light isn't "right". In the kitchen, no problem.
  12. I own a Sony PRS-650 and a Kindle K3 (Keyboard) and although the screens are supposed to be the same, the Sony suffers more if lighting conditions are not ideal. I think it must be the touch sensitive layer. In bright lighting they look very similar, but as the amount of light decreases, the Sony screen suffers in comparison to the Kindle. Also I'm less impressed with the (single) choice of font on the Sony. I may install a custom firmware on it. The Kindle also has the advantage of wi-fi and 3G. The Sony has neither. The Sony feels much more of a premium product than the plastic Kindle though.
  13. LINK Gold down $32 on Friday. A bit of profit taking?
  14. 'Bart'

    Stop Moaning.

    A crash is inevitable but not the one this site was named after. It's been years since I really thought just in terms of a housing crash. Things nearly came to a head with the global economy in 2008 and nothing that has been done since has done anything to improved matters, in fact, just the reverse.
  15. Microsoft have tended to do badly in recent years in their "me too" attempts to outdo Apple. The Zune failed badly as an attempt to compete with the iPod, and while there are many second and third generation Android competitors to the iPad, Win7 tablets haven't exactly set the world on fire. Windows Phone 7 looks to be another big hole they can pour money into. Works stupidly long hours and costs pennies to run?
  16. Is this the casting call for the Brideshead Revisited remake?
  17. 'A'-level photography pics uploaded by mistake?
  18. This is roughly the figure needed just to stand still (to cope with population increases). So the actual "increase" is 94,000 How many of these jobs were seasonal Christmas jobs?
  19. UK Economy To Enter Recession Soon, Says Report [dated February 2008]
  20. Or a lottery winner maybe? I wouldn't dare release an album though, I'm totally non-musical.
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