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  1. Not in that clip I'm afraid, although it's a good example of a sequence that (as far as I know) no longer exists. The extra nudity is in a sequence where the mad robot Box forces Logan and Jessica to pose nude for one of his ice sculptures. This was filmed but cut out. A brief bit of it can be seen in the trailer though (about 50 seconds in). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4WUUnc1M0TA
  2. Something to look forward to. Not as much fun as the Michael York version. INJIN: Renewal does not exist, lifeclocks are subjective, those Sandmen do not exist, neither do their heavy rubber truncheons (ow!, ow!, ow! This searing pain does not exist). Pretty rubbish isn't it? Even worse, in this version, Jenny Agutter does not exist!
  3. Indeed, but our elected politicians know that such a crash would be blamed squarely on them if it occurred on their watch. In a sense, this is the opposite approach to that taken in the early 80s in the US when Paul Volcker raised US interest rates to 20% to tackle the stagflation of the 1970s. This caused a very steep but relatively short-lived recession. In the film I.O.U.S.A. this is described as a "truly courageous" decision. Anyone who's ever watched Yes Minister will know what Sir Humphrey means when he uses this kind of language: Sir Humphrey: If you want to be really sure that the Minister doesn't accept it, you must say the decision is "courageous". Bernard: And that's worse than "controversial"? Sir Humphrey: Oh, yes! "Controversial" only means "this will lose you votes". "Courageous" means "this will lose you the election"! We have no courageous politicians any more in the UK, only short-term, quick fix, shyster crooks and self-serving spivs.
  4. As a saver I hear what you're saying but aren't we in so much debt that any rise in interest rates beyond a token amount would send the economy into a tailspin? Not that the current "deer in the headlights" approach adopted by the MPC is going to work out either.
  5. Step 1: Scroll to the top of the page. Step 2: Click on the bit on the left that says "House Price Crash forum". You see lots of other threads there. Some discuss gold, some even talk about house prices. It's all been there since late 2003. We call it a discussion forum. Astonishingly, this thread is merely a small part of it. That's what relevance 5 years ago has.
  6. Why on earth would they want to do that? It's a barbarous relic, it gives no return, you can't eat it, it's in a bubble...... etc. etc. Surely they would be better off seizing something that has value in this post-Nixon shock world? A paper recycling plant springs to mind.
  7. One the one hand the chart suggests that gold is not in a bubble, on the other it suggests that gold made for a disastrous hedge against inflation from about the late 80s and for about 20 years after that.
  8. Except that the Federal Reserve itself is a private bank (or a collection of them). The Bank of England was a private bank for hundreds of years (1694 to 1946). LINK It wasn't until 1844 that the bank acheived the sole right of issuing banknotes: LINK Even in Bernanke land, there are local currencies: Communities print their own currency to keep cash flowing
  9. Sounds like Warden Norton's "Inside-Out" program. Red: 'Course, Norton failed to mention to the press that "bare minimum of expense" is a fairly loose term. There are a hundred different ways to skim off the top. Men, materials, you name it. And, oh my Lord, how the money rolled in...
  10. I've never heard such arrant nonsense. Warren Buffett (and Realistbear) say that it is "a valueless asset". How can something with no value be up 70%?
  11. In the words of Mandy Rice-Davis, "well he would say that, wouldn't he"?
  12. That's me screwed then. We are talking about hair aren't we?
  13. Won't make any difference IMO. Bank of England deputy Charlie Bean says spend, spend to save economy What happens when the savings of the savers have all been spent? Actually, this advice reminds me of something: When Money Dies, Adam Fergusson If you believe what the government tells you, if you follow their advice, you will get f***ed!
  14. How did you manage to post that from 1957? Are the government and the TV news really saying that the economy has never been better? Never been better? Really? Never been better?
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