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  1. Can't argue with that price. Ask Aspel seems like such a quaint idea in these days of TV on demand and Tivos. I remember it being on but it must have clashed with something on ITV.
  2. Is that still going? Who does it now? I had a letter on Points of View once. Must have been about 1982 (Barry Took was presenting).
  3. In theory there's more disposable income. The "Pink Pound" etc. I'm in a similar situation in that I have no kids, thus fewer outgoings, so I can save way more than my friends who do have kids.
  4. Goes nice with a bit of bread and cheese.
  5. There are some nice (but expensive) parts of Barnsley. 6 bedroom detached house for sale £1,850,000 Barnsley Road, Silkstone, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 or something a little more affordable 6 bedroom detached house for sale £789,000 Tivy Dale, Cawthorne, Barnsley, S75 Or something a bit more in the budget range: 4 bedroom semi-detached house for sale £380,000 Haigh Lane, Haigh, BARNSLEY
  6. Cool, might give this a watch when it appears on iPlayer. Has Jonathan Davis got a false beard by any chance? I'm looking forward to his next appearance on Vanessa Feltz's show.
  7. 3 years, so at least 2 without a decent IR thread on HPC. It used to be one of the highlights of the month.
  8. Does he ever stop eating long enough to clean 'em?
  9. Doubtless he'll be asking us to Switch It On but I say he should Leave Right Now. Seriously, Will Young? Will f***ing Young? This is Question Time isn't it? Supposedly the same show as the relatively heavyweight program chaired by Robin Day 20 years ago? Thank god I no longer fund this bullcr*p with my licence fee money.
  10. Indeed. The guy would fit right in on HPC, going by some of his comments: About debt and MEWing: A great quote: And finally....
  11. Absolutely. One of the few demands Occupy have is to "get the money out of politics". Capitalism and corruption are not the same thing. In addition, bailouts are inimical to the concept of capitalism.
  12. Surely our money? Or am I being hopelessly naïve?
  13. They did. The old UK pound coin (face value £1): Current value £278. I make it that just one of these would fill 2.8 x 70 litre tanks (going by the figures in that article)
  14. LINK This year's budget statement should be worth listening to. Relying on the private sector? That might be a tad wishful. Will the UK drown any growth in red tape?
  15. They've definitely been in fashion at least once during my lifetime.
  16. LINK Berkshire Hathaway is of course owned by Warren "gold has no value" Buffett.
  17. I've never even heard of them. I had to click on the link to find out what they sold. Apparently they have a branch in Sheffield city centre but I avoid going into town as much as is humanly possible.
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