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  1. Is the BoE a firm? "Charity tells BoE to stop creating inflation". Join the queue.
  2. 'Bart'

    Bbc Slashes Stars Salaries

    +1 I'm glad to be out of it all. Haven't watched any BBC TV this week, not even on iPlayer. In fact, I couldn't tell you what was on.
  3. Certainly has been of late.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nrs8CgpH980 "It's a puppet!"
  5. I'd want more than champagne for £1,499.
  6. How much are Coca Cola and MacDonalds etc. paying in sponsorship? Given how they can dictate what food can be eaten on the the various sites, you'd think they owned the feckers. A bunch of drug cheats whoring themselves for a share of the corporate dollar. Truly, the spirit of the Olympiad!
  7. 'Bart'

    Will They Hit Me?

    Silly question alert but when making an offer for a house, when and to whom is it made? Can you make an offer to the owner straight after viewing, or is it usual to go away, have a think and then contact the EA?
  8. I'm tyred of these puns already. On bycycles? When was this, 1924?
  9. It would be a hell of a commute.
  10. Glad I didn't go in for this competition now.
  11. 'Bart'

    Greece Cap In Hand Again

    How very unexpected.
  12. 'Bart'

    Sheffield Area

    Hmmm... Without wishing to be too down on social housing tenants (I am one myself) but maybe it's because I'm a social tenant I can see the potential pitfalls. I wouldn't want to have forked out £90,000 to be surrounded by some of the people I've encountered in social housing over the years.

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