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  1. New Mills central is the Sheffield > Manchester line. New Mills Newtown is the Buxton > Blackpool like both get quite busy but most people are able to fit their bikes into the allocated space, I've never seen anyone not be able to get on with a bike. Where in Stockport do you work? If I was going to drive I would avoid the A6. I'd either go through Marple, Offerton and eventually onto St Mary's Way or through Marple Bridge, Romiley, Bredbury. Was the Hazel Grove bypass what those 'No to the brown route' flyers were about? I remember those being around as a child.
  2. I thought I'd add something to the discussion for those thinking of living in New Mills or Whaley Bridge. I'm originally from New Mills but now live in Victoria Park. The drive to work in the morning (if you work in Manchester city centre) is horrible. I've tried all routes and they are all stressful and can easily take over an hour, despite being less than15 miles from the centre of town. If you are going to live there I would suggest taking the train and that is pretty expensive. The best parts of New Mills are off St Mary's Road which is very close to New Mills Central train station (You will also get the best views from there). The town centre is not a nice place to go out if you're not into fights and gobshites but it is quite nice during the day and at least Marple is just around the corner but getting back from Manchester using public transport is impossible after 11pm.
  3. Sorry I meant asking prices.
  4. Look at the sold prices of similar properties in the area. They are usually £190k+ around there for smaller properties. I know it's on Longsight's doorstep but it still seems to be a somewhat desirable location.
  5. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30671074.html I saw this house for sale a few months back but it was sold when I inquired and I didn't realise it was so huge at the time. It looks like somebody bought it and started to do some renovation work but has now stopped. In my opinion there can only be one logical explanation... It's haunted.
  6. OK we need to make a choice between two houses and I was wondering what are your opinions. At the moment it is just myself and my wife who will be living there but we plan to have kids within the next few years. House one is on the Levenshulme/Heaton Chapel border. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30237094.html -Much bigger -Garage -Bigger garden -Backs onto Highfield park -Some shoddy brickwork on the kitchen extensions -Area is not fantastic but still quite nice (in my opinion) -Slightly lower asking price House two is on the Burnage/Heaton Mersey border. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-19253700.html -Small (only one bedroom will fit a double bed) -Nicer area -More expensive
  7. Bill Clinton seemed to be doing a fantastic job between two Bushes.
  8. The Rightmove listing was changed to under offer today. I'll just have to sit back and see how this one plays out.
  9. The agent called me this morning and I told him we won't be increasing our offer.
  10. I've probably made a few errors with this one as it's my first time making an offer on a house. The house has only been on the market for just over a week so I know I should have waited longer before making an offer. There is a house on the same street for sale with a much smaller garden, no downstairs WC and a smaller bathroom advertised for the same price. The seller told me she has divorced recently and can't afford the place so she is moving into a two bedroom flat she has already found. This would suggest to me that she wants a quick sale and has possible financial worries. As first time buyers with a large-ish deposit I think we are in a decent position so I thought I may get away with a lower offer. The thing is house prices are inconsistent on this road because it is quite long and has different types of houses. The few years of sale prices are: March 2011 - £115k December 2010 - £135k September 2009 - £138k August 2009 - £145k February 2009 - £118k December 2008 - £136k November 2008 - £100k August 2008 - £178k Nay 2008 £165k March 2008 - £158k Although there are a few anomalies I guess it does indicate that prices there are in decline. The house in Heaton Norris is very nice but the fact that it's on the main road near a very busy junction/roundabout would put me off. Ideally I want something on a bus route that will take around 30 mins to get to town and the University so Heaton Norris and Heaton Mersey are probably going to be ruled out. I do like parts of Burnage and Levenshulme and part of the reason I'd like to buy there is I don't want to be too far out as most of our friends live in Withington, Victoria Park, Didsbury & Fallowfield.
  11. We're going to keep looking at other properties and assume that the offer is real and will go through to completion. Thanks for the advice people.
  12. We found a property we really like on the market at £160k. We made an offer of £141k this morning and were told that there was already an offer on the property for over £10k more than ours so they want offers closer to the asking price. I'm assuming that the best course of action would be to leave it and see what happens because we are only willing to spend up to £148k on this house and that is below the offer the agent is claiming that they already have.
  13. Well Heaton Chapel houses in this price range seem to somewhat smaller than what we have found in Levenshulme. There was a very nice house on the Heaton Chapel/Levenshulme border which was priced at £160k. We made an offer of £141k and were told that there has been an offer over £10k above that so we aren't going to bother offering any more. It's strange because no houses on that particular road have sold for more than £150k since 2008. We will play the waiting game and continue our search.
  14. Sorry to sound dim but how can you tell?
  15. Ah just spotted the text... Sanderson James Estate Agents are now in receipt of an offer for the sum of £149,000 for 21 Scarisbrick Road, Levenshulme Manchester M19 2BT. Anyone wishing to place an offer on the property should contact Sanderson James, 902 Stockport Road, Levenshulme, Manchester M19 2AD 0161 256 0808 before exchange of contracts.
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