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  1. Both sets of grandparents died with the family having to put together to pay for funerals. Parents are in social housing. People are lucky to get any inheritance. I guess I might be the first to leave anything but bills...
  2. The Chinese are building in Sheffield. Quite a bit of the stuff going on in Sheffield seems to be Chinese funded.
  3. To be honest I am too drunk to read all the stuff above, but I would give you a quick bit of advice as a fellow northerner (also applies to others that rent). Put your name down on the council housing list, and keep it on there. It looks like leeds uses the same bidding system as sheffield where I am, and if you let the time build up while you are private renting, eventually you will have enough 'time' to bid on a council house in the nice areas. Just my 2p worth. It generally takes about 10 mins to register online, then you can forget about it. If you never get to 'home ownership' you may be able to get the next best thing.
  4. I'm on a council estate. We seem to have been completely forgotten when it comes to street cleaning etc. I've started keeping my own bit of street clean, but the litter is non stop, mostly blowing down from elsewhere. The bin men make it worse, as they just leave stuff that falls out of the bins.
  5. I remember a time when fruit picking was a chance to travel and spend the summer in another country. I don't see how things have changed, unless people aren't going back home.
  6. A lot of the immigrants I see around seem to make it a priority to knock a few kids out when they get here. I suppose the kids are British citizens. I think it may complicate things.
  7. I agree. There seems to be no way in for anyone who doesn't step the line.
  8. I am actually slightly tempted to get into politics myself, but I have no idea how to do it. Part of me thinks that any progression in the main parties would just involve lots of **** kissing and going against my beliefs in common sense.
  9. I agree totally with what you said, can't understand a lot of it though.
  10. Yes, I'm a ruthless bugger. I tell myself to take no shit from anyone on my days off, all the time.
  11. Blimey those guardian comments are coming thick and fast. I can't keep up with them on my phone. Might have to kick the daughter off my PC to read faster
  12. One of my clients earns his living creating prosthetics with them. Pretty cool stuff really.
  13. No, sorry. Secure tenancy. It's a bit like owning without the ********. But you knew that.
  14. Well, it's who you know, not what you know. As a respectable northerner just in the god forsaken London, you would of course be let out. We realise you were only there to further the prospects of your fellow northern kin.
  15. Build a wall around the M25 and don't let anyone or any information out and we should be fine in England.
  16. Yeah it's quite good in its place, but to be fair I think it's just one of those things that are made locally so we like it whether we do or not.
  17. Mmmm nowt like a bit of Henderson's on a nice pie. Got the munchies now you bugger
  18. OK, I'll check with the housing association first. They might not be too happy though.
  19. You see, that post was short and to the point. Thanks.
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