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  1. This one came up on my social media today:- https://raffle-house.com/ The flat is £650k asking price but based on ticket sales, should they sell them all, they will get £750k
  2. Yes that's one of them. They went from £1.4 million to about £750k and now the new price. I would be surprised if they shifted at that price. I think peak debt has been reached in Cambridge.
  3. I have seen a 3 bed apartment in "Trumpington Meadows" about 2 miles from Cambridge go from £1.4 million to £525k. Still a silly price to pay for a home.
  4. I had a look at the "apartments" that were part of the development in the first link - http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-41901202.html?premiumA=true. The 2 bedroom show apartment was actually a decent size. As a single guy it would be ideal if it was affordable. A 2 bedroom apartment went for £300k and if I wanted a parking space that would be another £5k but that was "usually thrown in as part of the deal". I walked past the development at the weekend as it is next to my gym - pretty much all "units" have now sold. Gordon Brown's "miracle" economic recovery at work. Quite depressing really.
  5. Sad I know this but that sounds like you flew from Gatwick. Virgin are in the process of upgrading 7 out of their 8 Gatwick fleet (one not being done as leaves the fleet at end of year). So far 2 out of the 7 scheduled for refit have been done. I last flew Virgin in 2007 and I thought their Gatwick planes and entertainment system was AWFUL so the upgrades are LONG overdue.
  6. list is usually available on the first day. I think Charlie Skelton reporting for the Guardian published it last year and found out that George Osborne was there in his official capacity as Chancellor, and NOT as a private citizen. Subsequent FOI requests were turned down as "not in the public interest".
  7. Absolutely - questioning things is not what people should do ;-) Please continue on to your next shopping experience/reality based tv show Everything is ok.
  8. Alas he did say it http://www.infowars.com/brown-new-world-order-is-emerging/ - CNN video on this page.
  9. Hi all, I have been lurking on this site since 2005 - and am so very grateful for having found it. At the time I thought £250k for a one bedroom "apartment" in Cambridge was both ridiculous and totally unsustainable. It was nice to find a group of people who think the same, and do not believe the "reports" in the mainstream media telling us all what to think. A lot of my friends from Uni were telling me how "unsuccessful" I was as I didn't "own" a home of any kind like they did (with massive help from their parents). I know I/we will have a considerable while longer to wait but I am glad I have. Thank you all for educating me. I thought this might be of interest to some of you
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