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  1. We can't say anything with regards to this with respect to the end of life. We're still in the cradle phase. So let's give it a decade or so to cast any judgement. Currently LIBs are recycled at a rate of less than 3% with less than 1% of the lithium recycled as the focus is on other metals in the LIBs . The market for raw lithium is to grow to well over $200bn by 2025 with the demand from the automotive sector to consume 65% of it. Don't have figures to hand for the other elements, but they are on a scale on par... plus they are more difficult to process and less environmentally friendly to mine. This is a HUGE problem. Batteries will get bottled up and shipped off to be buried to far off lands. That's the truth of it with the current state of play. And of course we are not considering the effects of fundamental design flaws, traffic incidents, emergency response, unscrupulous traders, etc... the environmental one is just far too difficult to quantify.... yet. Certainly EV car owners should be doling out a lot more money to hedge for the very likely detrimental environmental impacts their cars will create. A lot more money IMO. I don't advocate the ICE or EV. In my opinion neither option is good for the planet for many reasons.
  2. Brexit isn't the sole causation of business pulling out interests in the UK but it is certainly a very big part of these decisions. About 60% of the businesses operating in the UK are part or fully foreign owned and if the environment becomes uncertain what is their motivation to stay and hurt their bottom lines? Businesses that require free movement of goods and services will absolutely not stay in the UK without some massive handouts and concessions by the government. One point to make here is that we already know the government is placing restrictions on companies, ie: gag orders on pharma. I don't think anybody outwith government and the upper echelons business /commerce and can rightly state the structural changes to Britain's businesses... There's more gagging going here on that one of CCC's Benidorm flesh parties.
  3. Is this an argument with somebody else you've conflated with ours here? Are you suffering post bonfire hangover?
  4. I believe it's not something that can implemented... ie: large scale social housing. The only long term solution for the UK is wind down inheritance relief and disincentivise property as an investment vehicle. You remove those crutches and the market will self regulate.
  5. ROS: 28 Loirston Avenue, Cove Bay, Aberdeen, AB123HE 10-03-2006 £167,500.00 Distressed sale? Somebody is getting out while they can? But if it was an investment... they did OK or just about broke over even... ~1.45% compounded over 12 years... less all the other costs of borrowing, maintenance, etc...
  6. These hard numbers I'm referring to are based on tangibles... not the intangible of finance that drives the EV car market. I have many times been in a position to take physical data, real hard-numbers, and correlate / model them to advise on risk/reliability for financiers and insurers. Bankers aren't engineers... ergo I'm not a banker. It's often a black art... and very often it (risk modelling) fails. Ask anybody in the business. Also... we have not a life cycle run it's natural course for the modern fleet of EV's... therefore there is no data to correlate to. Only hypothesis aping off of others. To state otherwise is just nuts... in engineering parlance. Life cycle and failures are different balls of wax. Batteries.. or anything for argument's sake.. may fail. Everything has a life cycle. I'm also not advocating ICE. They just make more financial sense... and most importantly, they do no carry the absolute ballache burdens associated with EV's. Until that is sorted and they are cheap to buy I'm out. You obviously value money differently than I do. My solution is to disincentive all forms of motorised personal forms of transport. Electric mass transit makes sense if the UK wants to meet it's 80% decarbnisation by 2050. EV's won't help it despite the headlines.
  7. https://news.sky.com/story/german-manufacturer-schaeffler-to-shut-two-uk-plants-after-brexit-11546123 Those Brexit benefits keep rolling in. How many of those 500 people are going to be celebrating?
  8. Biofuels cost a lot though. As do all renewable options. Not all bean/pulse diets give you the wind either. Cooking and preparation sort a lot of that out.
  9. Nothing has been 'busted'. I saw no evidence of that and I watched the video. Yes, and entertaining and interesting way to rationalise a basic argument, based on very basic fag pack (Fermi) maths... it's convinced you? I deal with this crud every day by the way... life-cycle analysis and actual hard numbers. It's my job. The 'myth' is that the UK can support an EV car 'revolution'. Deal with that nugget.
  10. The UK is a small fish and trying to pass itself off as a player like China or the USA.... well.... the big fish are watching the clock more closely than the clueless British electorate. The UK needs a transition period of many years, perhaps decades to sort out this mess to even get back to ground zero. Yes. Just back to square one. Politicians know this and understand how damaging all this will be in the short to medium term. Nobody can predict the long term, and most of us will be past it anyways. In the mean time our government is going to be on damage control for years.. putting things like public service to the back burner. There are simply not enough civil servants, bureaucrats and government officials to transition Britain, and on that I predict a lot (more) of Americanisation of the UK's social welfare system. Further, the integrity of the union is going to be put to breaking point and we are likely to see a lot of civil disobedience from it. The vultures are hovering... you just don't see it as you're still fixated on the snake oil of charismatic Farage et al. The term 'force majeure' may become something that Brexit supporters come to understand as they see businesses haul a$$ to safer lands.
  11. Come on dadsarmy... beaten out of them? Or maybe they've just started listening to knowledgeable people who have credibility, who've run the numbers and the due diligence... reporting back that all options are sh1t?
  12. Umm. Why the investment then? This infrastructure is being developed irregardless of the UK's 'deal' with the EU. This includes ferries and other craft, not just big bulk carriers as well. Cork will receive a Brexit dividend. What part don't you agree with? Actually, a lot of places in the EU stand to receive Brexit dividends. We're giving up a heck of a lot of goodies to have this 'sovereignty' some of you voted for.
  13. Good summation of the problems here. https://www.lrb.co.uk/v40/n21/swati-dhingra/what-would-it-be-like Not a single mention of £350 million for the NHS. I don't believe that the government will allow publishing of the real losses to the UK any time in the near future. It will take hard work of academics and industrial analysts to sew together all the data threads and make some concrete statement on how much of a cluster-fvck this is for the UK. I say this because they won't release their studies now, or even have consultation that is subject to peer review. Very embarrassing for any modern economy to voluntarily castrate themselves like this. It's going to take many, many years to get the UK sorted and all this shenanigans is going to put the public on the back burner as government tries to curtail the damages. Rather sad too. The British passport certainly won't carry the 'weight' it did prior, nor will the state. Brexit is like a man trying to have penetrative sex with his knob cut off. Stupid. This is what people voted for.
  14. Pretty much. https://port.today/cork-launches-new-cork-container-terminal-development/ https://afloat.ie/port-news/port-of-cork/item/40798-irish-built-liebherr-cranes-for-port-of-cork Cork is one of my favourite cities. Nice to see they are getting a boost from Brexit as it will pick up their economy significantly.
  15. Why not? https://www.moneyadviceservice.org.uk/en/articles/care-home-or-home-care Its only going to get worse too.
  16. https://www.itv.com/news/2018-11-01/uk-concedes-the-city-will-follow-eu-rules-after-brexit/ This is literally the opposite of what leavers voted for.
  17. Odd they don't mention the £370m bond issue. https://news.aberdeencity.gov.uk/aberdeen-city-council-launches-and-prices-a-bond-issue-of-370m/ Yes. This council reeks of corruption. How many pals (good ol' boys) are getting fistfuls of taxpayer money?
  18. Seems a distinct possibility. Bookies are saying so at least. Stupid people still want to leave the EU. We've got lots of them in Britain.
  19. Semi-positive... that the UK becomes a rule taker? Besides... where's there a verified source of these claims? Until uk.gov makes a statement it is fake news. If so... it's better than crashing out yes.. but neither scenario is better than what we have now. Better for the city and the highly paid people working in derivatives and investment banking.
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