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  1. https://www.oddschecker.com/politics/british-politics/brexit/2nd-eu-referendum
  2. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/brexit-deal-news-donald-tusk-michel-barnier-theresa-may-withdrawal-agreement-eu-a8634511.html? How very embarrassing for the UK. Fvckin dickhead tory's undermining us.
  3. People have had a few years to get their heads out of their asses. And now is the time when we should be due the leaks from those firms who've been under gag orders. The fur and feathers are really going to start flying.
  4. Not a chance. Britain's politico is now looking on par with the Italians for credibility and stability. It's going to take a proper clean out at Westminster and years to get us back to square one. How very embarrassing.
  5. I'm neither for nor against. Hard Brexit can't happen as it will ruin us. What other option is there?
  6. Not sure you know what you're talking about dude. Actually, I know you don't. What's insulting about it? Did you actually read their speeches? Perhaps lay off the right wing nutjobs and quit it with the very obvious quote mining that is fermenting your indignation. How is it that you think you understand the mindset of Americans? You clearly don't. Trump is a fool and so are you if you take anything he says seriously. Not that a European army is a new idea or anything...
  7. Looks like no Brexit. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-britain-eu-may-statement-idUSKCN1NJ2UI
  8. What is it with oranges? .... feckin oranges... what about no tariffs and no checks on all kinds of other goods and services, etc? You can't 'cherry' pick these single items and state that the UK is going to get some kind of trade advantage. Your example of oranges.... https://www.whichcountry.co/which-country-produces-most-oranges/ How is the UK... poised as a market of 50m versus EU27 at 550m... going to be able to entice and incentivise growers of citrus? Or for anything produce wise? FWIW the best oranges for me...hands down, come from the Province of Valencia. Florida oranges are ok... so are those in California... of the Valenicia variety. Spain is in Europe....
  9. Riiiiiight. And you believe this? An upside to cancer is that you lose weight.
  10. https://wolfstreet.com/2018/11/13/interserve-uk-next-carillion-about-to-fall/ Interserve? https://www.newsnow.co.uk/h/Industry+Sectors/Construction+&+Engineering/Interserve
  11. Well... HMRC really has no limitations which will help tax dodgers (~20 years). If you've been playing silly buggers for longer then it's safe to assume they won't make a special case for those accounts after 2 decades unless it's for significant fraud. Check for yourself: HMRC Compliance Handbook chapter 50000
  12. As predicted... https://www.energyvoice.com/oilandgas/north-sea/186050/marine-jobs-potential-after-shock-of-north-sea-oil-exploration/ Yeah... in other words the right people have been paid to produce studies to favour letting oil companies off the hook. ...and ASPC has dipped to just shy of 6000. In other news... that oil price is taking a serious nosedive... I'm sure there are a lot of sphincters puckering up tighter than a hangman's knot. Seems the oil price may be very volatile in the near-to-mid future for a variety of reasons.
  13. Name one upside that hasn't already been demonstrated as abjectly false or a work of fiction on this thread 100's of times.
  14. One thing is clear about this thread... A lot of villages are missing their idiots.
  15. Yep. Oh yay...a pyrrhic victory for all you thick fvck leave voters. If the metric for success was to ensure the UK was materially worse off and had less skin in the game... 100% pure win.
  16. You mean like the exact same reasons behind all world wars... ever?
  17. This is a 100% British problem. Is this a reason to vote Brexit? Because the UK government allows foreign operators to administer health care for whatever reasons? Brexit won't change any of this... it will exacerbate it and really push most British business to the wall. kzb... you really need to wake the fvck up and understand just how much of the UK is foreign owned and run. In fact... most of you class-A divots on this thread need to wake the fvck up.
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