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  1. I wouldn't bet on that. Have you informed the 25 million home owners in the UK that they should be accepting lower offers for their property because the political establishment is in meltdown? If one thing's for certain... from this website... predicting a house price crash has been wrong is impossible and most punters will eat their hat in attempting to do so. Once we get to 2025 the demographics of this country may have an impact, other than that... everything else can be fudged and cello-taped over.
  2. Or until it isn't. You did a politician and didn't answer the question. How do you define this as a 'brexit win'?
  3. Genuinely curious to understand how you Brexit supporters define this bill as a 'win' for the UK? A phyrric 'win' it is, yes. Essentially nothing has changed with this draft transition agreement in the short to mid term.... mid term likely being the rest of our lives on the chance it passes. It will more than likely fail. I don't see anything except capitulation and a declaration of Britain's inability to negotiate... it is very plain to see that our actions cannot match our words. The EU and indeed the world of commerce have a massive advantage here, always did. Britain is by no mean in a position to demand anything now. It will be even more so now that we've played our card.... in my opinion both badly and too early.
  4. TM need's another fall guy? With the draft agreement now in hand isn't his role already obsolete? We've got the civil service to carry out the legislation.
  5. Brit's love the blame game; however, this political disaster is 100% British. Marvellously so. I was neither for nor against Brexit and have stated that many times. I didn't buy the for/against hype and still don't. I still believe it won't make any significant change in people's lives in the short to mid term. There may be some blips in logistics. Inflation may take a bit of wander for a while. Things may become scarce or expensive (again). Oh well, that's what you get when upending the constitution. It will and has impacted British society...negatively. British politics... negatively. British statesmanship... negatively. British credibility... negatively. British brand... negatively. Long term, who knows. But definitely with our demographic crisis, privatised and mostly foreign owned nation... we're in no position to be able to 'go it alone'. Just in light of those basic... very very basic fact.. it's been an act of pure lunacy. Not sure people will want to see or be able to stomach the 'sovereignty' that Britain will have to cede to get back to where we were pre-referendum. This 'deal' is just the first gentle fisting that the EU is giving us. Brexit is what happens when you pander to the lowest common denominator. I'll stick to my guns with that point. Take your false indignation and stick it up your toga.
  6. A million squid wouldn't even cover a third of a semester running costs.... even for a sh1t poly. Yeah... their credit is presumably finished as is their cash-flow. It's going to be very interesting to see the first big collapse in a university. Feel sorry for the students, lecturers. Also for the community who services and support said students. Not so much for the boards who've spent on bricks and not their people.
  7. What an unmitigated disaster. Sad truth is that the EU has conceded nothing and has massively gained the upper hand. Britain is haemorrhaging sovereignty in this 'deal' and the usual suspects on here will celebrate it as a victory. Furthermore, Britain is seriously undermining it's own position by provisionally accepting this 'deal'. It was always going to be this case. Folk just chose to, and still do, believe that Britain was a powerhouse in 1918 and must therefore be so in 2018. I think the British politico will find themselves feeling very alone in the world of geopolitics for at least a generation. All to appease some bigots, zealots and willy wavers in the Tory party. This phyrric victory won't sit well with 'proud' tourists and expats as we'll be the butt of jokes for very long time in Europe and elsewhere. How very embarrassing. In the end Brexit will be a damp squib or terminated. Regardless, this exercise will be forever referred to the history books as perhaps the most egregious political miscalculation and disastrous exercise in statecraft ever undertaken by an advanced democratic state. It's Suez on steroids.
  8. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-11-15/vauxhall-owner-is-said-to-consider-closing-a-factory-post-brexit Strong and stable.
  9. Hmmm. No. How about modifying the system into one that works better for society... and not purposely salting the earth with such a radical step change. This is Britain.. the worlds oldest and most stable democracy. We're not a banana republic, although some of you seem to want to turn it into one.
  10. What the heck are you on about? Since when are we a '"so called prosperous" nation? Feck sakes boys...
  11. Leave England and Leave Wales won their votes. They also got Brexit. What is there to discredit?
  12. Leavers should be magnanimous in their collective victory. This is exactly what they voted for.
  13. Not directly brexit.... but... https://amp.theguardian.com/environment/2018/nov/15/uk-backup-power-subsidies-illegal-european-court-capacity-market
  14. What a glorious headline.. https://www.thedailybeast.com/theresa-mays-government-in-death-spiral-over-brexit-deal-after-key-resignations?ref=scroll
  15. https://nordic.businessinsider.com/ubs-uk-recession-after-no-deal-brexit-2018-11?r=US&IR=T& Indeed. This is a complete sideshow. Kill Brexit and get the UK back on top of the league tables.
  16. You're very self deluded. Fire on fishing vessels? I'm an ex-navy man. And horses1t on your hard-on for war in Europe. You sir are an utter fool.
  17. Not sure that is new news. https://www.offshoreenergytoday.com/reuters-conocophillips-eyeing-north-sea-fields-sale/ (May 2018)
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