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  1. Did your google searches state that folk who voted leave and lose their job as businesses flee still get the dole?
  2. Perhaps its just to get your very real down payment into their pocket before they're off bilking the next fool.
  3. More "Make America Great Again" hats on more fat American tourists visiting London?
  4. Catholics have more children than do Protestants. It's a game against the clock for the Unionists up there.
  5. I don't think it was 'horribly complicated'.... Scotland has a differing system and it works just fine. I think your interpretation of it may be horribly complicated.
  6. I put that link up earlier... its not good for the UK citizen. Brexit is the opportunity that big VC has been waiting decades for... an advanced economy to go into meltdown and force the hands of the politico to soften or abolish long standing policy on environmental and corporate liability. It's the worst of all scenarios... that has been forecast of course.
  7. Scotland didn't. Northern Ireland didn't. Gibraltar didn't. We did nothing actually. No trade deal of this magnitude would ever happen in this timeframe; especially when you consider economy of scale of markets. And I think you'll find that people like German cars because they are hands down the best in market. Nothing's going to change that. Your overly optimistic and simplistic take on it is what drove similarly minded people like you to vote leave. Even our much demised Prime Minister understands it and has concocted this half-baked deal to try and save her political legacy.
  8. Referendums should be simple, single issue questions and work on things like... AV voting for example. Or should we tax this for that amount, or the other thing? Do we want to change our flag to this or that? Brexit was going to fail from day one. It was black and white masking 1000's shades of grey. Impossible to implement without damaging (obvious now) the UK, and without due diligence from the state in terms of pro's and con's. FFS. Even now the government won't release it's own impact studies!!! Further, Parliament is sovereign, not the people. How much of a waste of time and energy has this whole Brexit debacle been? It's a lot.. not idea on how to quantify it. In a hard Bexit it will be peanuts compared to the damages that Britain will incur indefinitely.
  9. I've got some civil engineer types in my social circle who work for some local builders in the NE, in design and project management roles. They really recommend NOT buying anything from you know who and the other local brand names. They state the failings in engineering parlance... such as how minuscule the factors of safety are for structural members, or how unfit for purpose X material is in Y application. That kind of stuff. Cheapest of cheap crud, bordering on violation of building codes & regs kind of stuff. All gets passed because people are just thick and greedy. And will keep going on as builders never get their comeuppance in the UK. Profits? They are sickening. Like 1:4 or 1:6 depending on the build and financing deals the builders strike up.... ie: 1 house built and sold covers all the costs of four to six to follow... which are pure profit. Ask a tradesman about it... they routinely put in gear that has been languishing in some dodgy bonded warehouse for years because it was non-compliant or faulty for one reason or another. Builder buys up this crap for pennies and flogs it at market rate. Or ask a decorator what they are paid to hide. I think this is a UK wide problem really.
  10. Yes. And the referendum was advisory. Who's going to put on the big boy/girl pants and state this at the dispatch box though?
  11. Apparently with heaps of room temperature cider? Not sure how else anyone leave or remain can get behind this crap deal. There's no friends in geopolitics... https://www.thetimes.co.uk/edition/news/spain-rocks-the-boat-with-demand-for-brexit-veto-over-gibraltar-gt8fdnx2l Talk about having a gun to your head. It's Spain's way or you crash your economy in a Hard Brexit scenario.... not predictable at all. /s Then the DUP from the other end... And turncoat comrade Corbyn... Utter clusterfvck. All this was forecast and poo poo'd repeatedly by the hardline Brexit brigade.
  12. https://www.desmog.co.uk/2018/11/18/matthew-sarah-elliott-uk-power-couple-linking-us-libertarians-and-fossil-fuel-lobbyists-brexit Interesting and entirely predictable.
  13. Just to add, not sure how to edit.. that source above is a tad crap... but this is the mindset in the USA. The fact that this gets written shows a typical right wing Yank view on Britain.
  14. From across the pond... https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/editorials/brexits-in-trouble-the-us-can-help We're making fools of ourselves.
  15. Devil will be in the details. That contract probably doesn't hold water... or at least it shouldn't.
  16. Except she has das pipe und drum (DUP) brigade with their finger on the nuclear button, as it were. The UK held to ransom by a group of zealots with very questionable ethics wagging the dog. Proper game of thrones stuff.
  17. The EU27 won't budge. That's been very clear.. and mind that this draft legislation is an EU one. Paying to be a non-voting member perhaps in-perpetuity is not a palatable Brexit for a leave or remain voter. And correct. There is no better alternative than the status quo. This is BRINO, the worst of all outcomes. Having the UK stay; perhaps acting on Britain's own exceptional clauses and uniqueness in the current set of EU legislation... with a Vote and Veto power is far superior to this dogs dinner. Rights and powers we've had, and failed to act upon? Further, this just adds to the air of uncertainty. Who's going to be lining up to invest in a Britain that can't offer stability within it's own borders? Ultimately... the citizens of the UK have a government who failed them. Shambolic.
  18. Yeah. Pretty much. There's no money in building cars if you can't get them out the door on fat financing deals. Probably half of car makers are selling on low single digit positive or negative to very negative margins.. Telsa being the worst IIRC.
  19. What's the big deal? Aren't you a Brexit leaver? What was the point of Brexit if this 'deal'... which is crap... manages to get parliamentary approval? Where is the net benefit? I don't see any.
  20. Let's be clear here. From the draft legislation... This is absolutely bonkers for the UK to accept it these terms. Absolutely shambolic. Brexit on these terms is a political blunder beyond any other before... factors of scale blunders!
  21. I saw this article too; however, a few percentage does not constitute anything remotely close to a 'crash'. A bit of a blip due to the political uncertainty of Brexit, especially in and around London... where there is a real risk of a bad Brexit crashing the city... it's understandable surely?
  22. No mention of 'supply' or 'over-supply' in the pj. I wonder why that is?
  23. That would work fine if you enforced a parallel system whereby at a certain age people had to legally stop working... or you end up with it all bunged up like it is now.
  24. Hmm. I've worked with a fair few 3rd tier shippers in the Med running between Africa and Europe. They've got a constant outflow of cash to pay off career stowaways which usually ends up around a few hundred to a few thousand USD per head. A pay-off will will actually attract more 'immigrants' and become huge PR disaster for the UK politico... so no... that's not a good idea simon49. Not at all. We're not shengen and everybody is checked in... we don't have the cash or political capital to enforce our immigration policy now, then, or in the future. Brexit won't do jack squat for immigration. In fact, it may just accelerate it.
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