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  1. 37 minutes ago, crouch said:

    I said no deal is the default; I didn't say that's what would happen. I think what is far more likely is that we try to extend Article 50 as any "new" deal would obviously have to be renegotiated.

    Personally I'm in favour of no deal; a clean break and save £39bn.

    But you won't get a 'no deal' and it was never the default.

    The deal on the table is a result of 2+ years of negotiation.... and it's absolutely terrible.

    There is no other 'deal' coming.

    It's hard Brexit or no Brexit.

    Hard brexit crashes the UK economy.

    You kamikaze Brexit nutters are always a joy.

  2. 40 minutes ago, GrizzlyDave said:

    Well imagine there are the following;

    Scots who want to remain in UK and remain EU

    Scots who want to remain in UK but leave the EU

    Scots who want to leave the UK but remain in the EU

    Scots who want to leave the EU and leave the UK.

    I think you guys forget...

    Scotland already went through all this h0rsesh1t.

    Nothing will further Scottish independence more than having the union disintegrate because of Brexit.

    So don't think you can understand the mindset of the true northerners.

    Queue all the nasty comment, especially by the resident self hating Scots on this forum.

  3. 2 minutes ago, Dorkins said:

    Of course WTO Brexit is an option. It is clearly defined, legally feasible, does not require the EU to offer something it will never offer and about 20% of the electorate wants it. So let's put it in front of the voters and let them decide.

    So is jumping off the Cliffs of Dover holding a cannon ball.

    Can't see this happening despite all the rhetoric from you kamikaze Brexit freaks.

    It would be the most damaging and embarrassing action of a democratic country in the modern age.

  4. 3 minutes ago, Dorkins said:

    Leave voters would be free to give their 1st preference to WTO Brexit and not indicate a 2nd and 3rd if they really can't decide. Equally rejoiners could refuse to choose between EFTA and WTO. The STV system would still work.

    WTO option crashes the UK economy, puts the country to a standstill, rations it and puts the army on the streets. People will die because of it.

    It is not an option.

  5. 6 minutes ago, crouch said:

    With immigration you may well be right but we will at least notionally be able to control our own borders whereas now we have no control. I prefer notional control to no control.

    You like most Remainers fail to realise that the EU  is in decline and that the ROW  is growing much more quickly.

    I'm not a "remainer you" muppet. Nor am I a leaver.

    I've travelled much of the world with work, military and in education.

    Every single time I enter or leave the UK my passport is scanned. Every. Single. Time.

    We are certainly the one of the, if not the most, technologically adept nations in terms of domestic and foreign surveillance, intelligence gathering and data analytics.

    Why is it that the UK government hasn't been enforcing it's own immigration policies?

    Brexit won't change any of that. 

    The EU with the UK as a member is in decline... if that's the case.

  6. 2 minutes ago, GrizzlyDave said:

    Feck me. Can you work out from your own text why you are so patronising.

    I don’t need to defend Britain’s excellence in STEM, that is all of historical record.

    I offer a positive vision for the UK but remoaners just want death by a thousand cuts.

    Our domestic STEM graduates are on the wain grizz, have been for ages.

    Our kids are way down the league tables on the core fundamentals of mathematics & physics (for engineers). Can't speak for those in medical, but the media doesn't paint a good picture for the UK in that respect.

    This is a problem that may take a generation or two to fix... with successive governments who is willing to sacrifice soft skills for STEM core fundamentals.

    Further, putting up barriers and making for a hostile environment will not attract skilled workers, lecturers, researchers and outside investment to the same degree.

    Surely you can agree wit that.

  7. 2 minutes ago, crouch said:

    All this is about trade offs. It's not just about JIT systems in the car industry.

    Economically there will be hiccups and they will last for quite some time in my view but we will hopefully be able to control (not stop) immigration and to strike trade deals on our own account and we will not e subject to the ECJ. People forget that our trade with the EU has been in decline for years; it's fallen from around 54% to 44% and the ROW is growing much faster. The EU is a protectionist bloc.

    That's never going to happen. Immigration isn't going to wain because of Brexit. Just swap one flavour of immigrant for the other.

    The EU is a protectionist bloc that the UK is currently a member of, and nobody has put forward a sound argument as to how being outside of this block is a net benefit to the UK.

    You like most Brexiteers fail to realise how much of this ROW trade depends on free flow of goods and services with the 'bloc'.

  8. 11 minutes ago, GrizzlyDave said:

    My point is that bending tin to make cars can be done anywhere by anyone.

    By working hard at school and college you unlock the potential to be an engineer.

    Engineers take these great ideas developed by ‘centres of excellence’ and turn them into cutting edge reality.

    This turns the UK into an expert, trail blazer. So business comes from around the world knocking on our door.

    Yet you refer to a Swedish innovation....

    And yes... we're good at some things but do not operate in a vacuum.

    As far as innovation goes for technology... can you identify from your own text what makes the UK an innovative country?

    Further, when you can make cars anywhere but the UK because we are economically hindered by an unstable political environment... is this a positive outcome?

    We're drifting further and further away from being able to be domestically innovative and competitive grizz...

    This Brexit is going to drive people to be innovative in self preservation as the state's focus will be elsewhere.

  9. 5 minutes ago, Confusion of VIs said:

    I hope not, if they have something has gone badly wrong. 

    They should have been provided with and read/understood a briefing paper setting out how well  the final text meets their strategic aims and details of key risks/plus available mitigations. 

    Who says the EU are wanting to sign it lickity split several states have reservations about it being overly favoursble to the UK and are requesting changes.

    Barnier will want it signed off ASAP because that's his job.

    This draft WA is an EU document...

  10. 5 minutes ago, GrizzlyDave said:


    Our future is not in rolling and pressing sheet steel into car bodies. It’s in pioneering leading edge engineering such as what the Swedes are doing;


    Huh? Grizz... we've already got heaps of privately owned centres for excellence for the automotive industry in the UK.

    What point are you trying to make here?

  11. 4 minutes ago, crouch said:

    Does the car industry have 7 million jobs in the UK? Also all of this is dependent on accommodation reached by individual firms. With a 95bn adverse trade balance with the EU who is going to be anxious to make such accommodations - us or the EU?

    This is an event which will last a long time; I can't tell what will happen next month but you appear to think that 7 million jobs will disappear in a puff of smoke.

    And more like stroke of a pen.

    Hiccups in a supply chain will shut down production.

    Brexit is going to introduce a lot of hiccups.

    What's your take it then? How do we keep the status quo for manufacturing?

    We can certainly push the defence manufacturing industry, a likely benefactor of all this crap.

    Is this the road the UK wants to go down? Soft on environment? Soft on corporate corruption? Morals out the window? More immigration from non EU nations? More dodgy trade with despots?

    The EU27 aren't going to concede anything and now have their fingers on the nuclear option.

    All it takes is a delay attributed with just one party and we're in a Hard Brexit situation, utterly up sh1t creek.

    Brexit is not unilateral.



  12. 2 minutes ago, Dave Beans said:

    If/once the UK falls out of the JIT & services environments (manufacturing, aerospace, food manufacturing, haulage and so on) will indeed be at a massive disadvantage..They will go..

    Here's the general thinking of Prof. Minford... https://brexitcentral.com/author/patrick-minford/

    Many industries in the categories you suggest run on thin to razor thin margins. Some even negative with respect to their manufacturing base, which has an uplift in the finance side of things.

    There is absolutely zero chance that the EU27 will give allow proviso for Britain to get an economic advantage as part of this deal or any deal, or any exit scenario.


  13. 2 minutes ago, Dave Beans said:


    Let's get some clarity here.

    Britain's nationalised industries generally never had the constraints of being motivated by profit. Good old Labour governments.

    Coal ended because of the legacy costs from nationalisation, reduced availability of domestic higher calorific value stock, the UK's electrical policy and more importantly due to global market forces.

    Steel pretty much the same. Big fat former state owned behemoths who were noncompetitive. Perhaps good quality, but not cost efficient.

    The car industry runs as lean as any, is highly efficiency and is being threatened by imposing on it undo politically motivated constraints.

    Simple numbers. If you run an noncompetitive business model you are doomed.

    Brexit in all senses is going to turn a lot of the UK into an noncompetitive environment.

    What is the professor man talking about exactly in a 30 second clip? Where's the rest.

  14. 18 minutes ago, Dorkins said:

    I think in the referendum the people voted for the UK to stop being an EU member state and to get free ice cream on Friday afternoons. I heard it discussed on a constitutionally irrelevant radio programme so it must be true. There can be no further discussion on this topic, anybody who wants to discuss the details of what happens to the UK in addition to ceasing to be an EU member state is a remoaner traitor trying to subvert the will of the people.

    Traitor? Haha.

    Those that have historically railed against fascism were labelled that too before summarily executed.

    Will of the Scottish people too?

    Brexit hasn't happened yet.

    If TM does the unspeakable are you going to pry yourself away from your computer and go fight the establishment?

    You extreme Brexit nutters are amusing. Constant source comedy gold.



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