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  1. Yep. Much more so when you consider that we're going to be deferring to everybody else's courts for arbitration. Brexit is a cruel joke for the leavers.
  2. Perhaps switch to TED talks if you want to see people 'attack the argument'? Or join Toastmasters? JRM while erudite and eloquent is a self serving piece of sh1t with a twisted agenda and cares not what's best for Britain; just whats best for JRM and his inner circle of toffs.
  3. Well, I'd argue that we're actually going to increase immigration. FWIW I have said this since the beginning of this exercise.
  4. Guffaw. What? His public speaking skills are of a high calibre, nobody will argue that I recon... however... you lot must exist in an alternate universe or smoke too much wacky backy.
  5. How many have I run into during my world stint in O&G where each pay packet was a lottery win? Plenty. When they fall out of work and they don't have connections or genuinely in-demand cross market skills and ability they are fecked. The recruiters I know have databases bursting at the seams with said personnel and very few options for the careerists of O&G. The excess of this industry has moulded a generation of 'experienced personnel' who are light on ability, have little to no accountability and who have been repeatedly rewarded for failure. Nature of the beast.
  6. Who knows. I suggest that even the most stalwart Brexit zealots did not vote to accept all these negatives, especially now as we see there are actually NO positive outcomes.. with a caveat that if you are extremely well off financially and have connections you'll be able to profit and flourish off of your fellow citizens misery. Britain is going to haemorrhage domestic talent. Permanently. This will establish a trend far worse than the 70's era brain drain. Bright young people are going to up sticks to follow the money and work; exacerbating long standing labour issues resulting with increasing immigration to fill the void. Further, folk of all races, creeds and religion will be looking to escape the toxic atmosphere of Brexit Britain. It's ugly and turning the nation into a tinderbox of rage. It's unleashed a wave of right wing bigotry I never thought I'd experience as an adult living here. Folk are rightfully upset. Westminster is far more dangerous and damaging than British society has been willing to accept.
  7. Are you sure about that? I'm tentatively calling BS on that one with you. By your posts I'm going to say you're as far from Unitarian as can be. Same for most of you hard brexit nuts. However; the UK has had ample opportunity and legislative authority to control immigration. It hasn't. It won't. Stop blaming the EU. 100% Westminster and British problem. Don't let them get away with this.. and it looks ever more like they won't.
  8. Except you can't pick and choose when you have freedom of moment as a central tenet of a political and economic union. Stepping back a bit.. it's the non-European immigrants who are creating most of the 'outrage' here in the UK. Westminster is 100% at fault here and people are rightly angry, but at the wrong actors. FFS. We can't even police British people effectively, let alone European citizens and non-European immigrants amongst us. Brexit is a freaking sideshow. I hope it dies soon and we can shift focus on those mongrels in Westminster.
  9. Anybody calling for a return to boom days can test their meddle and invest in Aberdeen and NE Scotland. If folk believe there is a career's worth left in the basin and it will sustain their lifestyle and property investment, quids in. Point was the town barometer has been and is inextricably linked to the oil price.
  10. Yes it is a nostalgic exercise, albeit an extremely flawed one. "take BACK control" Britain is very good at hindsight. Foresight.... not so much when you can't project power. We've got more recorded history of everything than does any other nation. A visit to the various copyright libraries in Oxford is a real eye opener. Same goes for the national archives. Yep. It's nostalgia driven. Call it what you will. I'm not knocking leavers. Some valid points are raised, but the net benefit is negative to very negative. Not worth it.
  11. Trump is an opportunist and rewards those who are fellow opportunists, and of course sycophants... as his ego can't tolerate dissent. On Brexit... Having the UK test out the 'Brexit' pool whilst having Mr Trump in power was perhaps the worst case of timing in politics ever (paraphrasing Trump). We're at this late and embarrassing stage after having effectively told the world that we've gone on instinct and not even done some cursory risk assessments.
  12. Platitudes IMHAL. Hollow political point scoring platitudes with perhaps a few aphorisms here and there. Easy meaningless phrases for thickos to rally behind. Perhaps they are engineered as such as they fit on the front page of the nations rags?
  13. Steady on... https://www.nasdaq.com/markets/crude-oil-brent.aspx
  14. And if we don't, how many tins of beans have you got stored up in your loft? You can use them to celebrate Exit Brexit.
  15. Won't be voted down mate. It will be withdrawn. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-northern-ireland-46293736 Brexit ain't never going to happen because of NI.
  16. You obviously have zero notion of why this trade 'imbalance' exists. Presumably you've have inferred that is a bad thing from a ballot. Where do you guys get this comedy gold from? I need to do some one liners at a speaking session in a few weeks.
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