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  1. 'Allo, I'm-a Giuseppe I got-a something special-a for you, ready? Uno, duo, tre, quatro! ...
  2. Yes, some of what you wrote is partially correct. However, what I wrote is not rubbish. I strongly encourage you to look into it yourself.
  3. Or anything for that matter. Big pharma is just as guilty. In real time we see this with Brexiteers; they've manipulated both research and funding to set a beneficial narrative .
  4. We've stabbed too many people in the back to get a unanimous consent. Speaking of courts... http://www.cityam.com/270037/court-short-brexit-loosen-uks-legal-grip Every part of Brexit is a bad idea for the UK. How many leave puppets are going to go out and kick up a stink when they can't get the medicine for their crippling diabetes?
  5. No politician wants to sign off on any Brexit that weakens Britain; tthey all will. Every day of this sh1tshow bring us closer to the inevitable... Brexit being scrapped. TM's 4d chess game seems to be working.
  6. QT just packs the audience full of complete muppets, plants and folk that should probably be institutionalised somewhere under medication. That audience could pretty much be the 90% of Brexit leave nutjobs that frequent this thread and website. What a bunch of morons. However, Mike does presents a very nice counter-argument with FACTS and is not relying on the ignorance of the mob.
  7. Green energy in Britain isn't sustainable. Brexit is a sideshow compared to the awful state of affairs with forward energy planning. None of this has anything to do with immigrants. Lay off the conspiracy websites macca13...
  8. Or when your pay packet comes from an employer who relies on JIT for their business model to be profitable... like what is the case for millions of Brits?
  9. I don't understand what your point is? They claim they will support some of the other companies costs at the time of DECOM... likely by whatever contract they've struck and in compliance with OSPAR? ... and that whatever the costs are it is highly probable that 70% will be a taxpayer burden? (or more) One thing to note; the role of fishermen in the DECOM process as they are stakeholders. Might make for some interesting debate in the near future.
  10. Perhaps so... in your case it is poorly executed JIT then. https://www.carmagazine.co.uk/features/car-culture/two-born-every-minute-inside-nissans-sunderland-factory-car-february-2016/ ^ For example.... a British example for you. Two cars a minute. You have poor JIT and that will stall a production line and turn the already marginal profits in automotive manufacturing negative. Then the plant closes. And all the people lose their jobs, forever.
  11. You're convinced. I'm not. I'm an engineer and look at things in terms of physical properties, practicality and financial feasibility. I work in the renewables sector too; so lets not label me as being anti-environment. Power plants create thermo-electricity, cars have mass and acceleration, chemistry relies on materials... etc...I don't know what you're on about with the bold bit. You're focusing too much on the ethical debate I think. Britain is very far removed from an 'environmentally friendly' nation. I assure you of that despite all the government catch phrases. Until EV cars are standardised, particularly in the battery, this EV exercise won't work and will bottle up problems. It's GREEN WASHING, sorry to disappoint.
  12. Huh? So you're advocating that efficiency and waste reduction are immoral and environmental unsound? What? You appear to be conflating ethics, process and economics. Sure... you can source locally. Is it sustainable? Not in Britain it isn't. You seem old enough with some of your posts to have lived through the privatisation. Britain was burying itself a nice grave until it wizened up and let the free market run things. Perhaps that may diverge from your sense of ethics but the alternative was untenable and we'd be a mere shadow of ourselves now. I assure you that JIT is under constant review grizz and is ethically sound.
  13. What the heck dude? JIT... fundamentals... essentially the process of continual improvement and optimisation. How is this like debt? Is there anything you Brexit nuts won't rubbish? You very obviously don't have a scooby... Wonderful thing this internet though, gives you loonies a voice. Go educate yourself, here, something from Cambridge to start. https://www.ifm.eng.cam.ac.uk/research/dstools/jit-just-in-time-manufacturing/
  14. Britain attempting to operate on a strictly WTO basis in untenable. It would destroy us, overnight. Remember folks... businesses are either under NDA's or have rightfully chosen to start their disinvestments from the UK quietly and in the shadows. If it were any other way you'd have TM et al. out trumpeting the successes of having ACME or whatever big name, internationally trading employer coming on board. Their silence SHOULD concern you. A lot.
  15. The EU hasn't operated in a vacuum though. Folk are very ignorant of Britain's role and influence throughout it's membership in the EU. I'll argue that you'll be very able assess the effect of Britain outside of the EU. It'll be an overnight sensation... just not a good or cool one. Don't you people have children? Are objectively thinking about their futures when you hang ten on the anti-EU propaganda wave?
  16. Speaking of crashing... I presume that most here are keeping their eyes on the very volatile crude price... including Brent. https://www.nasdaq.com/markets/crude-oil-brent.aspx As in the massive movement in price downwards with no bottom in sight. I'm sure folk working in the business will be watching margins disappearing or dipping into the red again; same with cash flows. https://www.bloombergquint.com/charts/brent-crude-posts-its-worst-monthly-loss-in-a-decade Those calling for a return to good times had better re-run their figures. This volatility is great for vultures though...
  17. No. Had it have 'swung the other way' as you put it,you'd have Farage and the ERG mouthpieces blackmailing the UK into further referendums. So... There is no consensus amongst the UK. Much less than 50% of the constituent UK provinces/states voted remain. The real Captain Kirk would be disappointed with you...
  18. Well.... what about the notions she's actually playing a well engineered 4d chess game on Brexiteers with the view that she can paint a narrative whereby Leavers will woefully accept a No Brexit option? It's all been smoke and mirrors; the UK has been hoodwinked pretty much constantly pre-referendum and without CONSENSUS the UK is headed into uncharted and dangerous waters. The lack of clarity and facts "should" be turning peoples attention toward our own government. However... this Brexit... it's such an institutionalised belief system for leavers now.. they have been guzzling ERG et al. killer kool-aid vicariously for several years now. Gaslighting 101
  19. I'm a Chartered Engineer with decades experience across many sectors; manufacturing, services, military and academia to name a few. Further, I've worked around the world and have experienced first hand the impairments to manufacturing & business process as a result of erecting physical or legislative borders. Your statement is absolutely correct. The caveat is that it will all trundle along just fine if you can somehow convince everybody in the game to pay more; perhaps with a very large stick... such as with a petro-currency. Good luck otherwise. In any Brexit scenario there are going to be serious repercussions to the vast majority of manufacturing industries.
  20. Care to explain the rationale behind this? What is it about the common market that has negatives for you and your family? And what powers have been 'given' away and to whom? It's very likely that what you write is demonstratively false.
  21. Well, it's not easy to emigrate to any 'favoured' country... certainly not as much as it was. If you're planning on it because you are on the losing end in Britain chances are you're not getting anywhere in the Commonwealth, Europe or USA beyond a short spell as a tourist. You're stuck and even more so after a 'Brexit'. This exercise is really going to limits options for young Brits and their anger will rightfully grow. On Australia... too feckin hot and full of misogynistic rednecks. No thanks.
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