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  1. Two quarters of risk aversion.. to factor Brexit uncertainty... by lenders is nothing. Just a blip.
  2. That's not happening any time soon IMO. Local scale is fine if you live in a biodome.. like Eden project? Do away with all forms of personal motor transport in busy cities IMO, or at least heavily disincentivise it. Get this fat unhealthy nation walking & cycling.
  3. i) the areas of the planet with the greatest and most consistent irradiance are also likely to be very corrupt politically ii) how? we're talking as wealthy first world inhabitants... our position in the world is because we harvest materials and dump crap on 2nd and 3rd world countries. Do we jackboot them into compliance? I'm for solar and nuclear, wind is nice and topical... it also is my industry for now... but the future is nuclear... after the age of oil. Fact is that whatever we do in the UK has very little significance on this big world. Yes, it helps... a bit... but in the bigger picture.. no. Shipping creates more CO2 on an annualised basis, and the UK is getting better at reducing footprint. USA/China/India collectively outproduce CO2 by a factor of ~ 20-1.... and in my line of work 5% is an insignificant number and normally ignored as an acceptable margin of error. I'm all for innovation.. just not keen on very efficient and deceptive marketing.. also include social engineering here... our 'green' tax burden now and in the future is not acceptable by analysis of the facts. There is nothing 'green' about electric cars... just clever marketing... and I'm a man who loves his gadgets and has a lot of letters after his name.
  4. On the CO2 thing... this is not a new development. CO2 + 2 H+ + 2 e− → CO + H2O 2 H2O(l) → 2 H2(g) + O2(g) Nothing complicated about that... in principle... What would be 'new' is the catalyst and systems to mass-process the electrochemical reduction in an energy and financially efficient way.
  5. TTP is a dogs dinner compared to what we currently have in the common market. So is CANZUK and all the other baloney you lot spout on here.
  6. Spare us the crocodile tears. Irrespective of the broker's statements... her solicitor should have made that patently clear during the conveyancing process. Further, she could have at any time contacted her bank for clarity.
  7. Perhaps a different business model is required? Maybe take a page from Rolls Royce... who sell 'power by the hour'... not engines. https://www.rolls-royce.com/media/press-releases-archive/yr-2012/121030-the-hour.aspx (old press release, but explains my point somewhat)
  8. Nice one... it's a subscription piece... entitled "Is Manhattan on the edge of a prime housing precipice?" which most visitors here can't read.
  9. Naw. Social media has much more to do with modern age first world unhappiness than does the size of your gaff.
  10. I don't know if I'd label Dyson an 'electronics' manufacturer. Yes, they (Musk/Dyson) are both innovative. Tesla's 'killer' will be Elon... the brand may prevail as a niche and expensive premium car, but he's less an asset and more a liability now. I wonder if he will go full on McAfee for crazy? Your claim about the 'current leader'... might want to fact check that. It wont be (too) long before a 'proper' standardisation of charging technology at some point... plugs, voltages, etc... It's a bad joke how much variation there is in the 'network' you're on about. Further, that future standardisation will create headaches for current cars on their resale.
  11. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2018-10-09/u-s-is-said-to-mull-blocking-u-k-from-global-procurement-pact
  12. Or they will become like high street mobile phone 'jailbreakers' who release you (illegally) from your obligation to sort out maintenance and repairs from only 'authorised' service points. Look to what boll0x our farmers are dealing with... beholden to the black box bullcrap with their tractors and heavy equipment. It won't get any better... and with snakes like Dyson entering the fold... Further... there is the inherent danger in meddling with very sophisticated control systems... you've got 80 MJ ++ of stored energy that can potentially release in one of these modern batteries... very quickly. I can see a huge legal battle on the horizon dealing with 'jailbreaking', servicing, insurance and licencing.
  13. I challenged a rather incorrect view on why renting was expensive.. The investment was a 'good option' because people were incentivised to rent out property... that is the 'real increase'. The government has pulled out every stopper to get folk privately renting and release the state of fiscal accountability of housing its citizens. This applies to renting to social housing benefit recipients, non-EU immigrants, EU citizens (not migrants), students, and the genuinely poor & underemployed people not receiving benefits. Did I miss anybody? (air BnB too I guess) Seeing as we're about to (apparently) not be EU citizens for much longer we can call them migrants.. march 2019. So... it is not freedom of movement which created a 'real increase'... it is the UK government.... 100% at fault here. (+an extra 25% for Brits being so genetically greedy)
  14. I very much doubt what you're saying based on the mileage you've quoted (~60k/five years)... using equivalent 2018 model ICE car... and your seemingly very low electricity tariff! 5 p/kwh???? Average in UK is like 12.5 p/kwh... and nearer 17 p/kwh for service stations... and some at 25 p/kwh for some rapid chargers. Horses for courses we're talking about £1000 per year running cost difference... or about 2/3 to 3/4 of that based on the 'average' tariff... if you're not slow charging at home on your very fortunate rates. And let's not forget that the electric cars are NOW except from fuel duties... which will not always be the case. So your lease costs differ around £50-80/month... does that check with your 'extra' cost statement? The Honda... that to me is higher end of the market of 'budget' leasing surely?
  15. That's a big IF. What happens if people are incentivised to rent property? There are far too many if's where the buck does NOT stop at Bogdan's doorstop. And let's not forgo the fact that categorically... EU immigration has been beneficial for the UK's coffers, the populace, and the UK's standing in the world. I don't give a crap what bigoted folk have to say. Haters gonna hate. BTW you're speaking inductive reasoning I guess... I am not.
  16. You're still full of crap there buddy. I suppose "EU immigrints" caused all of the UK's woes, right? Including your ability to interpret data?
  17. Only a few years to go to validate? I take it you are leasing... what's the lease cost? Of course we all realise similarly sized and kitted out ICE cars are much much cheaper than a Nissan Leaf right?
  18. So you're telling me that the life-cycle maintenance and service requirements of EV cars is 'well' documented.. good thing I can fact check you.... because it isn't beyond some decent academic modelling exercises which are published in pretty decent journals.. and top secret locked inside of the car makers vaults. Anything else will just be 90% marketing blurbs. FYI a lot of the academic studies are flawed because of data availability. And that EV's are 'significantly simpler'? Sheesh pal. You're not easily impressed are you?
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