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  1. If the report is coming from the UK.gov you can guarantee that any figures are fudged by roughly a factor of four. Probably more like 12-16% unemployment and 0.8-1.5% wage growth.
  2. What is more miraculous is that he's still alive... his quality of life must be terrible despite what some see as financial success. He's very overweight and no doubt plagued with the negative health consequences of it, plus dealing with all the stress of being heavily indebted to banks and having to administer over heaps of tenants. I wouldn't wish his email inbox or answering machine on anyone... just filled with the collective ball-ache of folk complaining en-masse. What happened to retiring and enjoying your end of life in peace?
  3. Better question is to ask why a generation was able to buy houses when those before and after couldn't.
  4. Lets be clear here.. the title of the OP's thread was "UK sets out a plan to become the world leader in electric vehicles".. from a US based news outlet. The 'meat' of the aricle is based on : https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-launches-road-to-zero-strategy-to-lead-the-world-in-zero-emission-vehicle-technology What we know... Electric cars are selling but at a premium over ICE. Pollution is a problem yes. The UK is a net contributor yes. Our contribution to the world is an order of magnitude smaller than the other big ones combined, so whatever we do in the UK is small change. Industry, military, aviation, et al.. they all continue to get free passes in terms of 'green' operating costs... The costs of EV are very subjective because folk are simply not looking at the ENTIRE cost of life-cycle... further they ignore the costs to the taxpayer... all the public sector funds (grants) handed over which IMO could be used for actual green projects. The UK is not supporting green, rather, supporting green-wash; end of support for onshore wind and solar subsidy, ended zero carbon homes, sold green investment bank, fracking the heck out of the midlands and north, closing the RO, rescinding hydrid and EV car subsidy even. The UK is not on target to meet its carbon targets (2023-2032) and the renewable sector is in trouble because of the confusing mess the government is leaving them in. Further, there are some serious problems in renewables which in time will come to light... which I will not discuss here. Some of you are entirely too focused on smaller details.. and ignoring the big picture. I find stalwart EV supporters to be a nice lot; generally well educated and parsimonious, but very much blinkered to bordering on brainwashed... you rabbit on about them like cult members do, or those in mlm. EV cars are not green. They are innovative, yes. When they become an asset to the masses then yes, they may well cut down pollution if there is indeed green power generation to match. Otherwise you're all being played. I see no reason to believe any of the governments claims or EV car buyers apparent green credentials.
  5. No parliamentarian can identify a single net benefit to the UK from Brexit. None of you can either.
  6. Perhaps not. Perhaps so. Depends on subsidy, the government rule-book, society and economics. The current 'plan' will still not encourage a huge swathe of the population to convert to EV's... for many reasons... primarily being financial, then practicality... which I won't discuss as we'v ready spent pages on it. EV's will remain a premium item for those who are wanting to spend lots of money to have some kind of green 'cred'...
  7. How does that work then Bruce? Do we really want state minders at all levels?
  8. Meh. Communist state... the state will sort them out one way or another. Not news.
  9. Massive? Not really. If we're just talking on the accounts for EE benefits its probably on par with the brexit bus figure each week... however, its a rather pointless discussion unless you want to ignore the net benefits of having EEs here working, paying taxes, contributing to society and all that jazz. etc...
  10. Oh yeah... and this... https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/oct/12/scrapping-uk-grants-for-hybrid-cars-astounding-says-industry "The plug-in car grant, which since 2011 has knocked £4,500 off the purchase price of a brand new electric vehicle, will be cut in early November by £1,000, while incentives of £2,500 to buy new hybrid cars will be abolished altogether."
  11. Aye. There is absolutely no comparison whatever 'benefits' the ROI may or may not have received in the past decade compared to what old Blighty perpetrated on the Irish for eight centuries!
  12. I agree.. just have to pinch my nose when I go in to order one... That weird synthetic funk of their restaurants... the amalgam of smelly kids & sick, plastics, industrial cleaning products, processed meat/food & the chemical byproducts of cooking them, fat fryers, toilet, primark's best double-polyester chav track suit. What did I miss? But yes... good coffee... and sadly much better than my old.. old favourite of Tim Hortons...
  13. It is indeed, saying this as one with family in the Republic who get visited (not often enough).
  14. So what part of what I said is incorrect then? That there is a lot of research into conversion of CO2 into something useful as a 'fuel'... a lot of big names in academia and industry... and that the OP put up a post where some private interest claims they have a working solution? Is Bill Gates wrong to invest in this research for example? Are his team of scientists, research engineers & chemists advising him incorrectly?
  15. Awful place with very expensive and mass produced pseudo-french 'bakery' specialties... which generally taste like sh1te.... saying this as somebody who frequents Europe, including France, and loves off high street small family independent bakeries. I wouldn't miss them. Crap coffee too IMO. These sharks have displaced far to many local bakeries.
  16. The same people who from some reason have the notion that the UK can negotiate favourable trade deals without ceding some...or most likely a lot of 'sovereignty'. The same folk who don't understand that Brexit requires bi-lateral or multi-lateral arrangement(s).
  17. It's the only option Bruce. Or no Brexit. There is not middle ground... that was clear prior to the referendum if you were listening. And let's not for a minute think that this isn't a very well engineered event either... Hard brexit is exactly what a lot of well placed people will reap in big profits with. In the end Brexit won't fundamentally change anything for us little guys. I've said that and continue to believe: there will be a temporary blip here and there, but the continual sliding quality of life in the UK will steam on ahead. Sure it may create some shifts in domestic politics.. perhaps a new party or two.. but the same actors. If you haven't upped your game and created opportunities for yourself through education & training, investment.. and are hoping that the state will sort you out.. you're screwed. Nothing can change the mathematical truth that the demographics here are going wreck the UK's finances... and in due time the removal of rights to young people is going to bite this country in the a$$ in a big way.
  18. Just because they haven't been knicked... doesn't mean they won't be. Tax liabilities to HMRC can't be struck off either if you roll over into bankruptcy. There's a great deal of unpredictability in how the grey areas of the legislation can be interpreted.
  19. Contractors, or perhaps a good proportion of them are walking piggy banks... and HMRC knows this.
  20. As someone who works in the business, I can.. for at least a decade or two. There are problems in (some) of the current fleet of offshore WT's... which are not really in the public eye as of yet... failing blades & leaky monopiles for starters. Not without some jiggery pokery. See my post. Just how much (little) energy is used in getting this to work is the trillion dollar question.
  21. Ok, the broker is/was a scumbag.... however; ignorantia juris non excusat <- that's why we pay for solicitors!!!!
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