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  1. Recycling these high capacity batteries is a minefield of toxic crud and very energy intensive; nothing environmental at all about it. Governments need to sort this out big style legislatively before they keep incentivising folk into buying expensive EV's. The UK will just do what it always does... export the mess elsewhere. (Legislatively as is setting a standard for batteries for starters.) Certainly the money is not being invested sufficiently to establish a sustainable process to recycle them effectively and environmentally. A good interim solution would be to increase the costs of EV's set a hefty duty on charging to offset the future problems with landfills full of batteries. We're still a long way away from a working life-cycle solution for EV's.
  2. "Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake." Napoleon Bonaparte I think Labour... even with uncle fud (Corbyn) at the helm... are playing their cards well.
  3. Is it now? If you live in a bubble perhaps... but where are you getting your electrical energy from? If we're strictly talking efficiency here... the OVERALL efficiency of burning say... coal.. and getting power to the wheels of your EV is actually less than that of a dual cycle diesel.... for an EV it in mid 20% range... for a DC Diesel its in the mid 30% range. That is simple thermodynamics and electro-mechanical efficiency calculations as well. Not rocket science. What are you basing your statement on? Pollutants are the issue... the EV is a nacent market. Battery chemistry & recycling is still in development. Power plants create pollutants. UK energy mix is roughly 2/3 coal & gas... and coal and gas from where? Norway? Russia? Argentina? Wood pellets from USA? Pushing EV's en-masse just now is bonkers. It's fleecing the taxpayer by incentives to buyers, lining the pockets of the middle men, and creating a massive environmental problem probably to start rearing its head by 2020-ish (battery disposal). Who is going to be the un-lucky country that poisons its earth burying all the spent batteries? What is a better option is to incentivise people to NOT use personalised forms of motorised transport.... but good luck on that one. We're still a long way from a real solution for EV's. There needs to be a standard package... we can't have every automaker having variation in fundamental design. A standard as in an EU directive (bummer) which harmonises the battery and power conversion technologies for example. This is especially the case in batteries. Period. You lot need to stop spouting marketing gibberish.
  4. How much work are you getting when i can count more fingers on my hands than exploration wells in the basin?
  5. Brexiteers are going to use the word 'concession' a whole lot as the distressed party in pretty much all trade negotiations. That's not sovereignty you lot, that's obedience.
  6. Brext has put the Tory party and indeed the whole of Westminster in the untenable position of delivering a Brexit that will in every possible outcome be detrimental to the economic, political and social health of the UK. The sharks are circling and Theresa May knows it. As are the grave diggers. There is no net benefit to the UK with Brexit. Perhaps the best outcome will be the fervent Brexiteers scurrying back under their rocks in a few years, or perhaps even a few weeks after the Brexit damage toll starts to rise. Nobody voted for ALL treaties and trade deals to end March 19, 2019. In the end it will revert back to semi-normal, except with the UK a rule taker as noted on here many times. Meh.
  7. Indeed. Ask a French Canadian or displaced Acadians/Cajuns, or better yet the First Nations what they think of local their own British historical run-ins. The "Butchers Apron" moniker is well earned with Blighty's very bloody history and violent oppression in many, many countries.
  8. Let me borrow from David Cameron... Let me be clear... employment for statistical purposes qualifies as somebody who carries out at least 1 hour per week of paid work. Or something like that. So the numbers from UK.gov are totally fudged. Next it will be 1 hour per month, or once in a lifetime.
  9. Hit up your local university library for historic geology and fluvial flooding on your chosen area. No doubt they have it, and if not will be able to get you something. Shame that developers & councils don't do something as basic as this. They fvck it up all the time as bags on money seem to draw their gaze away from common sense.
  10. You weren't up here for the run up to the referendum were you? As in, living in Scotland? The sheer amount of threats and open faced aggression from Westminster & controlled media was palpable and steered the result to a predictable outcome. I don't for a minute believe that a slim vote to leave the UK would have been honoured by Westminster either. Not for one microsecond. It would have been stymied in the courts and held up in endless legal debate. Yet here's mainly England.. and Wales oddly, having had voted for the opposite mantra... under threats of what would happen if they stay in... millions of Turks, crime waves, health care, and whatever other bvllshit stoked you southerners into voting as you did. Bizarre.. and fascinating. It's so easy to mob rule. Far too easy.
  11. Oh man.... you have no idea what you're talking about. None whatsoever. That self determination of former colonies.. bloody mess (literally).
  12. It is 'cheaper' to buy/lease the hybrid and not charge it, just take the nice rebate and drive it like any other ICE. As someone somewhere said.. the current fleet of EV's are like a huge beta test which are oddly funded by the consumer... I tend to agree. That's genius marketing for you.
  13. Perhaps so... but this is short term stuff. You're basing your observation on what?... exploration & development drilling are down.. way down... such that new wells are not replacing those being decommissioned. You have to think in terms that majors do... 10, 15, 20+ year planning horizons... although I think planning anything over 10 years in the basin is a bit overly optimistic. As should anybody wanting to buy into Aberdeen housing, right? Even with cost cutting measures the North Sea is still one of, if not the, highest cost basins. The (new) PE players who have bought up ageing major assets are here for quick profits, whereby they'll abandon ship. Further, there is a continuing trend to move out of the NE of Scotland because of costs. And of course... everybody is aware of the £30, 40, 60, 80 billion??.. mostly taxpayer funded decommissioning liabilities. It is also running very lean... and if your'e a type that works in the basin you've seen the same silly cuts I have... or had.. I've switched to renewables while the getting's good. (silly cuts as in ones that are critical to safety!!) Sure, the majors will have lots of stake in certain wells, fields, but are they building infrastructure? Is anyone building enough infrastructure to replace the assets decommissioned? If the basin starts showing profit in a sustainable way.. do you not think HM.gov is going to swoop down with new levies and taxes? 6104 properties on ASPC... property prices have wiped out all equity for marginal to small down-payment buyers in the last decade or so... think very carefully before putting down your pay packet in this town. IMO it's as good as it will get. The only people that are really in the know are the geologists, and they're a tight-lipped bunch normally.
  14. Pensions + health care. Health care costs are not easy to calculate either... but core residential care is over £30k a year, per person... google says £31.2-ish. Where's that money going to come from? Extras add up really fast. Selling your house will get you a few years maybe, and perhaps some pensions will part or fully support medical care... private pensions that require being topped up by whom? Over in Yankee land you have 10k boomers retiring each day, or thereabouts. Not sure what our own UK figures are. Perhaps you can find it on ONS somewhere? I believe that we're about 20% of the population 65 or greater. Of course not everyone will be needing care, yet... but if we look at some possibilities.. the figures are huge... In fact, for every 1% of that boomer generation that needs residential care we're £4 billion a year. Say 10% of that elderly generation needs to be in residential care... that £40 billion a year. Who's paying for this? Forget millions in benefits.. that's chump change. HMRC's own data shows tax receipts for at £593,249 million for 2017-2018. Imagine a case where you have big health care to fund now... plus all the others... and that loss of income by so many folk going into retirement?
  15. If you look into how these CfD auctions work, costs are calculated by the 'low carbon electricity generators' (LCEG) and submitted to the various state & private bodies who vet them, they use LCOE as one of the measures of project viability. It : investment expenditures in the year t Mt : operations and maintenance expenditures in the year t Ft : fuel expenditures in the year t Et : electrical energy generated in the year t r : discount rate n : expected lifetime of system or power station That operations and maintenance figure (OPEX) is the key. In recent CfD auctions some LCEG's have essentially bid market rate, nearly zero subsidy! And they won bids! Here's just one to get you started: https://www.supremecourt.uk/cases/docs/uksc-2015-0115-judgment.pdf These turbines have been fast tracked to get the CfD auctions prior to Renewable Obligations and other incentives running out... leave it to you to decide what a very high OPEX does to the LCOE equation, hence, why there are serious problems that may well come to light... if anybody is looking. If they are physically failing by design, or through deceptive calculation in finance... or simply error.. it creates big problems. Problems with blades failing (delaminating), leaky mono-piles, poor geotech calcs and dodgy foundations, fundamental design flaws like in the court case (even when sticking to standards mind you!). Is "renewable energy" costing the taxpayer heaps and not actually providing any net benefit... no financial and no real environmental benefit? This is especially important as the BEIS has delivery bodies handing over taxpayer money... in the form of consumer-funded top ups. Renewables are given a 'strike price' or cost to make a project viable to an LCEG, which consists of whatever the market rate is plus a consumer funded top up, determined by the 'Capacity Market'... the CM is a mix of government and private bodies who determine the payment to the LCEG... for example the Round 1 CfD auctions for offshore wind had figures in the region of £114/MWh... where the market rate is around £60/mWh just now... so these offshore wind turbines are being taxpayer funded to operate to the tune of double the market rate and they (LCEGs) still make their profit. This is the UK's attempt at enticing green tech into generation. If we start to find that the system is bent, with dodgy LCOE and OPEX figures, especially because of the way the auctions are run... then it essentially kills RE. The core idea is that in time the technology will catch up and the OPEX will come down.. if we find that the opposite is true.... How have things gotten so efficient? https://www.nao.org.uk/report/the-2017-auction-for-low-carbon-electricity-generation-contracts/ This applies to biofuels, onshore wind, tidal, advanced conversion tech... you name it. Whats the point of having a false sense of security in 'green' if its never going to be a economic rival.. to say.. nuclear, or even coal/gas fitted with advances CO2 capture and such?.. even with economies of scale, technological advancements in the manufacture of the LCEG's? And the complexity of the whole CfD scheme, with so many palms to grease... its a freaking mess. A lot of money here. A lot. https://www.utilitywise.com/2017/07/13/cfd-auction-controversial/ There's lots on the net, dig for yourself and make your own informed opinion.
  16. Yep. The hybrid subsidy is likely getting cut because folk are buying these subsidised cars and never plugging them in.
  17. Cut benefits and you'll have to incarcerate a lot more people for petty crime, mostly for stealing food and basic life necessities at great expense mind you, greater than the 'benefit' expense. Glad you don't make those policy decisions. And competition for houses... what is with you people? There aren't multiple millions of homeless here. So what, people rent. Big deal. Houses and housing really aren't an issue in a leading first world country like the UK. Bigger problem is the revenue stream for pensions and medical care for boomer pensioners.. as in, where is this money going to come from? Even if oldies start selling off houses to fund retirements & health care it's only going to support them for perhaps a few years with current rules. Its going to break the western economies. Brexit isn't going to improve anything either. Some of you lot are like Homer Simpson when he became the Sanitation Commissioner for naivety.
  18. FYI EV cars are bloody expensive, not just to the end consumer. https://insideevs.com/moodys-says-automakers-lose-7000-to-10000-per-electric-car-sold/ https://insideevs.com/gm-reportedly-suffered-12000-loss-per-ampera-e-bolt-sold-opel/ http://www.thedrive.com/sheetmetal/14759/fiat-chrysler-loses-20000-for-every-fiat-500e-it-sells We're still a decade or so away from any real implementation that benefits the 95% of the population who can't or wont buy them for various reasons... depending on how the market for REMs pans out of course.
  19. Man oh man. What can I say about what you've written.... you wear your heart on your sleeve, no matter how misplaced it is. Mass immigration and refugees have been a thing in the UK for centuries.... and guess what... these folk have very little to do with the housing 'crisis'. And you were doing post-doc economic research at 13? Yet you call the other team 'stupid' Perhaps use your economic prowess and turn the ire to Westminster, the banks and your fellow countrymen raking it in? You should change your name to unhappyguy... or unenlightenedguy
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