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  1. Since when did developers force people to buy property in less than ideal suburbs? Folk need to man up, jeezo.
  2. Less mortgages; however, the gross mortgage amount has hardly dipped.
  3. This can only be a good thing. I'm surprised it isn't as it's often required for various personal transactions and contracts.
  4. Indeed. If you've been around long enough you can get an idea of where we're heading. During the troubles fishing boats were available 24-7 to ship anything and everything legal and illegal from Cairnryan to Larne... From power plant replacements, medicine, food and all sorts of less than legal items. So yeah, firing up the old WW2 era Higgins boats to offload good from the EU. Perhaps we'll get Theresa May twerking on the tele to distract us from it all. Beyond the obvious cost increases there are going to be equally unpalatable waiting times for almost every product we consume here. People voted for this apparently.
  5. Not as eloquent as: “Scientists discover the world that exists; engineers create the world that never was.” ― Theodore Von Karman
  6. I see this has already been answered. Indeed. Riequat got ya 'telt Unless you are only accepting electrons from renewable sources, then you get your full rations. Look into the UK power mix, especially on days of low performance in offshore wind.
  7. Italians. Not so much news as 100% predictable.
  8. https://www.parliament.uk/business/committees/committees-a-z/commons-select/exiting-the-european-union-committee/news-parliament-2017/progress-negotiations-data-report-published-17-19/ Yes. Of course. However... Folk knew what they voted four apparently.
  9. Dyson doesn't like British wages, British employment law, British working times, and British workers to build his crap. He builds all his stuff abroad. He does however like British money and British title. Same goes for all the big mouthpiece Brexiteers.
  10. Perhaps. Perhaps not. "The company’s owner, Dr. Soon-Shiong, is a biotech entrepreneur and the owner of the Los Angeles Times and part-owner of the LA Lakers." I don't see any breakthroughs in the Journals, and there is nothing 'new' about zinc-air batteries.
  11. Speaking of Dyson and Singapore... https://news.sky.com/story/dyson-to-build-new-electric-car-in-singapore-11533056
  12. FYI https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/750251/No-deal_EU_exit-partnership-pack_Oct_2018.pdf Although I suspect some of you don't need to read this as you knew exactly what you were voting for in the referendum.
  13. They certainly are. They are also informing and supporting their businesses for a hard brexit which appears a 99.9% lock in. As the 'three guys in a pub' have repeatedly pointed out... we're going to sack our own industries... starting with agriculture. Not worth it. We've so far got some government statements and an expanded parking lot underway on the M26. Plus a lot of hot air.
  14. You should read world news Dave Beans. European states & the EU are doing exactly this... as in factoring in contingencies for businesses, borders, immigration... etc... Oddly, Britain isn't... much... yet... You can't be this misinformed surely?
  15. Reciprocal... whatever... its a nice little money spinner. There are no upsides. Every outcome is bad, even recinding A50 and remaining (with no say). But property... can't let that get crushed... otherwise who/what is going to pay for all the old retired coots who voted for Brexit as they go into care?
  16. I wouldn't bet on a mega HPC in any case of Brexit... that goes for the lot of you salivating over notions of 2-for-1 deals on property. Last thing this union needs now is a disintegration of it's living standards. Further, Brexit leave voters are sure there will be no issues... and sentiment drives markets. So no worries right? You should know by now that the gov.uk and BOE can and will resort to all sorts to stabilise the economy.... even if it means screwing renters and everyone else to the nth degree.
  17. The offshore oil worker lot will feel right at home. And those in the business already know of certain 'hotels' that operate like this.
  18. Who's ready for this? Average family visit to costas just got a lot more expensive.... and difficult. Same goes for some of you who think you can ride it out in sunny expat slums. Goodbye city breaks as well.
  19. Rather a pointless investigative piece when you live in a nation that has 'bank' holidays. WTF people... £2,500 a month @ 5%! (~£450,000 mortgage???) Surely they are just morons let themselves get here?
  20. What's in a name? Call it whatever you want. People have been ignored. They have also been deceived.
  21. No it isn't... for the reasons I stated. Without some kind of funding... tax being the best option.... the mess will just become somebody else's problem. You can't NIMBY the environmental impacts of such processes like you EV car lot do with burning other fossil fuels to charge your batteries. Go do your research into the matter before you call it a 'dumb' idea. Or better yet... do you have a solution that would make both of us billionaires?
  22. The 'housing crash' must have been 'tested' as well then... to that end and this claim surely that could have been forecast as well? 'Tested local economy' is the price of oil and quantity of it, nothing more. Anybody who claims otherwise is looking to sell you something.... trying to bamboozle you. Economic health of one horse town inextricably linked to the one horse that supports it. That 'empirical evidence' statement is bvlls1t by the way.
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