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  1. Um. No. A tentative 'deal' which amounts to pay for play with no say...which is a terrible substitute. Leaves the UK worse off.
  2. Umm. No. https://twitter.com/BBCNormanS/status/1057668676021862400?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw
  3. I argue that Brexit is faux democratic event. This Brexit is tantamount to allowing a war referendum... which has also thankfully never happened.... but some of the nutters on here seem to think Brexit is on par with one. Direct democracy works for single issue referendums. Brexit is thousands of issues with 99% of them unmentioned, perhaps even unrealised during the referendum run up. A manifesto is different thehowler. It is a declaration, a statement. Further, the fact that the government has chosen this time to accept a non-binding referendum is rather significant... especially against a growing body of evidence that Brexit will negatively impact the UK. There's definitely something going on here that the vast majority of people aren't aware of... parliament is sovereign, not the people. In the end it will probably amount to a tempest in a teacup and some new European community agreement will be set. There's going to be a lot of potential high level changes and finger pointing in the next while.
  4. Kind of predictable though... Every single one of these will permanently remove people from their employment... growing to the pool of manpower... an already massive one. Talk to any recruiter. There is no money in DECOM. It's a clean up and salvage job, a net loser to the operator/owner. We're probably not far off seeing gov.uk approving some kind of half-baked abandonment scheme versus clean up... leaving jackets an possibly even topsides as it's such a massive loser for all stakeholders. Let's see how Brexit let's our governments start altering their environmental commitments as we unwind from the EU. I can't see any upsides from my view in renewables just now.
  5. Nobody voted for what was on offer.. because there weren't actually any tangible and/or realistic offers tabled that would withstand a peer review. None. Every exit scenario leaves the UK a net loser; so says industry, business, unions, public institutions, academics, the government. For people to claim they voted as they did in lieu of evidence and fact is fallacious. They are lying to you and themselves.
  6. Other than a global apocalyptic event perhaps through an existential threat, or planet wide holocaust by war or something equally as horrid there isn't. Sorry. Just live as well as you can and ignore all the bad news. Perhaps this Brexit mess will learn some folk how to be partially self sufficient if food becomes both scarce and expensive.
  7. If? Where've you been hiding? Speaking of hiding. If they do clamp down... which seems a slight possibility... well, that heavy investment in big data analytics and storage here in the UK is going to catch the punters with a few clever keystrokes.
  8. I strongly disagree. Yeah. Scotland, Northern Ireland and Gibraltar are over the moon with your democratic p1sh. Every UK election cycle is a more democratic exercise than this referendum. We are allowed to recall members of parliament, even vote out bad governments... but you say this referendum which is in principle absolute and irrevocable is the most democratic? This Brexit referendum actually subverted democracy. Voters went on gut feeling with very little actual information and manipulated by outright fabrications. The vast majority of perceived ills were directly the fault of Westminster, our own government; clever media and deceptive campaigns instilled a fear into the population and created a bogeyman in the European political union where there was none. A scapegoat, bait and switch... whatever. Folk voted as they did after a well heeled campaign of gaslighting from unscrupulous players... many of whom are entirely removed from the burdens of political accountability! Is this the model of democracy you are on about? The Brexit pundits created a volatile issue where there was none and ti is clear now, nearing the end, that every single Brexit scenario is a net loser for the UK and its citizens. No dividends and no upside apparent. It's clear that most folk have some issue with immigration. A referendum on a single policy... such as "Should the UK government enforce it's own EU immigration policy" might have been a more rational approach. Further, creating a 'single issue' referendum which actually requires unwinding perhaps thousands of 'single issues' is perhaps the most damaging 'democratic' exercise every undertaken by an advanced 'democractic' political nation. Make of that what you will.
  9. Lots of houses to be built, lots of money & incentives for folk to buy them. Same old same old.
  10. May burn some folk.... or not. Bankruptcy doesn't absolve you of tax obligations.
  11. https://auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com/news/industry/with-brexit-talks-in-gridlock-british-truckers-plan-for-the-worst/66366843 Some of you voted for this.
  12. I'm always going to find things to pick apart. This is a doozy. I'm not convinced. There actually aren't that many good papers on the subject and I have access to all the journals and scientific periodicals as required. So many of them do not go cradle-to-grave and many others make fallacious statements... likely pushed upon them by their benefactors... which is a big pain in the nuts in terms of research integrity. We haven't even reached a third of lifecycle for this 'modern' fleet of EV's and people are already making big bold statements. Sorry, but if statements are made they are based on hypothesis, not facts. We can talk with dead certainty about ICE cars because we've had many generations of life-cycles to iron out the wrinkles. We 'can' make some assumptions based on our knowledge of ICE, but not facts. Rolling out all this new technology, electro-chemistry, plastic, composite and hybrid materials with fancy controls systems... we don't even have enough time to properly study failure mechanics on these items in many cases... as an example. Airbus springs to mind in terms of failure mechanics bad bets. So no. It is not well research Adian Ap. The lions share of research... funded mainly by the benefactor funds... or top secret in private interests... are on innovating and improving what's there and for short term gain. Long term viability is a lofty modelling exercise and full of problems that always plague research... data availability and/or vested interests stifling you... and lack of funding. I know because I experience in renewables regularly, formerly big industrial equipment, and it is really about sticking a wet finger up in the wind and hoping you're reasonably correct... and it won't come back to bite you in the bum in the future. We 'believe' they are eco friendly just now. Let's give it a life-cycle or two before we state it as so. The petro-age is here to stay for a few generations, and I don't trust any government to stick to their word in terms of environment. The UK has been caught out over again on this. Get a nice Schwinn bike and forget all the EV ICE car ******.
  13. I once had a lovely chit-chat with a lovely Mr Van Dweller in the 'dam.
  14. It can yes, but it also potentially builds a good credit file... especially for those with no credit or those off-grid types who are cash only. Let's see how it pans out before slating it. You can't hold back big data mrtickle... it's very hungry.
  15. Yeah. Just another fly that Theresa May (or her replacement(s)) will have to unzip and inhale the contents until some leeway is granted. Gee whiz. Nobody could have predicted that the UK would be a small fish in a big sea of predators. There are plenty of former colonies, and others, who smile through their teeth and will be looking to profit over the UK's very much weakened bargaining position... dare I say distressed position. Distresses position over one of these..
  16. Canada's recent legalisation and impending explosion of weed culture is going to radically alter the fabric of society there. It's going to attract a LOT of people. Contacts of mine over there are already raking it in. Lucky buggers. Such an easy thing to grow and great yields financially speaking. I'm half Canadian... but not into wacky-bakky. Career choices haven't allowed it, and more importantly, recreational stoners are frickin boring lazy gits. Not something I'd ever aspire to.
  17. Relax. I'm not having a go at you. Just fact checking your assertion about non-use of fossil fuels. I assure you... whatever you do won't make a bean of difference. Not even 1/1000000th of a bean. In perspective, the average UK diesel car produces ~ 1,8 tonnes of CO2 annually. You yourself produce more CO2 by living and metabolising in this case. All transport in the UK, based on 2016 figures, including cars, motorbikes, vans, busses, rail, shipping and aviation produce roughly 160 megatonnes of CO2 annually. So a single diesel motor is contributing to roughly 0.00000001% of that. In terms of the world's CO2 production, it's measured in the gigatonnes... so squeeze another three zeros after the decimal to the above figure. The UK carbon budget for this period 2018-2022 is 2,544 megatonnes, or 508 megatonnes per year. Road transport in the UK on its own is in the region of 115 megatonnes of CO2 annually, or roughly 20% of that budget. Carbon budget includes all carbonisation from all sectors, transport, energy, industry, etc... Yes... a world without hydrocarbon fuels would be great if we had an alternative that wasn't dreamed up in a marketing 3-martini power lunch meeting. We're nowhere near that yet. Substituting petrol for a coal/methane/oil powered steam plant and all the other stuff between there and your tyre generating motivating torque.... it's not a good solution yet. It is 'A' solution, however it's 98% hype. We're very much in the 'infant mortality' stage of reliability for this technology. My figures are thrown together... but are illustrative for the purpose of debate.
  18. So you live off grid? If so, that's pretty rare. How many kWh are you producing per year? I imagine if you are technically inclined you know what I'm asking for. A quick google says a 4 kW system on the roof (16 panels typically, 28 m^2) may produce around 3-3.5 kWh annually... on average. And what does your car have? A 60 kWh... 90 kWh battery? Do you see where I'm going? Are you 100% certain you do not pull off grid to charge up? If you're only commuting tiny miles.. then you just have to much money dude. Get a bike or take transit. Save heaps, run an old banger for your short miles and buy some birkenstocks, beer, and beard oil with the big wad of cash left over. Use that saving and create carbon sinks... aka trees, if you're that worried about your families carbon footprint. Other points... I'm not a fossilite. I just don't buy the EV hype. 98% marketing. I understand the life-cycle of products reasonably well as this has been a good part of my career. Crade to grave. Not just while it's in your possession. They (EV) are just too expensive and are suitably engineered at present to create a sustainable & affordable replacement model for ICE's.
  19. https://mlexmarketinsight.com/insights-center/editors-picks/brexit/europe/russia-blocks-uks-post-brexit-tariff-proposal-at-wto Lol. Russia has the upper hand...entirely predictable.
  20. Careful there dude. Folk shouldn't be insinuating anything when an injunction order is in place.
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