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  1. Home ? ! I've stayed in nicer budget hotel rooms.
  2. Is all successful private sector rife with it, or just the big corporates that are too big to fail? I'm really rather fed up with the self-serving type I described, they are ruinous. In fact, I'm more fed up with them than I am high houseprices. Get rid of the former and we'll have a better society all around. In fact, how about a new parliamentary party called 'Sanity', the opposition party could be 'Insanity'
  3. Yes You described very well a type of person that has been allowed to rise in many walks of UK public sector life. Outwardly arrogant but insecure underneath as they know full well they are frauds, and consequently they are also often bullies. Their salary and and their lifestyle are at the whim of their superior however, and so both salary and lifestyle are expendable, and they know it. Consequently, they know they exist only by the patronage of their superiors, which lasts only as long as the do their bidding and 'nicely, cover things up'. They maintain their positions by expending energy to ensure that better people who know what they are talking about are kept out of the club as the latter are the 'real threat' to charlatans. Better people often also can't be bothered to play the games necessary to join the club, we walk on by, so in a way we get what we deserve.
  4. Every word has to earn its place. I know I wasn't asked, so apologies to the OP, I'll have another stab 1. Your next home costs more. House prices have raced ahead of salaries, so you must borrow more and work harder to own your home. 2. You pay more in rent. High house prices lead to higher rents. 3. You have less spending money. High house prices mean less money for you and your family. 4.) You need to earn more just to stand still. High house prices force up salaries raising the price of everything you buy. I favour more points that are each shorter. I know it's repetitive, but I'd repeat 'High house prices' to drive the message home. The same could be done for the other points.
  5. It's good, but if the audience is the layman I think it could be simplified, for example I think 1 is a bit long and point 2 could be split. Your next home costs more. House prices have raced ahead of salaries, so you will need to borrow more and work for longer to pay your mortgage. It will take you much longer to own your home. You pay more in rent. High house prices force up rents. You need to earn more. Whether you own or rent, high house prices mean you need to earn more, which makes it more expensive to employ people, raising the price of everything you buy. Just an idea..and it could be tighter still
  6. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you are trolling. Otherwise, your sentence is one of the most awful I have read. What a country.
  7. I do small jobs and then knock the full commercial cost off the rent. Always discussed in advance. Usually no more than "X needs fixing, shall I do it and knock it off the rent?" Mind you, one tenant did end up in prison for nicking the goods and providing fake invoices
  8. I love a good laugh. Biggest lifetime purchase and debt seems so much better for an extra £500 help towards the DFS sofa
  9. I'm sure they'd like to get CPI down in September in order to control index-linked public sector pensions. I think that in September last year it was -0.1, so there was no index-linked pension increase.
  10. Someone has driven us between a rock and a hard place
  11. Companies are paying out more in dividends than they are paying into their pension scheme Not rocket science that dividends could therefore fall. For more cautious savers who might invest in companies for dividends as their cash interest rates fall, it seems another investment opportunity is likely to be problematic for them going forwards.
  12. Some cut rates to savers on August 1st, having sent letters out in mid-July as I think the 0.25 BoE base rate cut was anticipated or advised in advance.
  13. Ok, you took me to the extreme that my post allowed. A crap boss is one who does not work harder than their workers. I've always believed that my role is to give the people that work for me an excellent work environment so that they look forward to coming to work because of the challenges and interest it offers, because every day is a better or more exciting day. And part of that is the workers seeing that I'm working for them - although maybe I'm wrong.
  14. Inflation stats will be jiggled to keep on top of the public sector pensions liability that is linked to cpi - if for nothing else. Pensions won't be worth anything near what people expected. There was no index-linked rise last year because cpi was -ve in the month the indexation is calculated. The CPI basket will change and change again.
  15. I'd say there is a difference in being part of a founding group in a startup and being an employee in an established company, the latter you are just a number. The saying often attributed to Charles de Gaulle, but which may not be from him, goes "The graveyards are full of indispensible men".
  16. The big part of that 130 hours is that they were probably all fun and she was with people also having fun. I expect everyone had a 'can do, make it happen' mentality. The 130 hours probably flew by and, having worked long hours in California in the early 90s, I expect a fair amount of the 130 hours were also happy hours in the bar across the street or around the blackjack tables in Tahoe.
  17. Given the effects upon the environment of rapidly liberating stored carbon, really, I despair when the solution to a carbon-based energy shortage is to dig up and release more stored atmospheric carbon. The development of alternatives to carbon is so attractive given that energy is the one thing the whole world needs to create, and we are, or were, a country of creative minds.
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