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  1. That was my thought. Why bother for such a small amount, relatively. From the BBC article Seems a lot of hassle. My guess is that the Celebs employ IFAs, and it is the IFAs who feel they have to 'do something' to i) show they are earning their pay and ii) generate their own pay. I expect that the extra income makes little or any difference to the investor who, as you say, must have more than they could spend. In fact, curtailing the celebs spending power would probably benefit us all as I doubt it trickles down and, with more money than sense, they probably only inflate property prices.
  2. As I'm priced out in a honeypot location, I sincerely hope so. If I'm still in the UK by then.
  3. How long can wanting to win elections hold sway, that's the question. And that's where the Brexit vote gives me a glimmer of hope that it may change in our favour soon. Just received my cheery Xmas post and Happy New Year wishes from my building society. My savings rate is reducing by 0.1% gross from Jan 3rd, I'll be off to NS&I I think. FFS, 0.1% changes, it really is tinkering.
  4. My curiosity was drawn to the period of decoupling between 1986-1989 when Fed rates changed direction and started to increase but BoE rates continued to decline. What were the conditions then ?
  5. Isn't the reported '6%' council tax rise an increase of 3% in 2017 and another 3% in 2018, as opposed to the original 2% rise in each year ?
  6. I agree. But really, my mental health will be so much better abroad in the right country, which only goes to show how much this country and I have diverged. I actually think receiving a £100 fine this week for a parking meter that didn't register my payment to park for 30 mins is the final straw.
  7. It's a shame, I really don't want to leave as the outdoors has so much to offer, but I just don't enjoy 'living here' any more.
  8. I think people voted for change. But I don't think people knew what they were voting for in either case. If business carries on as usual and people don't get change, it will just stoke the fires.
  9. I'm afraid I don't get that If you mean 'get out of the UK', I will be having discussions in the New Year about a project that 'may' lead to emigration if the project is a good challenge, and I never thought I'd leave; I've had plenty of requests to move abroad for work in the the past but the UK's outdoors has always held me back, and at the cost of better salaries. Now, the disadvantages of living in the UK economy outweigh the advantages of the outdoors (the economy and scamming frustrates me so much that I find I can't enjoy the outdoors), and I've also found a country that I like.
  10. He may well have mistaken his figures. But he was speaking on behalf of his business on national radio, so he was either deliberately disingenuous or he misunderstood his business. I suspect the provider is paying £7.20 an hour, or less than £16 at least. So maybe he should cut his own pay if councils cannot afford his business model.
  11. Is it breaking the law to pay below £16 an hour when the living wage is £7.20. the interviewee was very plain that the living wage was £16 an hour. It would be interesting to know what they pay their employees.
  12. I heard an interview on the Today Programme on R4 this week where they interviewed a "care provider" who was threatening withdrawal of services from councils across the UK due to Councils' underfunding. The interviewee kept saying that their company could not pay their staff less than £16 per hour as this was the living wage and councils were not funding that, and to expect the company to pay less was asking them to break the law. The figures went unchallenged.
  13. Their situation rams home so well how governments and bankers wrecked this country by promoting the feckless and consigning the responsible to the wilderness.
  14. That shows the Labour MP understands it full well and is scared. He (they) can ignore it or try to manipulate/fool the public, but only if they are fools themselves. Brexit in the UK is the first 'FU' shot across their bows, the sentiment has been building for a while and, from hereon, times will only become more interesting. All IMO.
  15. Paul Hodges, cited in the OP, said that magical word that never stops me smiling "Brexit". It's a game changer IMO, as was the election of Trump. Both were simple, two horse races. Who knows what policies will unfold? I'm sure the Brexit and Trump voters don't know. But in demonstrating public opinion the votes show that over 50% of those motivated to vote are sick to the back teeth with the status quo. So I'm sure that change is coming.
  16. All the media attention he gets is mocking, in my opinion, and yes, I'm sure they are waiting for him to explode.
  17. I shouldn't have called it a quota limit, sloppy. The fishery was closed until July and from then on I think it's 1.3t per month for commercial rod and line and 1t per month for all netting, and one fish per recreational angler. It really needs to close for next year.
  18. Bass stocks are at a very poor level. A closure of the commercial fishery was proposed for 2016. The compromise achieved was a partial closure and then a 1 fish limit per trip on recreational anglers and a quota limit on commercial small boat fishermen. Ironically, large boat purse seiners can land as much bass as they like if it is recorded as an unfortunate by-catch. A complete closure for Atlantic bass has been proposed for 2017 ICES advice, and I expect there will inevitably, be a compromise. Every MP has a constituency. Farage was completely Off Topic in the debate, which was actually about Blue Fin Tuna. He swung it to sea bass to make two points. Firstly, to argue against the EU passing the policy that restricted recreational anglers (irrespective of who proposed the amendments to the EU), and second, to show his allegiance to the working man, the chap who likes a beer and to go fishing. He was speaking to his voters. He was behaving like any MP. Spinning it his way. Blame him, blame them all. Bass is a very valuable fish commanding a high price in good condition.
  19. I can't argue with, or see the problem with, any of the sentiments he expresses in that Guardian article about his past. Whether he can do the new role he sees, is another matter.
  20. Some BTL-ers are better than others though, from the comments Err, if you are 60 with ~ 20 years left to live and you have inherited a spare house, you're probably better off selling it, sticking the cash in the building society (even at current rates), and running down the cash. It'll be a lot more relaxing.
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