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  1. Academia is stuffed with them. It's why I left and went freelance. The only thing I clung to was that they were wasting their lives, and you only get one of them, as far as we know. Loads of ex-colleagues waiting for the boomers to move on, with no sign that they will and by the time they do, will there be anything left. Life is too short to wait for boomers. Yes, they are getting a shed load of money compared to me, but they're not doing anything with their lives as far as I can see.
  2. I'm only considering the people who rise to the top, have consistency, but choose not to enter management. I would say there are a greater number of those than management positions filled by duff managers.
  3. I was going to mention 'Sigma' in my post - I put in Alpha instead
  4. I don't see the boomers retiring, either i) they like the gravy train too much 2) want the prestige of the title 3) never saved any money 4) have a lifestyle that is too expensive. I know boomers who were on 100k salaries, who retired and got their final salary pension at 60 and came back in the same role and are still in it at 70 - can't afford to retire, apparently. It really annoys me as it stops any career progression below these 'bed blockers' so lower ranks get bored and depressed in their static roles and productivity declines.
  5. The trouble or 'problem' I've observed in the public sector is that usually, those that are good at their job are good because they enjoy it and they are not interested in management and it's need for alpha male/female bullshitters; even though frustratingly, many workers would make very capable managers. This leaves ample room for the alpha bullshitters to take the management roles. In a way, you could argue that workers endure crap management as a result of not stepping up to the plate themselves, although they'd probably not get considered by the cabal now, simply because the workers' very capability would be seen as a threat.
  6. The price would have to ridiculously cheap comparatively, to encourage me, at least 80% off what is marketed near me for £600k. Without that, I would only ever rent one. I would never ever want to own one.
  7. Yep, good build quality on council houses. Certainly good timbers in the roof compared to the matchsticks they use today. They built a new estate near me a couple of years ago and for shits and giggles the GF and I viewed the show home one rainy Sunday. There was a full-size door in the kitchen that looked as if it should lead somewhere. Disorientated, I didn't realise it was the under stairs cupboard, I tried to open it. But it wouldn't open. And as I was determined to see what room it was I had to put my foot against the wall - GF was saying 'be careful!'. I was saying 'it's a fekking door, it should open!' Once open, it then wouldn't shut as the top of the frame had dropped so much. £600k house
  8. I know quite a few construction workers who work on newbuilds, none would buy one and many refer to them as crap. It astonishes me that it isn't common knowledge by now and that people still queue up to buy them.
  9. It all depends upon who turns out to vote. Given the number of people employed in the public sector or with salaries pegged to the public sector, the level of the cap might not appear to be such a daft idea for someone in a bubble. Fortunately, Brexit gives me encouragement otherwise.
  10. Because they think they are largely immune from such tawdry issues, convinced they have feathered their nest sufficiently by now.
  11. He said he would favour capping wages to create headroom to spend on public services, so I think the answer to your question is probably, NO.
  12. yes, 'Put that in your pipe and smoke it', Remainers. The only time I have smiled upon seeing an Express 'HPI' article - not that I believe the numbers for a minute, thankfully.
  13. Yep, you're right, it was end 1999 / start of 2000. Buy a cul-de-sac or invest in with profits bonds - did neither.
  14. Funnily enough, that was exactly the soothing advice i was given in the 90's upon my first redundancy. "Buy a cul-de-sac' I was told during the 'meetings', 'put 10% on each house'. If only I had......
  15. Awful situation. The biggest thing you can do for people (aside from arguing everyone takes a pay cut to save as many jobs as possible), is to make sure the redundancy is fair and everyone sees that their redundancy is fair.
  16. I can only believe that Fergus is incredibly unpopular in his area, a pariah. I think his media appearances are nothing more than pretending to himself that he's viable and a success as his world closes in, that 'he's right and everybody else is wrong'. I'd imagine Fergus is living on the edge of emotional collapse if he admitted what a feck up it all is.
  17. It's not going to be pretty, is it? By my reckoning, it's still £7k per household if you remove student debt, although why you would, is a fair question.
  18. The estate I was referring to has no extra parking and is a single lane, long and winding road, which must be a nightmare if you are the house ate the far end. The nearest parking is at least 3/4 mile away. I don't know how anyone has visitors and as for a house warming party, especially on a rainy night. I shouldn't have used the word owned. They rent their 'home' from the bank, and probably rent their car, their sofa and everything else. I rent my 'house' privately, and own everything else.
  19. Newbuild Taylor Wimpey estate near me, double garages with two garage doors and central pillar. Everyone seems to own BMWs or Mercs that are too wide to fit in the garage. But as the house front door opens onto the pavement, the driveway itself is also too short for the cars, which consequently, extend over the pavement and overhang the gutter. Back in the day, the wage bracket or Taylor Wimpey owners would have driven Austin Allegros or Leyland Maxis, how times have changed. No white vans on the estate though, Taylor Wimpey owners around me are too posh for that, I'm the subclass that rents and has a truck.
  20. Depends upon how fast the market collapses. A 20% discount on today's prices could still land you in -ve equity. Around me, new Taylor Wimpey homes are selling for 300k for a terraced 3 bed and £600k for properties marketed as 5-6 bedroom properties (one of the bedrooms is actually the ground floor 'study' and 2 of the bedrooms are in the attic). I reckon that even at £240 and £480k they are 30 - 50% overvalued, respectively.
  21. Oh well, I've probably had a better life until now than someone working for the DWP, but I'll probably have a worse life from now onwards.
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