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  1. Yes, I know examples of all those individuals. but I don't consider them as role models, although perhaps they now are? I've never taken a state handout since school, despite periods of unemployment, although I've enjoyed NHS care and 'society' obviously. Personally, as I like independence, it's always been about working to provide for my family unit I retire, which seems to get ever further off as the economy keeps throwing up surprises. So for me, there would never be any point working for 54 years to own a home that wouldn't only be somewhere to sleep between work shifts for perhaps just 10 of those years.
  2. I wasn't so much thinking of using capital and checking out with a blank account, which I'd not disagree with I was more thinking that you'd work until you were 70 to finally own a home and then perhaps have 10 years to slowly decay in your house, which hardly seems worth it, which it isn't, is it ?
  3. If retirement age continues to rise it will soon be pretty pointless working to own a home.
  4. I'd also be curious to see how this correlates with generations too, boomer, millenial etc. I'd guess the boomers here are an unusual, renting bunch.
  5. Very true. The base of the food chain is getting squeezed more and more. It stifles new business But then I walk past a 'Build a teddy bear' shop in a prime location, or a row of coffee shops, and I wonder how the hell it 'works' Perhaps it's because nobody wants what I do !
  6. What is each square - 4 inches?, so the standing space between the cabinets is about 18 inches ? You could probably, only swing a kitten.
  7. All I could find for my mother was £1,100 a week. there was one at £750 but I couldn't have put her there. Thankfully, she only needed 4 weeks.
  8. Could raising wages promote/enable inflation in non-discretionary spend, utilities and housing, and could reducing wages see a fall in discretionary spend, both from t0. So, could you could have your cake and eat it in Wonderpups argument, initially? With regard to farmers raising wages, I think that the way we pay for our food in an EU world is so manipulated that it is difficult to determine what would happen or what is a fair price. We pay most for the price of our food through taxation rather than in the price marked on the packet of strawberries and we're competing with imports across Europe. There has to be something wrong when it became economical to hatch turkey chicks in the UK and ship them to Eastern Europe as day-olds where they were reared and slaughtered (cheap food and labour costs) before shipping the refrigerated carcass back to the UK to remove the breasts (the breasts can then be classed as produced in the UK), and then finally, to ship the remains of the carcass back to Poland to be turned into sausages - and make a profit. Most family farmers want an end to subsidies and an end to the EU, and a proper farm gate price for their products and labour. We'd all benefit and we'd probably get more turkey breasts really produced in the UK. And the cost of living needs to reduce in the UK, which is houseprices and the burdensome public sector.
  9. America didn't have to wait too long for an opportunity to vote for what a majority view as right, although admittedly, neither they nor we, yet know what they will get. I can't see anything even on the horizon in the UK (Corbyn isn't it for sure) to give hope. Among my circle of friends more and more are 'dropping off the radar', which is perhaps the first rung on the ladder to disobedience.
  10. All I wanted was to feel I was in control of my financial destiny. Now, I could engage in civil disobedience, easily.
  11. If they did that, it would be the first money that I would spend instantly upon receipt. Probably on buying a yacht.
  12. Carney proving there's an exception to every rule. "Don't let looks deceive you"
  13. I'd hate to see an unfair sized kitchen,
  14. That's always been the strategy I'd follow from gut instinct, if I'm understanding it correctly. Solid, value dividend payers, buy, hold and forget about the share price. Just never got involved because the money I'd invest has been saved through blood sweat, toil and frugality, and i) I know I'd not know what i was doing, so i'd feel I was putting it all on black, and ii) I'm a bit of a control freak needing to research things endlessly
  15. I know doodly squat about investing and may well get this book now, but I'm curious if the strategy proposed for stocks in the Intelligent Investor is similar to Fundsmith, having just read some of the book reviews ?
  16. I would agree with Corbyn. Not rocket science, is it? I just don't want him or the Labour party in Government.
  17. Plant carotenoids are the key to a yellow yolk, they absorb blue light and scatter the rest, they give autumn leaves their bright yellow colour. Farmyard birds will get much more plant carotenoid in their diet than birds fed a diet solely of poultry pellets.
  18. free range chickens may be wandering about a bit of grass, but they'll be fed the same food as battery chickens (or very similar), so the eggs wont be any different. Chickens in a farmyard will be eating a whole load of shit, which is why the egg yolks taste so good and are coloured orange rather than yellow. I never buy eggs from a supermarket, just no point, I'd sooner go without, which I usually do :-(. Just wait until you eat one of the chickens that laid the farmyard eggs, or better still a cockerel.
  19. Maybe, but also their job is to see the vacant role is filled, and so they'll have an eye on their own annual appraisal when they'll more likely get criticised for not filling the role than for filling it with someone who proves to be an idiot in a year or so. And anyway, who cares if there an idiot is in the role, any problem can be solved with a golden handshake.
  20. I always took that stance. It was my job to make sure that those working for me had everything they needed to do their jobs, and that included a good morale, and protection from corporate BS and my fighting their battles. It's always better to have a position vacant than to have the wrong person in it. In my experience, many public sector organisations don't realise that and, almost frightened by a void, will rush to fill management positions without putting in the tedious and painstaking effort required to ensure a good recruitment.
  21. Bang on. I have often found that those that call out colleagues for not being team players are the poorest performers themselves, they simply want the idea of a team to hide within.
  22. While I could easily take the salary, I couldn't cope with the environment and the latter made me give up the former. Dire management, management and staff drifting around moaning, people in offices next to each other communicating by e-mail, a can't do/will never happen attitude (rather than can do/will happen), people having 10 cups of coffee by coffee time. Financially I'm precarious as I try an 'odd model' for an academic, but the environment was dragging me down. I spent three years planning the 'escape'. I got all my graduate students finished and in employment (some are still supervised by me but located elsewhere), and I changed my own research (but not the field) from requiring facilities to all being online. A few outside my establishment knew I was planning an escape and I was offered a directorship somewhere, but the problems I'd have had to sort out in the organisation were life-shortening due to the work attitude the previous director had allowed to develop among the staff. Someone once told me, "You always know when it's time to leave a place,. It's when you hate everyone" I was solely research, no lecturing - avoided lecturing like the plague.
  23. I sort of 'lost it' when she described a bunk bed with a balcony. All I could imagine was a merger with this Off Topic thread The only upside is that slowly, people may be forced away from the 'old way' of doing things, which may both bring about a massive F.U. and a choice of a debt free way of life.
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