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  1. I'm in the South Hams. I don't really look for property as they are so overvalued that it's not worth the effort. I do occasionally notice new properties that come on the market however, and I have been surprised they are not priced as highly as I'd have expected a few years ago. Little is selling and properties that have been on the market for a while are all dropping in asking price. They are all still overvalued by at least 40%, however. Interestingly, newbuilds, of which there has been a sudden increase, are now the most overpriced IMO, 50% or more over what they are worth. Completely all on my 'gut feeling'.
  2. I did say deluded I think he's completely lost the plot as his financial mathematics unravels. Now, getting his name in the press, in any way, is all he has left to reassure himself of his importance.
  3. I just wonder if the FW (aren't those two initials great) is losing the plot and now sees any publicity as possibly good publicity to either get tenants or attract buyers, deluded though he may be.
  4. Let's face it, the only way 'forward' in this country at the moment for many people is on 'tick' and the threshold for those who require 'tick' is lowering, temporarily of course, before it all goes backwards at warp factor 8
  5. Yes, it's truly shocking and a scandal. The country is filling with shysters looking to extort from the vulnerable and the worried, whether its pay day loans, renting white goods, new goods insurance, fines from private parking companies, leasehold newbuilds, utilities insurance scams (are your pipes covered) etc, etc, etc.
  6. I never said it has to be in a current account, it just needs to be accessible. I've often had a year of more without any pay before a new venture comes good. And fortunately, my house costs less than 7k a year.
  7. I agree, and I'm not picking holes in your argument, but the interviewee who borrowed £500 each Xmas clearly had enough spare cash to clear the interest on the loan each year; they admitted in the interview that they didn't like to think how much it cost them. All they needed was the discipline to go without 'just once'. I think that is what we have lost, patience. We've been persuaded to keep up with the Jones', who are having everything on tick.
  8. RichC will be proven right, and I wouldn't want that
  9. The article recommends 2-3 months slush money. Quite frankly, I'd have sleepless nights if I had that little. I'd save hard and go without to achieve more. Paul Lewis on R4 today interviewed 2 people who used pay day lenders. My heart genuinely went out to them both. But one interviewee said they took out a pay day loan each Xmas for £500 to pay for Xmas for their family, and it then took them until Xmas the following year to pay it off, when they took out another Xmas loan. Given they must pay £500 many times over to clear the debt, I wondered why they didn't just miss one Xmas, save what they'd have paid to clear the loan and then always be ahead of themselves for Xmas. I clearly have a very different psyche. And you can still have fun at Xmas without spending £500.
  10. while posting I renewed the back lines on 20 lobster pots, that'll keep me in crabs and lobsters until next year - while I'm waiting for an HPC
  11. Were there no elites in Northern Ireland ? http://www.lancaster.ac.uk/lums/economics/research/housing/regional-markets/northern-ireland/ Real house price index
  12. While 'buyer beware' etc., and personally, I trust nobody to be decent in a financial transaction any more, it appears that ever more inventive ways are being found for financial extortion in the UK for matters of day to day life, extortion that unsurprisingly, surprises or shocks innocent people. It's called taking advantage and the perps are sniggering all the way to the bank, literally. Chaos. The remedy seems retrospective action or compensation; trading standards are currently, looking closely at parking companies for example. Far better would be to not allow it to happen in the fist place. Newbuild leaseholds by the major builders, where the leaseholds are bundled up and sold on, seems to me to be no more than another extortion scam.
  13. Isn't this similar to an 'uplift', in which case, presumably the commission was in the contract at purchase. It's simply a reflection that with rampant HPI the 10% seems a lot of money to the seller. Bit of a waste of MPs time I think, unless soemone can persuade me otherwise - I really am speaking from ignorance Personally, I can't see why people pay so much for Park homes in the first place.
  14. Quite a few are standing on the stage, didn't they put enough chairs up there ? and it looks like a couple of chaps in the back row are even asleep
  15. Is it simply the case that people in the UK and US who want to own a house are unaffordable to employ, but people who don't want to own a house are affordable. After corporate greed, companies cannot pay enough to the former because it would make their products too expensive for the latter to buy. A bit of a dilemma
  16. Personally, I wouldn't rush to blame the kids. I used to help anybody out, but, having learned the hard way many times over like you did when you shifted your furniture while others watched, I no longer go out of my way to help anyone to whom I have no connection, and I'm old enough to be the kids' father. Perhaps the kids wised up faster to the present day UK than either you or I.
  17. Maybe the electorate handed her a scapegoat - you don't look a gift horse in the mouth
  18. Couldn't agree more. I'm a fan of solar in the right places, but we'll look back on solar on farmland as stupidity.
  19. It's so very small in terms of revenue raised that I occasionally wonder if it's not simply an admonishment of Brexit voters, but that would be churlish, surely?
  20. They also need to reduce the size of the employed public sector, speaking as a self-employed person.
  21. In the '70s, I failed the 11+ and passed the 12+ a year later. Vastly different exams then, the 11+ was all about which shape or word is the odd one out, the 12+ was about the area of a triangle or how fast a car went, which made much more sense.
  22. that, and the increased childcare, and the 1000 more PhD's. There is no shortage of PhDs, for many it's kicking the unemployment can down the road - small beer though i'll admit and just to shut the STEM lobby up.
  23. This is what riled me. there is no doing the right thing anymore, or independence, we're here for the state
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