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  1. Don't like setting foot in one, couldn't contemplate living in one.
  2. Just edited for you. (It's already too late to worry about the second sentence)
  3. I take it to mean he thinks the vote will be to leave Since then, he has laid the foundations to blame the forthcoming inevitable rise in interest rates, Brexit or not, upon Brexit
  4. And a lot of the time the generalisations just either reveal the poster's naivety, or desire to be a troll.
  5. It needn't be that way. It's just that our wise leaders decided we should pay for food by taxation rather than cash at the farm gate.
  6. Ordinary (simple) is good for me. I'm outside more than inside. I just want a house for food preparation and sleeping. I think that bungalow is perfect for someone whose interests are outside. For them it's horses and they've put in good facilities. I doubt the people who live there are that interested in what a house looks like as long as it 'works' - I'll bet the stables are des res though.
  7. Apart from the price, I confess that I'd have quite liked to live in that. A good functional, 'working' house. (I'd get rid of the TV in the kitchen and six acres would have been enough for me)
  8. One gives jobs now but will likely lead to fewer jobs in the future, the other may give the opposite as it may release creativity.
  9. Anyone looking to rent now should certainly try to rent a property bought outright with old money as these landlords will be far less likely to raise the rent until they see a long-term trend. I am sure that most IO BTLers knee-jerk response to cover increased costs will be to raise the rent and, while they will find this is not a solution and will be met with voids, it will cause a lot of hiatus for their unfortunate current tenant(s).
  10. Our French neighbours are always willing to lend a hand with the way in French fishermen jailed for smuggling immigrants into the southwest
  11. The rise of BTL is the one thing that I hope is different this time. Born in the mid 60's I have been through every recent property crash. At each, in my area, the majority of owners sat tight and the market stagnated; they weren't selling for less than they paid. The few forced sales made little difference to the market I wanted to buy into and so I have never purchased. It might now be too late for me thankfully as I really have no interest in owning a property. I need very little and hope to be able to enjoy myself free of house owning. However, some do want to own a house, especially the young (although they'd be better off renting or emigrating imo) and I hope many do see a 50% or greater fall in prices as the BTLers get roasted in hell.
  12. I'd like to see the nimbys relieved of their second homes, forcibly if necessary. You can't even ruin the view from a house that's unoccupied for over 80% of the year.
  13. Every cloud has a silver lining. There is the bright side that future generations have been saved from a life in a Taylor Wimpey home.
  14. Wasn't going to take it further off topic after my post. but I concur. The only thing that applies to me in IrrationalActors post is not knowing if the landlord will sell up or evict me. But I've been static for 20 years so far. Anything goes wrong with the services or fabric and I call the repairmen etc as do any of the other tenants. I haven't seen the landlord in 3 years. Not BTL though, which is where the horror stories in IrrationalActors post lie predominantly, I would imagine. Having said that, many wouldn't put up with some of the fabric of my accommodation or its lack of mod cons. But that is also a benefit of renting, since if it was my place I'd have wasted money on improvements that in reality, I can live without.
  15. So, you borrow more than necessary to pay over the odds to service interest upon high debt, to worry about doing so, all the while paying to maintain the asset, just to live free if you make it to old age. Alternatively, rent and live debt free, save the money you'd have spent servicing the debt to build up a reserve, and continue to rent if you live into old age, just for your plans to be screwed by those who took the path above. Majority rule (but seeing as you never know what tomorrow brings, I still prefer the second option)
  16. The bed in the child's pink bedroom doesn't look to me as if its braced for cold nights. We use 2 duvets in winter (not this winter though), wear socks in bed, and you can see your breath when you exhale in the house. Mold, where it occurs on very cold surfaces, is controlled (not eliminated) by a dehumidifier and a wipe with bleach once a month. Their house, as an example, doesn't look too bad tbh.
  17. Only ever had credit card debt twice. Both occasions due to missing the end of the month payment deadline. I was so cross with myself that I phoned the card company each time and got the interest I owed credited back to me Personal debt would worry me. Happy to speculate to accumulate, but not via debt.
  18. I suppose he had to have a stab at one Trouble is having a budget in the diary but nothing to say
  19. No idea, but a young couple I know and whom I suggested should not just pay the asking price of £135k for a terraced 2 up and 2 down 3 years ago, but who did so because prices always go up, just sold yesterday for £175k. It has left me scratching my head today, for sure.
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