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  1. These are all properties on large estates, they will be the game keeper's cottage, farm worker's cottage etc that are no longer used. The main property won't be let unless the original owner is there. I don't have a problem with these properties being let. That said, I loathe the organisation that is National Trust and its operation, which is to both preserve the countryside in aspic and apply intimidatory charges for access to every bit of it they have come to monopolise by the luck of donation, especially the coastline; access that was previously free for anyone to enjoy without coercion for, or extraction of, money. Pay to visit our own countryside and beaches; we really are mugs.
  2. Because they bought with cash perhaps and they run a different investment model where the rent is the dividend and they don't care a jot about the 'share' value. The BTL are pretending at being rich, they are frauds and, deep down, they know it.
  3. What disappointed me most about the article in the paper was the constant referral to 'teaching'
  4. never met her in person, but I think I'd like her / respect her if I did
  5. Sainsbury's just been interviewed on the Radio 4 saying that they are being squeezed because people are not spending on groceries; they cited houseprices. Sainsbury's said they anticipate further deflation in grocery prices this year.
  6. Many ex-public sector employees with preserved pensions linked to CPI will have had zero increase in their pension this year as CPI last September was -0.1%. That, to people who always expect an increase year on year, will have come as a shock, and will also add to sentiment I suspect.
  7. Always easier to blame others Although I do like Ling's take on Brexit (you need sound)
  8. I think it makes a bipolar economy. Low interest rates favour debt while causing cash to be stored. They'll be a hole in the middle.
  9. Partly, But seeing as a group with money to spend are savers, and savers are cautious, low interest rates make them spend less, paradoxically.
  10. But coincident and concordant nevertheless, Less money for discretional spend, job losses, high houseprices, student loans, and as others have said, less storage as new builds have virtually none, more and more houses are now BTL flats, living at home. Low interest rates causing savers paradoxically, to save even harder And Paul Hodge's excellent IMO The Great Unwinding as explained on MoneyWeek
  11. That would be the Government of any colour. Stored cash is being 'accessed' in many ways, but will there prove ultimately, to be enough ?
  12. With complete closure, I reckon his wish will prove a pipe dream.
  13. Isn't the encouragement/allowance of BOMAD simply also another way to keep the banks afloat ?
  14. 5 year UK Gov position. If it collapsed it would be difficult to get back to where I was as it involved a change of career.
  15. I hope it does. I was headhunted a year ago to lead a new UK initiative in China. I declined as I thought China was about to turn south. In doing so, I lost a lot of 'establishment' brownie points and most likely, future opportunities coming my way.. So for my own sanity, I hope China goes t1ts up. Personally, I think the UK has shown itself to be a bit 'desperate' on the world stage in the way it has courted China. It's all a bit embarrassing.
  16. Last time I was in B&Q I was there to buy a spokeshave. A very helpful assistant suggested I go to Toolstation on the same trading estate (and right adjacent to Srewfix) because Toolstation would be cheaper and better quality. I was actually heading to Toolsation, but I was checking prices at the others first.
  17. Well, it enables Cameron to stand up at PMQ and champion the Government's success at delivering 0% inflation for the benefit of the hard working family - although I thought the target was around 2% But also perhaps, because to do so would stop the downward pull on public sector pensions now linked to CPI. Many of my colleagues with preserved public sector pensions are rather despondent at their 0% increase this year, which was calculated based upon the CPI for last September, which was -0.1%. The latter might further fuel property as a retirement investment drawing more suckers in.
  18. Plymouth suffers from a complete lack of quality management and having poor and expensive transport links to London. there is also a significant can't do, won't happen, too difficult, can't be bothered so I'm off sailing mentality, as opposed to "can do, we can make it happen, it's achievable, I can be bothered so I'll go sailing later' Stems for a public secor that is too large. There is a lot of cronyism and nepotism too
  19. Really, couldn't. Thinking about being in a church gives me the creeps
  20. Southwest too. In 2nd home land sales are static and Sale Agreed properties seem to stay as empty shells; I cannot remember buyers taking so long to move into their new home previously. New builds are selling like hot cakes to homeowners and BTLers.
  21. Difficult times are coming and some know it. This is why Osborne feels safe to predict every household will be £4,300 poorer in time, Brexit or not, in my opinion.
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