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  1. The thing is, they are cacooned by their comfy salaries and pensions, whatever happens in the wider economy they will be OK for the restvof their lives at least. Outside their world, their actions of lower rates breeds a lack of confidence in the economy among entrepreneurs depressing sentiment and growth further IMO, which, given the BoE psyche, brings further rate reductions. A rate rise would do far more to encourage investment and work, I think.
  2. In OffTopic there is a thread that contains posts about taking up weapons. A comment was made that not so long ago such ideas would be seen as ridiculous and fringe. A prepaid card also doesn't seem too left field any more.
  3. The author implies it just could be all good, but what is cited as good news just makes me want to emigrate.
  4. Nicking a quote “We buy things we don't need with money we don't have to impress people we don't like.” Dave Ramsey The lower the interest rates are to enable the above, the harder both will be to reverse. Carney's still digging his hole.
  5. I used to think they wanted savers like me to spend, but interest rate cuts make me spend less/save harder. I think the current 0.5% rate and any cut if it happens, is because the debt people hold is simply too great, whether credit cards or mortgages. The only way they can see to i) keep interest payments on previous borrowing flowing, forgetting repayment of the loan, and ii) consumers buying in the short term, is to make it cheap enough for people to be able to enslave their future lives, for which interest rates can only be very low. Jam today.
  6. ^This And the 118ers are probably not all Tory voters in any case.
  7. The last PM and cabinet were pinning everything on Chinese money and growth bailing out the UK, we were cuddling up and courting favour in a rather embarrassing way, we may still be doing so. I'm in favour of nuclear and renewables, but not by taking on Chinese or any other credit.
  8. Vince just likes to get his name in the press and be the centre of attention, a special flower. I can quite believe what he says is right, but what he says doesn't add anything to the story other than his name, as usual. I have always thought he is odious.
  9. Similar situation and outlook, except that my rent has doubled in 25 years; it's still 75% of what a mortgage would be for the property, however. A motorhome would be my next move too, in absence of a crash in values of 50% minimum.
  10. I have a feeling that many of Osbourne's dealings are being unpicked, or at the least scrutinised, by the new administration.
  11. Clearly, they couldn't sell it 15 times over at the full asking price Should have reduced it to 435K a bit earlier perhaps - talk about chasing the market down
  12. I always thought the crash would be around 2016-2018 and I live in hope. But I'm in the SW and here, a 6 bedroom Taylor Wimpey newbuild on a cramped estate goes for £600k, and given that 2 beds are in the attic and one is the dining room, it's actually a 3 bed house for which I'd pay 180k top. So quite a big crash. I'm now too old for a mortgage and so can only buy for cash. Renting is the better option. I quite think that I may never buy.
  13. I know people who paid <70k about 20 years ago for a new-build home that is now valued at >£250k who are in -ve equity to the tune of >40k, and that with a combined income of ~100k. That takes considerable financial planning. I am sure they are not alone and they are probably one of the reasons I get 1% on my savings.
  14. Frightening, cheaper housing is one thing that could create an upturn in the economic fortunes of the UK and of most people.
  15. Just received a letter from Skipton saying that my rate was being cut from 1.5% to 1% from August 1st, in line with reducing interest and mortgage rates. I wondered if this was in anticipation of a B of E base rate cut that didn't happen. Anyway, it seems that in doing the right thing I have been quite wrong.
  16. I don't even employ people now, partly because there were no gains for me, but more because I saw no future for the youngsters I was training, I felt like I was just leading them on and giving false hope. And I thought I was doing the right thing.
  17. Well Carney might have held, but my building society let me know they are dropping my rate from 1.5% to 1% form August 1st due to falling interest rates and mortgage rates. The timing of this letter feels were they expecting a drop today that didn't happen. Interest rates on savings drive me to work hard to save money for the future. Low interest rates on savings initially made me save harde, they now mean I have cut the work I do, because there is no point. I can't be the only one. How to incentivise people eh ?
  18. For some reason I seem to read the username as Rowy, perhaps Royw was just a typo when they signed up ?
  19. That is good news and makes any (potential) loss of EU funding and its associated bureaucracy of contrived partnerships totally, worthwhile (IMO).
  20. In which case, I'll demand a third referendum, as it should be the best of three. (I think the majority for Brexit would be even greater a 2nd time around)
  21. No regrets and I couldn't agree with your more. My so-called intelligent young up and coming colleagues are an embarrassment to their profession and themselves. If for a moment they thought what about they were now saying on Twitter I hope that they would be shocked, but they are so filled with self-belief they don't, which is also very worrying for the profession they practice. Not my profession, but just listen to Simon Damon Albarn
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